Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rachel: Shelly is on the Other Side

Rachel, whispering in the corner with Brendon:  Shelly wanted me out!  I told Jordan not to trust her, but she thinks Shelly is with her.


Kalia: These are the Worst People on Earth

Kalia:  I wish I could get back in my HOH room so I could scream!

She has the Bible open in the Tarot Room, which might be a big religious no-no, right?

Dani went into the DR to ask for Midol.  She wants to go back to bed now.

From the Tarot Room they can hear the crew in the kitchen.  They are describing all of the compeitions to Brendon.  Kalia mimics Rachel's sudden gusto and energy.

Dani:  Where is Porsche?  Is she in there with them?

Kalia: No, she's in bed.

(I think she was very upset at being booed.)

Kalia is getting miserable and ugly and Dani nips it in the bud.

Dani:  Let's not do this.  This can be a very miserable experience---I did that last time, for a big chunk of it and I regret it.  You'll regret it.

Kalia agrees.  People have had it way worse in life than she has...

Kalia:  I don't even know what just happened.

Brendon Was in Palm Springs

and it was extremely hot.  He thinks Dom, Cassi and Keith were out there, too.

Last night they took him to a hotel, but he didn't know he was coming to Big Brother until about an hour before the show started.


Adam announces to Brendon that Rachel said Fuck on  last week's live show.

Brendon Ate a Lot

in sequester.  He got to eat the whole time---his handler had been told that he eats a lot.  There was a pool, but he couldn't work out.  He just ran around the pool over and over.

He watched a few movies, started watching Spaceballs but didn't finish it.  There were two people "in there with him, looking out for him".  They watched four seasons of Nip/Tuck.

He took Jeff's black underwear by mistake but he threw them away--he thought they were Dominic's.

Jeff:  Really, you threw them away?

Brendon:  Yes, this morning. Sorry.

Brendon really liked the goodbye messages.  Jordan says he is lucky to have had a week off to decompress.

Brendon:  I was saying in sequester about Lawon, I don't even feel like I knew him.  I said to the camera one day, someone out there should start a calender and note every time you ask Lawon a question and he just laughs!  I don't know anything about him!

Brendon got to talk to Dom and Cassi.

Brendon:  I told him that his girlfriend missed him! (Dani)

The evicted houseguests were blindfolded and led to the stage.  They were all surprised to see Brendon and he tells them the questions that Julie asked him.  Brendon didn't know that he would be coming back into the house tonight---he just thought he would see Rachel one more time and see that she is okay.

We Lost. It Hurts.

And Porsche knows she got booed.

Porsche:  I looked like I saw a ghost.  It's very awkward.

Now Dani brings on The Nasty Brat Voice.

Dani:  Oh, and Adam?  Just so you know, they didn't save you.  They evicted Dominic.

She repeats herself.

Dani:  Because you were the target!

Adam doesn't respond.

Now Portia bitches about how SHE gave Brendon the pity vote.

The Harder They Fall

and The Pity Party is in full swing in Candy Land.  You can see the joyous celebration in the Tarot Room, and then Brendon and Rachel having a moment of private time, in front of a few live feeders.

Of course, Daniele Donato saw all of this coming.

Dani:  This played out exactly like I thought it would.  Exactly.

She mentions that when Porsche went in to vote, the entire studio audience booed.

Dani:  Did you hear it?  The entire audience booed!

Kalia is going to "walk out there.  She doesn't want to hide out in that room".

Translation:  She's going to start campaigning.  Against her friend Daniele?

And We're Back

and there is a lot to take in.

Brendon is in the kitchen reacting to Adam's new face, and there is restrained energy between Rachel and Brendon.  She served him a drink, scrambling around breathless.

Now the vets, plus Adam and Shelly go into the Tarot Room and rejoice, jumping up and down and clasping arms.  Meanwhile Daniele reacts physically, regretting many of her moves this week.   Porsche joins Kalia and Dani.  She's all in, apparently, which is admirable.

No mention yet about the HOH contest.

Lawon is Gone. Exum Out!

Adam States His Plan

to Porsche while she was in the shower.  He doesn't feel comfortable leaving Lawon in the house with his attitude about leaving.

Adam: I'll get out Rachel next week....

His business sorted, Adam went to the storage room and scarfed down a slice of leftover pizza.  He saw Rachel making catfish and realized that another food competition would be held tomorrow.

Kalia is having a nosebleed due to the dry air in the house.  (a common problem with allergy sufferers)

She tells Lawon that she is frustrated with the floater strategy.

Kalia:  I will never have, like, beef with the floater strategy, but it is very frustrating to try and get a straight answer out of them.

Lawon looks nervous for the first time.

Kalia:  I'm not going to lie to you, that little performance you put on swearing up and down that you didn't know you were going to be nominated hurt you.  It hurt you.  Because she (?) knows that I told you beforehand. I told her.

Lawon starts talking about what the DR told him ("going back to work"?) and we get a time out.  You can see that Jeff and Jordan are still getting their beauty sleep.  As is Rachel.

Now This is Quality Entertainment

You can hear the BB theme song playing downstairs.

Turns Out It Was Dani in the Shower,

rather than Kalia.  Sorry.

Still Silent in the HOH

Kalia is taking a long time in the shower.  That's her in the picture.

Here's Porsche, sleeping.

And Shelly and Lawon.

If Rachel leaves tonight, I think "America" is going to send Brendon back in the house.   How great would that moment be?  And then they have to play against each other to see who stays in the game?

That would be some great TV.

But if Lawon leaves, how can "America" send Brendon back in?  I really don't think that would be fair.  But if that's what "America" wants....