Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another Reason to Hate Kalia

She has a 9-year old Yorkie named Bentley, and she just asked the group (and us too, I guess) if anybody wanted to adopt him.

Shelly has a Yorkie also and was alarmed by this.

Kalia was "kidding", of course.  Her dog barks all of the time and pees inappropriately.

Shelly:  All yorkies do that!

(Oh no they don't, if they are trained properly.)

Jordan's dog Maggie gets upset if people come home and don't say anything to her.

Dani and Adam are talking on the couches about all of the food they have leftover this week.

Dani:  Shelly like, never eats.  Jordan like, never eats.  Rachel eats, but she eats weird things.

Shelly describes how painful her back surgery was, and how hard it was to get moving again afterwards.

Now Adam tells Dani the rules for Zombieland.  You have to run in a zigzag pattern, etc.