Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jeff: That Was a Good Break in the Action

Everyone was in the back yard, talking about the meal.  As predicted, they had pizza and cake.

Jeff had 5 pieces of pizza.  Jordan is full, too.  He asked her if she wanted to go lay down for awhile and she thought that sounded good.

They discuss how Dani gets upset when she doesn't get her way.  And she keeps saying that everybody is afraid of her.  Jordan asks Jeff if he noticed that Kalia, Dani and Porsche put their wine glasses in the kitchen, upside down, to be washed by someone else.

Jordan:  Couldn't one of them just wash them for all of 'em?

They discuss Kalia---Jeff thinks she's spoiled, too.

Jeff:  She said she goes to spin class three times a week....what does she do?  How does she have time for that?

Jordan:  She writes.

Jeff:  Oh...if she writes...

Jordan:  And I think she uses a card that her mother puts money on for her.

Jeff:  Yeah.  Didn't she say that she bought a bunch of clothes and her mother said, what the hell did you buy?

Jordan doesn't want Adam to win HOH.  They notice that Adam takes up for Dani and they wonder what side he's on.

Dani Guesses the Twist

She brought up the possibility that whoever is evicted could go up against one of the evicted houseguests to see who comes back in the house.

Adam ponders that, and Dani wonders if Julie will say anything further to them before the eviction.  She wants to come up with some sort of signal they can come up with to let each other know how to vote.

Adam jokes a lot about farting with a certain leg, but also mentions taking off his glasses or something.  Dani thinks that if America has anything to do with it, Rachel will not come back in.

Adam makes the case that if he were up against Rachel in a competition, she would be tough to beat, but beating Lawon should be easy.

Here's My Guess at How it Will Go Down:  The houseguests will vote to evict (Lawon) but before the evicted houseguest walks out the door, the doorbell rings, and whoever America voted for comes walking back in the house.

Or maybe they are already in the backyard, in position to face off against the evictee (Lawon).

Having the doorbell ring is a very powerful moment, though.  There is sure to be a lot of cursing that will need to be bleeped.

I really don't want to be stuck with Lawon in the house too much longer.  He is extremely boring on the feeds.

Ha ha ha Dani just said "we're obviously not having a halfway party this week".

Adam says that previously they announce everyone is on the jury during the halfway party.

Big Brother Should Tell the Have Nots

about tonight's party, but I guess that would ruin the surprise.

Jeff was just talking about how his stomach is really bothering him---all he's had since Friday is catfish and coffee and it is getting to him.

Lawon:  Have to take the kids to the pool today?

Jeff:  I took the kids to the pool 5 times today---they were all over the pool!

Lawon laughs at that.  He says that Jeff has lost weight and mentioned an incident where Jeff was getting out of the pool and his shorts almost fell off.

I guess Lawon noticed that, too.

Rachel finished her Pilates and went into the bathroom, where Jordan is doing her hair.  She asked if Jordan wanted any catfish.

Jordan:  No, no thanks.  I'm starvin' myself right now.  I'm kind of grossed out...

Rachel: Me too.

Rachel went into the kitchen and stared at the inside of the fridge like she was looking for ideas.  I guess she couldn't come up with any good ones because she ended up frying some catfish fillets, and doused them with every kind of sauce she could find.  The house is out of hot sauce, so Adam recommends that she use red pepper flakes instead.

I'm sure Rachel would skip this meal if she knew the good stuff that will be coming later.  It is probably pizza and a birthday-type cake with their pictures on it.

Halfway Party Tonight

I conclude this is the case after seeing this tweet:

That means the Have Nots will get to eat, have a few liquor drinks, and listen to some music with the cameras off.

In other words, Porsche will be miserable.

Rachel Needs her Shampoo

and asks Adam to throw it to her.   It is in a purple bottle that says Simply Smooth.  Rachel is trying to stay as far away from the shower door as possible---I'm guessing she doesn't want any glimpses of Adam's junk.

She has to repeat herself twice.  It's hard for him to hear in the shower.  Rachel is in very good shape this year, if you hadn't noticed.  She is religious about her workouts.

Adam doesn't throw it---he makes her come over and get it.

And then gets right back to the business of being clean.  Do you think Fara is watching the feeds?  Adam said she is jealous of Rachel.  No need to be jealous of Rachel, Fara.  She's not going to come between you and your man.

I think Rachel is going to wash her hair outside?  She took the shampoo out there and spent at least two minutes shaking the bottle.  Even hitting it against the ground to mix it.  I looked it up and this is some sort of keratin shampoo.  There she is shaking it in the lower left corner.

This was all a fake, however.  She went into the Have Not shower stall after Adam finished to get the shower over with.  Maybe there is hair color in the bottle?  Evel Dick told her she should put some hair color in her shampoo bottle to keep her color fresh.  And wouldn't he be an authority on matters like those?

Rachel hates taking cold showers, she says.

Adam just put his pants on but I missed the picture of his undies.  The BBLite camera is so slow sometimes.

Adam puts lotion on his legs.  Bow chicka-bow-wow.   Ha ha ha.

Breathing Hard in the Backyard

Rachel has been on the elliptical machine for quite some time now.  It makes a little squeak-squeak sound that is strangely comforting.  Adam did his workout in the backyard, using weights, doing lunges, etc.  He was breathing hard, but was persistent.

Shelly laid in the hammock and encouraged him occasionally.  Dani, of all people, is up and moving around.

Adam finished his workout and sat on the couch to enjoy a cigarette.  He is glad he isn't at work today---they have a weekly production meeting that I think he said was held every Thursday morning at 10:00.  (But today is Wednesday, so I think he has his days wrong.  Unless I do?)

Shelly asks him questions about his daily schedule.  He has a lot of different activities, like Dart League and he has discussed hosting Trivia Night at a bar every week.  He always stays in on Thursday nights to watch Big Brother and Survivor, before they moved it to Wednesday nights.

Dani is in the kitchen and broke something, kneeling down to pick up the pieces.

Adam goes in the house and tells her not to cry over spilled milk.  I think the wake up music must be playing now.

Nope, I think it must have been Big Brother giving Dani instructions to clean because we came right back.  Rachel finishes her work out, goes in the house and we get interrupted again.