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So....Has Dani Been Cheating?

There has been a lot of buzz about Dani knowing people in production.  I have seen her whisper to Shelly about her friends in the DR, and now the super fans are putting two and two together and something seems a little off about this whole thing.

Basically among other comments Dani has made, she said "Jeff and Nat" from production will probably quit if she is evicted this week.  I think she was kidding, but it does make the point that she has personal relationships outside the house with the the Production Staff.

For example, I watched an episode of Rumor Control before the season started and she seemed to know that Rachel would be on the cast.  You can read that recap here.

Here is a post I found on Jokers that helps summarize the current state of affairs with this scandal.

Daniele and Production?
08/23/11 01:27 PM 

Written by scpsc
Tuesday, 23 August 2011 10:34

Big Brother 13 Udates: Daniele’s Friends – 8:00 am BBT Tuesday August 23, 2011

Lately Shelly is primarily fueled by two things – insecurity over her sheer incompetence at competitions and her obsessive hatred for Rachel. As a result, she is playing a loose, unbalanced and very dangerous game. She needs another big move like the Lawon nomination that kept Rachel in the house. She needs it like a fix. She thinks she has found it in trying to save Daniele. She is going way out on a limb to try to keep her in the house, trying ineffectively to sway Adam to vote to keep her.

Through out the season Daniele and Shelly have been playing a secret game like two middle school girls. Shelly has been playing along to try and get in good with Daniele. The game is a series of Q and A’s about someone in Production Daniele knows and has a juvenile crush on. Kinda like the one with Dominic. Kinda like the one with Nick. There have been several strings of questions ( Briefs or Boxers?. Shoes or Flip Flips? Scuffy or Clean Shaven? Etc.) the two would continue about the mystery person.

Yesterday in a conversation outside between Daniele, Shelly and Adam. Shelly asks is your buddy here today? Daniele says I don’t know. Probably not. Probably not until later. Daniele says I went in that room and told Kalia. Well if I go home, Jeff and Natalie are both going to quit, and production don’t want that, so, Jeff and Natalie are Daniele’s friends in production who will supposedly quit their jobs in outrage if Daniele gets evicted. Flashback is at 11:45 am BBT Feed 3 In another previous conversation she mentions them at 11:32am BBT.

On IMDB, Jeff Snell and Jeff Koegler are both listed as camera operators. Natalya Shneyder is also listed as a segment producer. Awhile back, Rachel made the comment about “Jeff and Daniele talking before she gets into the house, making plans to help her so she will win.” At the time, everyone assumed she meant Jeff Schroeder, but now maybe not. Could these be the late night bumps and knocks she and Kalia and Porsche always hear behind the walls? There seems to be a sort of non-verbal communication that happens between the walls.

Later, in a heart to heart with Jordan, Shelly revealed not only is she concerned about her place in their F3 alliance, but also that she went to the DR with questions about Daniele and her “friends” who see every diary room session and hear every convo and see every action in the house. Shelly was reassured it would be taken care of. After Daniele was called to the DR, she went directly to bed and covered her head for hours.

Regardless of the nature of any relationship, this smacks of impropriety. Not only does it call into question a Production Staff which should be objective and impartial, whether it is real or imaginary and one-sided it could cost someone their job. This is typical Daniele – taking any advantage, trying to get an unfair edge, entitled to more than anyone else, pushing any boundary to work things in her favor and expecting far more than what is normal.

What’s up Allison?

Is the Flabby Caboose Shrinking?

I'll let you be the judge here, but I tend to think something may be a little smaller.  She's been eating, but mostly eggs, pickles and a little slop here and there.

That last picture kind of indicates that Porsche's ass hasn't changed much, but whatever.  I see that string hanging down from Rachel's butt, but I don't know what that is.  I don't think it is what you think it is, but I can't identify it.

Dani Snubs Big Jeff

Dani chats with Porsche in the sun for a few minutes, and then declares that she is bored and restless and is going to go inside for a minute.

Porsche, always looking for her next meal:  Are you going to make egg salad?

Dani:  No, I'm just getting more water.

Kalia came outside to lay out right as Daniele went inside, so in the interest of good reporting I am bringing that for you too.

The cameras moved away fast after that shot.  Her butt doesn't look too bad, though.  I've seen worse right there in the back yard.

So Dani goes into the kitchen to get her water.  Wouldn't you know that right then Big Jeff appears from the HOH room and goes into the kitchen.

As you can see they are standing right next to each other and no words are said.  There is a fair amount of tension.  Dani makes quite a point of getting the hell out of the kitchen without speaking to Jeff, and even slams the sliding door on her way out as best she can.  It's hard to slam a sliding door.  (By the way, how hot is her ass in that picture?)

After she leaves there was a moment of silence.

Shelly:  Awkward!

Jeff agrees and then goes off on a mini-morning rant about how he's over her.  Everybody gets nominated, and he was going to be backdoored, too, and he got over it.  He doesn't need all of the slamming doors and sighing.  He doesn't appreciate Dani telling everyone that Jeff promised not to backdoor her.  Jeff assures Shelly that he never said that, and goes into the DR time and time again to say that he couldn't wait to stick the knife in her back.  Shelly adds that she goes outside and says Hi to Shelly and ignores Rachel who is sitting right there.  Jeff thinks her attitude is ridiculous.

You can kind of get a glimpse of Jeff as a dad--I think he will be the kind who won't put up with any shit from his kids.  You know, one of the good ones.

(That is Jeff stabbing Daniele in the back in the picture above.)  Jeff has a habit of opening the refrigerator and staring.  He says he does it at home, too.

I like this picture because his publicity shot (and Jordan's) are right next to him.

This morning's wake up songs were by Metallica, Iron Maiden, and the Black Keys.  Jeff told Shelly that he had a hat that he wore all of the time during BB11 and for some reason he lost it.  He couldn't find it in the stores so he called the company to find out where to get one.  The guy he spoke with said he knew who Jeff was, and saw him wear the hat on the show.  He said that a lot of people had called to order that hat because Jeff wore it.  Jeff ended up getting a box of hats and other stuff from the guy.

Porsche Gets Her Camera Time, Too

and gets maximum value by stripping down in the backyard.  I'm sure all of the casting directors watching now are taking note.  I know Porsche is popular with the fans, so please enjoy if you like this sort of thing.

Dani Soaks up the Sun

during what is likely to be her last week in the Big Brother house.  Shelly tried to get Adam to meet with Dani but I don't think Adam is going to do it.  He knows Dani needs to leave, and that Shelly is trying to make him the bad guy if Dani stays.

Shelly, GET OUT OF THE SUN.  You can thank me later, if you live that long.

Dick at Nite 8-15-11 Part 1.

This is a recap of a Dick at Night episode from 8-15-11.  This show aired on Sunday night, after the blockbuster Thursday live show where Brendon came back in the house, and Dani won HOH.  This is a Super Duper episode with Keith, Dominic, and Cassi, who were just released into the general population.  This show is a two parter.

Sorry I can't take pictures of the screen.  Trust that all of the BB13 people look cute.

1.  Keith is listening on a telephone.  Dick says he got a bad edit on the show and just looked like a womanizing asshole.  Cassi said he was like a fly that would land on you and you would swat it away. Keith says he really wanted a piece of Dani, not Porsche.

2.  Dick shows footage of "The Regulators" coming together in the house and high-fiving each other, as well as Rachel nominating Keith and Porsche.  Then we see Dominic saying that he trusts Shelly and everyone groans.  Dick wears a red clown nose to drive home the point that they all played like clowns and sucked.

3.  Lots of cringing from the panel as they see the lowlights of their evictions, etc, on screen.

4.  Dick reminds them all that they are all under contract and can't talk about production, can't tell BB secrets,etc.  So they can't discuss whether America's Vote to bring back Brendon was bullshit or not.

5.  Dick says that he has heard from thousands of fans, and many of them say they voted for Brendon because:  a) they thought Rachel would be evicted and would see Rachel and Brendon square off against each other, or b) they wanted the drama of Brenchal together on camera.

6.  Dick says that he knew Dani would be on the show, but didn't know Jeff/Jordan and Brenchal would be cast as well.  He knew from watching Survivor that you have to use that star power when you come into a situation like that and are outnumbered.  The newbies showed their cards during the first HOH competition with the bananas.  At the end Porsche was the only newbie hanging up their with Dick and Dani and Rachel.  None of the newbies cheered for any of the veterans, so Dick knew they were already squaring off and he approached Porsche to come over to their side.

7.  They discuss how Dick lied to Shelly and told her that Cassi approached him to nominate their duo and to give her the golden key.  Shelly bought it "hook, line and sinker" and later when they discussed it Cassi said she was going to call out Dick on the finale about the lie.

8.  Dick again badmouths Adam with the 90210 obsession, the bacon, etc.  He once again plays "the bit" of the Six Flags old man dancing.  I don't think it is that funny but I get it.  Also the Uncle Fester bit.  Don't go into comedy, Dick.  Stick with your BB gig.

9.  Dom says that Adam told him that the only reason why he was on BB was because of Dick, and that Dick was the only one who would be able to tell Adam what to do and he would do it.

10.  I think Dominic's new haircut is too short.  But maybe he needed to chop it for work.  He is definitely in his parent's house, from the look of framed picture in his background.  Now Dick shows the You Tube video of Dom dancing.  Dom says he was home sick and was trying to learn how to use the camera.  Dick:  So you put it up on You Tube?  Dom: That was a year ago.

11.  Dick played a You Tube video of Kalia eating to music.  It was okay but the production values were substandard.

12.  Dick basically berates the three of them the whole time for their shitty game play.

13.  The newbies said they were all happy when Dick left.  Dick mentions the footage of Keith dancing around and says he doesn't blame him---he would have danced too.

14.  Cassi says it is insane to be afraid of Brendon and Rachel.  Cassi says she went to Jeff and Jordan to get them to take Rachel out but they wouldn't go for it.  Dick wouldn't have done it, either.

15.   Dick mentions that the greatest Big Brother player of all time--Dr. Will won season #2 and should have won All Stars and didn't win one competition.  He threw some of them and it was obvious, but he relied on his strategy and social game to be successful.  He says this because Cassi says she would have put up Brenchal if only she won HOH.

16.  Keith says the other girls hated Cassi .  Cassi says Dani said she wanted to shove Cassi in front of a moving bus.  Cassi hates the edit she got from CBS because they didn't show any of her game play, only her sitting around "in her bikini looking at birds".

17.  Dick says that Brendon and Rachel were also starstruck by him.  Only Jeff and Dani didn't care that Dick was there.   Dom says that he didn't really know much about Evel Dick.  Cassi said she knew who he was, but she still "wasn't gonna kiss his ass".  Dick wants to know why she kept making dates to polish his fingernails.  Cassi bites back that Dick was painting her toenails, too, and he doesn't deny it.

18.  They want to know what Cassi says about Shelly now.  She says that she knows that something was up. Dick said she basically conceded, and you should never do that in this game.  Cassi doesn't blame Jordan for nominating her, it sucks, but she did what she had to do.

19.  Dick is really harsh on Jordan, saying she is stupid, she never competes, etc.  He says he included her in conversations because she was sitting there, but for no other reason.  He thinks the idea of Jeff sitting there is intimidating, but he "hasn't won a fucking thing".  And "Jordan can't win a fucking thing without it being thrown to her".  (This was prior to Jeff winning HOH this week.)

20.  Wow, in the final moments of Part #1, Keith busts out with a question about Shelly.

Keith:  Why do you think no one has figured out Shelly yet?

Dominic:  Shelly is a SNAKE!

Dick:  Shelly is the biggest liar in the house!

And Part #1 ends here.  I will watch Part #2 as soon as I can for you.

Dick at Nite 8-11-11

I finally got off my ass and am catching up with recent Dick at Night shows on RTVZone.com.  Dick's guests on this night were James Rhine (BB6 & Allstars), Matt Hoffman (BB12), Jun Song (BB4), and Shannon Elizabeth the actress, who is a big fan of Big Brother.

This show was taped right after the live show where Lawon battled Brendon to come back in the house.  As you might expect, the energy level is high but this group does a good job not talking over each other.

OK.  Here goes.

1.  Lawon takes a beating as the "stupidest motherfucker ever to play the game", taking over for Marcellas (BB3).  Marcellas is good friends with Shannon Elizabeth---he used to be her stylist and talked about her on the live feeds.

2.  James has been "keeping" Dani's Twitter account for her while she is in the house.  James takes an opportunity to bad mouth his ex-girlfriend Sarah, who was his partner on BB6.  I guess the breakup was not very amicable.  Dick mentions he "saw her fucking Mike from his show at the cast party".  Mike?  Was he the house painter who was evicted first?

3.  Dick is keeping an eye on the live feeds and says Dani looks like she lost her best friend.  (This was after Brendon came back, but before Dani won HOH.)  He thinks she is "playing like shit" and does not convince the others because it comes off like everything she wants to do is best for her, not the others.

4.  Matt thinks Shelly looks like she stinks.  Dick says he didn't really get close enough to smell her crotch, but Matt thinks she must smell musty. (Shelly showers with her bathing suit on, so Matt might be right.)

5.  Dick repeats again how annoyed he was with Adam.  They all agree that Adam is trying to be too kitschy and quirky and have catch phrases like Howie (BB6).  Shannon says that Adam want's so badly to be known after this.  Dick calls it "forced eccentricity" and James says everyone since Mike Boogie (BB2 & Allstars) tries to do it.  Matt says that he does it on the live show and that is a sign he is way out there.  Dick brings up again that he watched Adam eat 3 1/2 pounds of bacon himself before he left the house this year.

6  James is growing his hair longer and has kind of a pompadour thing going.  I wish I could take pictures, but I can't.  Sorry.

7.  Dick says that Shelly got screwed over in the edit of tonight's show.  She was the one who put out the ideas that Lawon or Porsche should be nominated but the CBS show didn't show this.  Matt thinks every week Shelly is about to get busted for her lies but she never seems to.

8.  This week was hard for Matt and Jun to watch, from a game perspective.

9.  Dick loves the footage of Rachel jogging around the backyard and falling at Jeff's feet.  They played it a least four times this week.

9.  A lot of sport was made of the fact that dumbass Lawon was evicted in a Yale sweatshirt.  He bought it at a thrift store.  The BB houseguests are allowed to wear collegiate wear, but they can't wear any professional sports clothes.  Marcellas gets mentioned again as losing the dumbass crown to Lawon.  Shannon texts him to let him know he is being discussed.  Dick met Marcellas at one of Shannon's pet charity events.

10.  Shannon reports that she texted Marcelas "are you watching Big Brother?" and he texted back "No, but I'm getting inundated with texts about Lawon".

11.  I don't believe Marcellas isn't watching Big Brother this season.  I call bullshit.

12.  The show tonight featured Ragan and Matt commenting about Rachel.  Dick joked that Rachel's family wouldn't appear so they did.  Matt explained that they taped that segment "a long time ago" and that "they went back and did some more with Ragan".  Matt only appeared for a second and said they ended up showing Rachel hiding in the bushes instead of his footage.

13. They made more gay jokes about Matt and Ragan. Matt "joked" that "Ragan is the bottom and I just do my thing".  (The thought of anyone having sex with Ragan turns my stomach.  ***gross***)

14.  Dick can't have Ragan on the show because he is under contract with Superpass.  Dick got screwed over by Superpass and sued them, so none of their people can be on RTVZone.  Matt jokes that there is a restraining order on Dick.  Dick says that people ask him which season of BB Missy was on and Dick attacked her weight.  James defended her, which is nice.  So did Jun.

15.  Dick says Missy is like Gretchen hosting Housecalls---nobody gave a shit about that show and Gretchen because she wasn't on the show.

16.  It's funny to see the backdrop of each panelist's home.  For example, Dick's background has a fringed window valence and some little wrought iron candles mounted on the wall.  (I think he needs to promote his website in the background.)   I think James must be at a furnished rental apartment or at his parents' house, based on the accessories and furniture.  Shannon looks like she's in a basement somewhere or in a college dorm room.  And a very tacky basement or college dorm room at that.  Jun's walls are a pretty yellow color and it does look like she decorated it herself.  Matt is in the same space we've seen him before, maybe a home office or something, but now he has a cool bat framed with its wings extended.  It might be real but even if it's not it is cool and fits Matt's Halloween obsession.  He also has a guitar resting in the corner.

17.  Dick thinks Rachel is going to go through some serious withdrawals after CBS is done with her---she is addicted to the attention.  Jun doesn't think she will ever get a real job again.  James says there is always VH1 to fall back on.  Matt says that she is different outside the game.  He has spent a day with Brenchal inside the house and also outside and they're pretty normal.  They have the same fights that old people do.

18. Matt has been on Jerry Springer three times.  (!?)

19.  James had to "bounce" early.  He did this on another show as well.  I think he must be bartending and his shift must start at 10:00 or something.

20.  Oh snap.  Shannon had never heard about Brendon's skype incident, so Jun and Evel Dick explained it to her.  You know, that a man posed as a woman and got him to jack off online and she/he taped it and released it.  Then he mentioned that the same man did the same thing to James Rhine!  Ha ha ha.  We have a definite confirmation on that.  (I saw the picture and thought it was James.....)

21.  Dick points out that the skype incident demonstrates just how fucking crazy people on the internet are.  (ha ha ha)

22.  They are making fun of the video mailbag people again.   But some of them deserve it.

23.  **I think the following is a scoop.  At least it is for me.***

24.  They talked about Jeff and Jordan.  Matt asked if they are "all Brady all the time" in the house, i.e. do they not hook up.  Jun confirms this and says it is cute, but since they are both so attractive, she doesn't know how they don't do it.  Matt says Jeff is the Alpha Dog---he's got to want it in there.   Evel Dick says that he "thinks they are both moving to L.A. after the show" and that he thinks "it will be a little much for Jordan".  Shannon disagrees and says Jeff has a lot of friends out there. (true)  Jordan will have to acclimate with all of the people that Jeff knows out there, and that is going to be hard for Jordan.

PS  Dick did a show with a bunch of Survivor contestants.  I love to watch Survivor, but I had a hard time watching the Dick at Night episode and thus will not recap it. Sorry all you Lex and Sandra fans.