Saturday, August 20, 2011

I Think Shelly's Getting Horned Up

Shelly: We need more boys in this house.

Dani:  Boys?  In the house?

Shelly:  To talk look's pretty bad when you're looking at the Zingbot's ass.....

Dani:  Yeah, that's pretty bad.

Shelly: He was a big dude.

Shelly is obviously giving herself a pedicure.  Porsche somehow brings up getting sex toys for exercise.  Then she says she doesn't use "the wedge", she's a pillow girl instead.  Dani pretends not to know what she is talking about.  And Porsche pretends to be embarrassed that we're all listening to her.

Happy Birthday Danielle!

The Slop Jalapeno Chips Actually Look Tasty

I think Dani dips hers in hot sauce.  She made breading by grinding the raw slop into a floury substance.  The larger ones are pickle slices.

The pressure of being on the block is going to get to Porsche this week. She is whispering about how much it sucks and asking Dani for advice.  Dani tells her to relax--it's only Saturday.

Enjoy Dani While You Can

Because "she gone", as Jeff would say, circa BB11.

I know Dani will start working votes.  She's certainly not stupid.  There certainly will be fireworks on Monday after the POV ceremony.

Now they all mock Porsche, who recently told Shelly that she refuses to take out the trash.  Dani adds that she said it was a man's job.

(You don't hear that phrase too much anymore....)

Rachel: The Jury House is So Nice

Rachel:  I mean, at first it sucks, but then you realize how nice it is. You can get up whenever, watch movies, read a's really nice.

They think Brendon is probably working out or laying out.  Rachel is in the HOH bathroom  with Jordan while she shaves her legs.

Rachel discusses how she and Ragan didn't get along.  She tried to talk to him at the after party, and then she wrote him a letter saying that whenever he was ready to talk, she was there.  He finally called and asked if she wanted to go to dinner to talk about Big Brother, or why they fought so much....whatever.  They've been good friends ever since.  She thinks Ragan just got too wrapped up in the game.

Jordan talks about how much it sucked to be Britney and find out near the end that everything was a lie.  They talked about the POVs that Britney won.  Rachel thinks that if she had won that last POV, she could have won the game.

Rachel:  We would have all voted for her.

Jordan said that people start talking in the Jury House, and they get mad at people still in the game when they hear certain things.  (That is what happened to Natalie.)  Jessie and Jeff got along in the Jury House, which was a relief.

Rachel was in the Jury House for five weeks...just as long as she was in the BB house.  Just like Brendon this year.

Jeff Remembers His Visit to BB12

with Jordan.  They visited to host the Lover's Lane POV at this exact point in the game.

Jeff:  I kept hearing everybody talk about the Meow Meow and so I said hey Meow Meow to him and he said "I knew people were watchin'!".

Rachel:  Oh you have no idea how much he talked about that....that Jeff and Jordan knew who he was!

Jeff:  Really?

Jeff asked Rachel who she stays in touch with.  Jordan mentioned Hayden and how the Zingbot said "Justin Bieber called and wants his hair back" to him.

Jordan: Hayden was nice looking.  He was cute.  I thought Lane was cute, too.

Rachel mumbles something.

Jeff: Yeah, don't they still hang around with Britney? The two of them?  And Enzo?

Rachel mumbles more.

Jeff: Well, they seemed really nice during our time here...

(Remember that Brendon got upset and threw a ball at Jeff during the comp?  And Jeff had to kind of duck out of the way?  And Jeff made a joke about Big Brother's insurance?)

(Brendon was a poor sport and a baby last year.)

Jeff wants Jordan to cut his hair later for him and starts telling her how he wants it.

 Jordan goes upstairs to shave her legs and invites Rachel to join her. Rachel sorts through the fish food and tells Jordan they have enough--they aren't missing a day like she thought they were.  Jordan is brushing her teeth and it is very loud next to the microphone.

Jordan and Rachel keep up steady conversation about how hot the person in the Zingbot costume must have been.  Meanwhile Kalia lays silently on the floor, listening to Bob Marley.

 Rachel really rubs it in by getting some of Jeff's snacks and crunching loudly, saying how good they are.  She just can't stop eating!

Kalia: Me! Me! Me! Me!

Kalia this is so not about you.  Believe me the other team could care less about you now.

I guess the Zingbot said Jeff was stupid and made fun of his soul patch.  Jeff explains that he has that soul patch to cover up a scar that I think he said was from bike riding.

Let's see the scar Jeff.  Shave that stuff off.

The POV is Over

and it went just the way Big Jeff wanted it.

Big Jeff won.

Kalia is making a small scene about how she thinks she is the target.  Shelly tells her not to give up, to stay calm.

Jeff is describing the way he matched things in the competition.  Sounds like it involved some sort of puzzle.  In other words, probably not designed to give him the advantage.  No offense, but Jeff ain't no brainiac.  He is a big hungry guy though.

Porsche looks upset, too.  She's lucky Dani didn't win the POV, or her big caboose was going to go.

Adam just mentioned the Zingbot.  But I would think that if the Zingbot were involved, there would  be more general merriment and laughter as they recount and remember the Zings.

Yes, the Zingbot was there!

Dani Talks About Porsche's Eating Habits

Dani:  Porsche ate 12 friggin' eggs yesterday!  Twelve!  And friggin' Kalia had five!

Shelly:  Twelve?

Dani:  I'm like, what is she...Brendon?

Shelly, dropping her voice:  Well, the thing is she's hungry all the time.

Dani:  She eats all the time!

(I was watching Dani and Kalia much on two containers of Sabra hummus in the HOH room one night last week and when Dani saw Porsche coming up the stairs to the HOH she told Kalia to hurry and hide it because Porsche would eat it all!)

Shelly is surprised no one "has yakked" on TV yet.  She can't believe Dani is eating slop without brown sugar.

Rachel is up, too, so the conversation in the kitchen got quiet.  Porsche just got called to the DR.

Rachel asks if they can have coconut milk.  Dani has no idea.

Apparently Dani's Birthday is Really BirthdayS

because today is the actual day, not yesterday.

Seriously, how childish is she?  People are supposed to celebrate for days surrounding the actual day?  Like a 3rd grader?

Kalia and Porsche are talking in the Have Not room about today's POV competition.  They already picked players and Rachel doesn't get to play---she is the hostess.

Kalia hasn't heard a lot of banging outside, so she doesn't think the competition will be physical.  She thinks they have a chance.

Dani knows the POV is crucial to her, so she's up and at'em in the kitchen making some sort of Have Not breakfast.  She is telling Shelly that Adam told her that he "flicks his crusty boogers on the floor".

Shelly is repulsed and is glad she doesn't walk barefoot in the house.

Dani gossips about how upset Rachel is that she doesn't get to play today.  (Jeff and Jordan said they wished Rachel could play, since she's like a caged animal.  Ha ha.)