Saturday, August 13, 2011

Jordan Talks to Shelly Through the Door

and it looks like BB told her she can wear a jacket over the Humilitard.  Adam could only wear a sweatshirt under his Elf Costume, but Jordan got the okay to layer on top.

That's what it is called---a Humilitard.

Shelly is excited about her phone call.

Jordan made a sacrifice for Shelly, so that she could win the call from home.  Shelly can't thank Jordan enough for doing that for her.

Jordan:  You needed it Shelly!

They think she will get to talk to her family sometime tomorrow night.

Adam Won.

He won the POV.

Jeff won cash, and must be pretty confident that he didn't the POV.

Jordan is wearing a Dunce Suit (a "humilitard")

Shelly is in 24 confinement in the Have Not room  (see pictures posted earlier).

Someone won a phone call from home---don't know who.

Kalia won a Caribbean vacation.

Dani won a one-week POV ticket---she can play in the veto next week.

Brendon and Rachel didn't get to play.

Adam was reassuring Jordan that he liked the way she and Jeff played the game, and he "wanted to roll with them".  He planned to lie and cheat before coming in the house, but that isn't really him, and he likes the way Jeff and Jordan play the game.

Rachel came in during this discussion and immediately asked:  What are you talking about?  What about?  Huh?  What about last week.

There was tension, but it was quickly diffused when Adam asked her a question about Brendon coming back in the house.

Brendon came in with a huge burrito.  They are talking like Shelly won the call home---Brendon said he would spend 24 hours in that room to be able to call home.

Jordan, to Brenchal:  It just sucks that finally there are trips and prizes, and ya'll don't get to play.


The front of her unitard says "I'm With Stupid".  The back says "Kick Me".

For some reason Jordan is alone with Adam in the Tarot Room.  He was going through each day in the BB house, reciting the events and happenings in order. Jordan is amazed by this, then appears to be extremely bored the next minute.

Rachel and Brendon are under the orange blanket, whispering.  I know they are worried about Brendon being backdoored.

Jordan Loves her Unitard

She came out of the DR and went upstairs to show Dani.

Jordan:  I love the slippers!  They hooked me up!

Meanwhile Shelly deals with her little reality.

Oh, she went behind the curtain!

Shelly's Isolation Room

The toilet is over in the corner, behind the gray set of curtains.  She has a pot of what appears to be slop on the far wall.

How is she going to smoke in there?  Did they at least give her a patch to wear?

This might work to her advantage.  Even if she is only in there for 24 hours or so, someone in that house will fuck up and take the main target off her.

Especially if Dani did win the POV.  If she did, I think Brendon will be heading to the door again soon.

The POV is Over

and I think I know who won, but I still can't confirm based on what I've seen on the feeds.

Unitard = Jordan
24 Hour Isolation in Have Not Room = Shelly

I think Jeff won money, and Dani won the POV, but that is not confirmed yet.

Rachel and Brendon are kind of freaking out and wonder what kind of deal Jeff struck with Dani.

Big Brother After Dark 8-13-11

The POV competition is ongoing ---a few hours now.

I've had last night's Big Brother After Dark show on in the background for awhile.  Shelly and Adam had already been nominated.

There was considerable discussion and drama over the beds situation.  Brendon and Rachel were trying to find a double bed to sleep in, after sleeping in a single the night before (I think.).  Porsche didn't want to leave her bed to share with Kalia, and that was an issue.

Shelly spent hours sitting outside, smoking, wrapped in a blanket.  She was very weepy with Jeff and Jordan, and has mentioned walking out of the game several times so she doesn't have to "play the game with people like her" (Rachel).

As far as Rachel goes, the news from Julie Chen that two million people voted in last week's America's Choice has her brain spinning and calculating.  She figures that at least one "million people voted for Brendon.

(Earlier today, she asked the viewers who voted to buy them wedding presents on the Crate & Barrel website.)

I'm sure she's thinking all is forgiven do to this, and she wants to cash in.

Rachel:  Oh, I can't wait to see Lawon's bachelor party dance on TV---it was probably the lead in to the show!

Porsche:  Really?  What about me?

Rachel:  Oh, your dance was there, too!  I guarantee the footage opened the show!

(ha ha ha ha ha As previously reported, the only place the bachelor party and wedding footage aired was on Showtime.  Nothing was seen or mentioned on CBS.)

Shelly: I Thought I Was So Smart

Shelly:  Have I been a fool this whole time?

She is fretting alone in the Tarot Room.  Adam just came in and she asked him if he thought that Jeff would use the POV to save one of them (if he wins it).  Adam didn't think he would, and said he didn't think that Jordan was in on Jeff's plans.

Shelly:  They do everything together....maybe he's lying for her!

She seems to know she is in big trouble this week.  She can hear Adam and Jeff shooting the shit in the kitchen.

Now we see Jeff and Adam in the kitchen.  Adam is asking about his relationship with Jordan.  There are a lot of sizzling sounds.

Adam:  So were you dating her when you came in the house?  (i.e. during BB11)

Jeff:  No, I didn't know what a showmance was.  Well, I think I heard about it right before I came in.

Adam:  What about The Amazing Race?

Jeff:  Oh, we were dating when we were on that....

Adam:  Were you dating?  Or were you boyfriend and girlfriend?

Jeff:  What?  Whats the difference?

Adam:  So you were seeing other people?

Jeff:  No.  We never saw other people.  She was wearing my letterman's jacket (sarcastically).

Adam:  So you were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Jeff:  Yeah.  I was Zuko and she was Sandy.

Adam is enjoying an apple liberally spread with peanut butter.  Shelly comes over and bogarts the peanut butter knife, talking about what Josie likes to snack on.

Abruptly, we get TRIVIA.  I guess it's time for the POV.  The answer, of course, is #3, the Tighty Twins.

More From Annie About Dani

Apparently Annie is in the process of moving back to Chicago right now.

Also, About the Cigarettes

I do think that Jeff is bumming all of those cigarettes he's been smoking.

I was watching BBAD and saw Shelly offer him one from her pack.

Jeff:  I'm going to have to patch-up when I get out of here.  I never smoke this many cigarettes!  And they're not even mine!

Shelly pointed out that Cassi was smoking like a chimney when she was here.

Shelly:  I would have run out if Cassi was still here!

Jeff:  And she said she doesn't really smoke outside of the house!

(C'mon, it's part of the model diet.)

Shelly:  I was going through two packs a day in here when she was here!

Shelly also mentioned that Porsche started smoking cigarettes this week....

So it sounds like everyone is bumming cigs from Shelly.  I guess Evel Dick and Adam are the only other houseguests who copped to their habit and brought their own in the BB13 house.

Flashback - Rachel & Shelly Throw Down

This Flashback is from last night---August 12th, around 7:15 PM.  Jordan, Kalia, Rachel and Shelly are in Candy Land, getting to the bottom of a lot of lies.

Jordan:  I have NOT made any deals!  We are down to nine now.  If Jeff and I are the final two that would be great, but that's probably not going to happen.

Jordan points out that she doesn't talk game to anyone (except Brenchal).  Kalia admits that she doesn't have a final two deal with Jordan---Jordan just wants to get that straight and she sounds calm and collected.

Rachel:  Shelly, would you like to tell everyone what you keep saying about me?

Shelly:  Well Rachel, since you already know, why don't you tell us?  (getting a tone in her voice)  Rachel you just keep doing your squinting and glinting at doesn't affect me, you don't intimidate me.  I'll just end up calming you down like we do all the time.  I'm not going to raise my voice and get's not my style.

Rachel:  You talk trash about me and make fun of me with Danielle..

Brendon is overhead speaking to Rachel, trying to talk her down.  (On the Flashbacks you can't change cameras unfortunately.)

Jordan:  I just want to know where all of these stories are coming from?

Rachel:  Shelly!

Jordan:  All these lies are gettin' made up, nobody can keep their mouth shut in here, and somebody is just going to skate by.  It's causing all of this tension in here, because nobody knows who it is!

Jeff:  I've been saying for a long time now that somebody is playing a fucked up game of telephone.  Stuff is getting twisted and people who I spoke to know what I said...the others don't!

Jordan says everybody better just tell everybody what they have to say, because she ends up hearing it anyway.

Jeff:  Everybody knows everything in this house.  It' gets around---don't think you're telling your best friend and its a secret.  It's all coming right back, and I'm saying that to everybody.  Watch your integrity, because some people's is in question.  That's all I want to say---I don't even care about this meeting.

Jordan:  We didn't get anything accomplished...

Jordan and Shelly leave.  Rachel and Brendon start bickering and Kalia gets up and leaves.  Porsche leaves too after telling Rachel it's okay for her to nap in her bed.

Rachel:  Just a sex I promise.

Jeff tries to speak calmly to Brendon and Rachel about it---someone is walking around telling people word-for-word what is being said.  He really wanted to put Shelly on the spot.

Rachel:  I would never talk you and Jordan, never!

Jeff:  I don't even care....I just wanted to put her on the spot.  I know it's her.

Brendon:  Nothings changed...everything's fine.

Jeff and Rachel are both really Anti-Shelly right now--they have figured out her game.

Lawon's Big Moment with Julie Chen

Here is the link to Lawon's exit interview with Julie Chen.  It's about what you might expect---he makes virtually no sense of anything.

I tried to keep a count of how many times he said "Guess What", but I lost count.  He did use the word "epiphany" correctly in a sentence, so let's give him credit for that.  Julie is probably bewildered during most of the "interview", but Lawon comes through with some of his catch phrases and sound bytes.

In a jumble of words, Lawon brings up people being confused about his job.  What he is referring to is his lack of honesty with the other houseguests about his job as a file clerk.  He never copped to it.  Now, he may work in the file room of a major Hollywood studio, but that is still a file clerk job.  As late as Wednesday, I heard him tell Shelly that the DR told him he couldn't discuss the celebrities he works with.  And earlier in the summer, Rachel even speculated that he was a lawyer.

At the end of the interview are his good-bye messages.  I think he thinks they are complimentary.  But really, who knows what Lawon is thinking, if anything?

Robyn Kass, this one's on you.  What a waste of space.

So, How Close was America's Vote?

Not very....   I'm sure there is statistical evidence somewhere to prove that the more Big Brother episodes you appear in, the more likely you are to get a vote to return.   I'm kind of surprised that the votes between Dom and Cassi are so close----they split the vote.

Obviously more Americans who voted DID NOT want Brendon in the house.