Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lawon and Jordan Both Love Ellen Degeneres

Jordan loves her show because it is lighthearted and doesn't have heavy topics.  She watches it when she gets off work at home.  Lawon likes Ellen's style and has dreams about being on her show in the BB house.

Lawon wraps up the leftover pizza before he "eats the whole damn thing".  I saw Porsche eat a piece standing up at the counter but I didn't see anybody else have any.  So he did eat at least half of it.

The camera guys have some fun.  That picture is very flattering.

In Case We Don't Grasp the Comparison

between Jordan's lunch and Lawon's lunch, the camera crew shows us one more time.  He added the olives and tomatoes to the top of the frozen pizza, so some assembly was required.

Pizza?..........Or Slop?

That's a tough one.  Rachel and Jordan, the Have Nots, are right there while Lawon takes his pizza out of the oven.  You can almost taste it, just looking at it.


Jordan makes some sweet tea.  She needs to put it outside in the sun for awhile, so it can steep a little more.  (Jordan says 'soak'.  'Steep' is my word.)

Adam's Top Weight was 330

When he says this both Jordan and Lawon said "Wooooo!"

Lawon's weakness is pizza.

Adam:  Boy...me too.  I used to go to Pizza Hut, the lunch buffet with my buddies and they would get salad and pizza. But I would go for the pizza.  All the pizza--every kind.  And the cinnamon sticks!

Adam gave up soda first, and just drank water.  Then he stopped eating pizza.  Even just two slices are bad for you.  There is a pizza place he can walk to from his house that just started serving whole wheat pizza, so he will have some of that.

Lawon:  Pizza and beer were my problem....it's a lifestyle change.  You can't just lose the weight and stop.

(Lawon said in his preseason interview that he has lost a lot of weight.  You can read about that here.)

Jordan talked about watching some sort of Ultimate Weight Loss challenge, where you follow someone for a year and see their progress---it is inspiring to her.

Adam:  Yeah, when I was outside doing my key ceremony, that's what everybody thought I was doing.

BB cut the feeds for a minute. I guess he means when BB came to shoot the footage of Adam receiving his key for BB...

Jordan's slop almost boiled over when she wasn't watching it---she used a pot that was way too small, and made enough for a week.

Adam came over to help and put it in a larger pot.

Jordan:  Me and cookin' don't mix!

WTF is Rachel wearing?  No wonder she can't get a science job....

Adam is Making Some Sort of Tex Mex Dish

and Jeff tells him he should make a gordita.  You can tell Adam is a wee bit annoyed with the interference.

Jordan comes in to inspect.

Jordan:  Why are ya'll making so much yummy food now?

Adam:  Well, it's not really.  I really wish I had some catfish, but I don't want to take it away from you.  And if I really wanted to eat, I would get some slop!

Jeff:  It's okay Jordan. He's been on slop before.  Somebody who hasn't been on slop making those comments though...

Jeff, watching Adam:  Are you putting pepper jack cheese on that, too?

Adam:  Yeah.

Jeff:  Fuck!  I'm really wanting to eat something.  I guess I'll go outside.

Jordan is making slop.  Adam states that no one should worry--he will come back and do his dirty dishes after he eats.

Adam's food does look good.  I can't imagine watching someone eat that and being a Have Not. No wonder Enzo cheated so much last year.

Sleep All Day, Party All Night

is what Danielle's shirt says.  I like it.

Porsche is putting lemon juice on her hair, to lighten it up when she goes in the sun.  She knows we're watching and puts on a show for us.

She feels she needs help with this task, so she deputizes Adam to help her squeeze the lemon half.

As you can see, her caboose is still big. No one seems to know who has left all of the dirty dishes in the sink. Adam says they're not his--he slept all day.  Dani would like to go back to bed until her period is over.

They get ready to go outside to lay out.

Porsche and Dani are best friends now, discussing what they want to do tonight.   Is it just me, or are those star tattoos on Dani really skanky?

Lawon comes over and adds to the conversation.

Lawon:  I'm getting really sexually frustrated now, ya'll.  It's getting really bad for the kid.  I was like, buck wild in my dreams.

He walks off and they hear him talking to the group on the patio.

Dani:  He needs to go in the bathroom and jerk off, seriously.

Porsche:  Yeah, really.

Dani:  He's got a really bad attitude, too.  Are you on Twitter?

Porsche:  Yeah, it's PorscheMiami.

Dani:  How many followers do you have?

Porsche:  Oh, about 150.

Dani:  Not anymore.

Porsche:  I'm on Facebook, too.

Dani:  Make sure to keep your Facebook private.  Otherwise you'll never be able to keep up with it.

Backyard Girl Talk

Rachel, Shelly and Kalia have been talking for at least an hour on the patio.  No one else is up yet.  Big Brother has not liked many of the topics and has interrupted the conversation many, many times.

A few tidbits:

1.  Kalia misses her boyfriend and wanted to talk about him.  Rachel cut her off every time and brought up Brendon, Brendon, Brendon as a comparison.

2.  Kalia is writing her HOH Blog today and wants to know if she pass along any info for any of the HG.  Rachel told her this is not allowed, and Kalia said she asked the DR and the rules are the same for all of them and they can say what they want.  Rachel bit her tongue and shut up about it.  (Last week was a loooonnng time ago.)

3.  Before Shelly came out, Rachel asked Kalia if she wanted to talk strategy.  Kalia said she doesn't want to talk without Dani.  (***big mistake***)  Rachel pointed out that everyone is now saying it is 5 -2 for the next HOH, trying to point out to Kalia all of the people that swing from side-to-side with the power.

Kalia:  Who are the two?

Rachel:  Well....you and Dani.

Kalia:  Like, I can't even like, play for HOH this week.  Maybe the two are Jeff and Jordan and everybody is against them?

Rachel, trying to be patient:  No, then I think it's Dani and Porsche....

4.  Kalia kind of sold Lawon out, saying that he knew he would be nominated several days ago.

5.  Rachel has tried and tried to get a job.  She had a promising interview for a great science-related job that would have been a 5 minute walk from Brendon's apartment in Westwood.  It paid good money, so if she got it she would not have come on BB this summer.

Shelly: Did you talk to them?  Can you contact them?

Rachel:  No, I didn't get the job.

6.  She also worked as a receptionist for a law firm and liked it and felt the lawyers liked her.  But she had to take time off to interview for full-time work so it sounds like they let her go.

7.  Shelly disabled her Twitter and Facebook.  Rachel feels this was a mistake---when she turns it back on she is going to be inundated with requests.  Shelly explains that she didn't want anybody to get pictures of Josie and photoshop them.  Rachel didn't think of that.

8.  Kalia left her's on, but she has it set to request follows, rather than just letting followers join.  Rachel tells them they will get thousands and thousands of followers immediately.  She didn't even have a Twitter last year but after she joined it was crazy.

9.  She warns them about crazy fans, and people who will watch the show and judge them.  She and Brendon applied for the Crate + Barrel Dream Wedding contest and they were told that the two of them don't represent the Crate + Barrel  brand.  Rachel appears not to understand this---they love each other so much!  (Uh, we all saw you have sex on the internet, Rachel.)

10.  She starts to say what happened to Matt Hoffman---sounds like fans contacted his employer to complain about him.  BB nips that conversation in the bud.  (Must have been complaining about Matt's lies about Stacy's illness--really who gives a shit?  I guess if I really had that illness, I might give a shit.  But I wouldn't take the time to call!)

11.  Rachel got death threats on her cellphone---the same person called 4 times.  Rachel was really scared and called the police.

12.  Shelly asks how she got on the Bold  & the Beautiful.  Rachel sounds bewildered and says "CBS".  BB doesn't like that either.

Finally someone else gets up so the cameras move around. Jeff gets up and Shelly is all over him with the compliments.

Shelly:  Oh Jeff, you look so good in orange!  That is my absolute favorite color!!  It's so cute--is it new?

Jeff:  No, I've worn it before.  No one pays attention to Big Jeffro.

Shelly:  And your hair looks so good down like that!  (i.e. Bed Head)

Jeff:  Wow Shelly.  (i.e. Calm Down Girl)

Jeff snorts when he goes to the kitchen and sees all of the dirty dishes the Late Night Crew left.  He took his coffee outside and says he didn't hear any of the wake up music, or the wake up calls.

Shelly:  There was only one---it was Weird Al Yankovic.

Rachel Addresses Brendon

She's in the backyard performing her "mornalogue" babbling on and on about miscellaneous stuff.  I didn't hear the whole thing, but she was complaining about how much time everybody else spends sleeping and it is "the laziest house ever".

And she will talk to him from the HOH room next week, and they will both be happier.

She sits down to drink her coffee and Shelly joins her.  The coffee smells like Cinnabon and Rachel explains that Brendon taught her to put cinnamon in the coffee before it is brewed.

They wonder what Lawon is up towhen he stays up so late.

Rachel:  Do you think they're plotting something?  Or is it just an act?  Did he just volunteer to be put up?

Shelly:  If he does come back in, he's going to be the same player as he is now---he's not going to really change the game.

(Lawon thinks he will come back in as HOH.  Kalia and Dani expect him to get voted out, but they want to keep this theory quiet so that it will play out.  ***stupid***)

She discusses other players who float around and never have an impact on the game---like Hayden and Enzo.

Kalia joins them and they start a conversation about Kalia's natural look with the curly hair.  Jordan brought in dry shampoo (perfect for the Have Nots) but Rachel doesn't want to use it since it is almost gone.  You can see that Rachel is the only Have Not who is up and about this morning.

Shelly has heard "them" building something outside of the BB fence.