Monday, August 8, 2011

Snacking All Day in the HOH Room Makes You Hungry

so Kalia is enjoying some sort of wrap downstairs with the common folk.

The 'Kalia eats a lot' posts are actually very popular here, so please enjoy.  I only wish I could get some close-ups of Kalia masticating here.  I can't remember ever using that word in a sentence.....


Jeff Has a Date

with Adam to work out at 6:00 pm, BBT.

They actually planned it, they have a date.

Jeff gets up from his nap reluctantly.

Jeff: You just get in a rut inside this house---you don't have anything to do but you can't find the time to work out!  It's weird.

Jordan: I can tell from lookin' at you in your swimsuit that your abs are more toned.

Jeff:  Really?

Jeff heads out for his date with Adam.

Jeff is Afraid of Tampons

Jordan tells Rachel this during a girl talk session on the patio.

Rachel:  That's because he doesn't have any sisters.

(Jeff has two or three brothers and he is the baby.)

Jordan:  I got my period one time when I was staying at his house and I asked him to take me to Walgreens to get some tampons and he just waited in the car for me!  He wouldn't go in.

Rachel hid some tampons in Brendon's bathroom because he gets grossed out, too.

Jordan:  When you're on your period you just feel so gross and nasty.

Rachel agrees.  Jordan used to take birth control pills but they made her feel psycho and crazy so she put a stop to that.

Rachel:  I just hate that you're not in control of your emotions...

(What?  Rachel said this?)

Meanwhile, there is a furious whisperfest happening between Shelly and Kalia in the kitchen, discussing Lawon's bizarre reaction to his nomination and what steps to take next.

On the patio Jordon tells Rachel how fit and skinny she looks---she noticed it right away when she saw Rachel in the BB house.

Kalia dropped her microphone in the toilet.  Cassi did that with her's on Day #2 and then dropped it in the pool later.

More About TAR

Jeff and Jordan are still talking about The Amazing Race.

Jordan:  Everybody there is so nice and there are no cliques.

Jeff:  Yeah, Dan and Jordan...they were all nice.

Jordan:  We went to a reunion, and there were no cliques--everybody was talking to everybody and hanging out.  When you go to a Big Brother reunion it's not like that---everybody is broken up into groups and it is totally different.

Shelly:  I'm going to be nice to nice in your goodbye messages.

Adam thinks it is cool to be part of a big fraternity now---the BB alumni.  Jeff thinks that most people from BB are really cool, but there is about 10% of the people who can't get over it.

Shelly wants to have a Mardi Gras party and invite the cast, maybe go to a Saints game.

Shelly shouts out to someone she knows by name to get ready to tailgate and BB doesn't like it.

Shelly is going to get everybody a "bib" to wear to the game, and has to explain that it overalls that everybody loves.  (I went to a Saints home game and I didn't see any overalls....)

Jeff:  I want a white LSU jersey to wear..

Shelly:  Done.

Adam:  I want to go to a Saints game.

Jeff:  I just want to go a  Big Ten college game.

Shelly:  You're going to love it.  You'll think you died and gone to heaven.

Shelly shouts out for someone to hook them up!

Lawon:  The camera's not even on you.  (uh, yes it is, Lawon)

Shelly:  I don't need the camera to be on me...they can hear me!

Jeff and Jordan Talk About The Amazing Race

Jordan finally broke down and took a cold shower.  She put on some shorts and a cute top.

Jeff:  Love, you look so sexy!

Jordan:  Thanks!

Shelly loves her shirt and Jordan said she can borrow it.  Someone bought it for her in Atlanta but she doesn't know the name of the store.  Shelly started talking about how she visits Hong Kong and has a suit custom made for her for $150.  They take her measurements and she chooses the fabric, then it is waiting for her at her hotel the next day, ready to take home.

This brought up a whole conversation about international travel, and how many connections Shelly has to make to fly to Asia.  She is a Platinum flier on Delta, so she stays on Delta flights to get free business upgrades.

Jeff:  Jordan, remember how much a flight to China was on The Amazing Race?

Jordan:  Huh?  No..

Jeff explains that they were supposed to fly to Chile, but Jordan ran up to the ticket counter and asked for two tickets to China.

Jeff:  And it was our first leg of the trip!  I was like, this is going to go well...

Some of the conversation was cut by Big Brother, but there was plenty of information that we did hear.  Jordan mentioned that they fought a lot, but so did everybody else on the show.  Jeff said that if you didn't get yourself up to leave for the next leg of the journey, they would just leave without you.

Jeff bought a travel alarm clock, but was always worried so he never really slept well.  They stayed in all different places and slept in all different types of situations.

Jordan:  We slept outside!

Jeff:  My favorite was Argentina...everyone else was bitching about it, but I liked it.   We stayed in a big tent...

Jordan, to Shelly:  You would like it..the people who ran the farm were awesome.

Jeff:  Dude we had some fresh lamb that they put on the grill..

Adam:  Mmmmmm.

Jordan:  Yeah, they cooked for everybody.

Shelly:  Do you keep in touch with anybody?

Jeff:  Yeah, I don't know if you'd know them...

When we return he is talking about the people being from Providence, or someplace like that.

Jordan:  And all of the people we met...just like this show there are hundreds of people who have done it, and when you meet them they are all so nice.

Shelly:  Did you meet the lady who shaved her head?  Is she nice?

Jordan:  Yeah!  Very nice!

Jeff agrees.

Jordan:  Remember that girl Stephanie whose boyfriend proposed to her on the show with his Mom's wedding ring?  His mom died before the show?  Well, she's pregnant now!

Shelly:  Oh!

Rachel Analyzes the Situation

and she is trying to figure it out.  They think there must be some sort of catch to Lawon offering himself up.  Jordan points out that Kalia was going to nominate Porsche, but she knew that Porsche would go home if that happens.

Jordan:  She just didn't want to make an enemy with someone else.

Rachel:  And if I stay, maybe she and Dani think I won't be so mad at them.

Jordan:  All Porsche does is just stand around in the kitchen.  This isn't the Rachael Ray Show, or Hell's Kitchen!

Rachel:  She just wants to be on ANY reality show.  I think everyone on this cast wants to be an entertainer!  Like Kalia...

Jordan:  But she's good at what she does.

Rachel:  And Dom!  He's moving to LA now....and Cassi.  I think she lives in LA now and wants to be a model.

Jordan:  But look at her!  She looks like a freakin' NY runway model now!

Rachel:  Oh I agree!  She's gorgeous!

Rachel goes through her cast last year and tells Jordan where they live.  Only Kristin and Enzo wanted to work in the industry and Kristin moved out to LA to model.

Rachel:  There is something going on with this cast.  Look, if they only had to cast EIGHT new people..

Now they walk through the kitchen where Big Jeff is eating leftover catfish.

And now to the backyard where they work on their abs and chat between sets.  Jordan heard that Lawon didn't mind going to the Jury now.  Rachel doesn't think that makes sense.  (I don't think the Jury starts until next week---I think Lawon is headed home.  Exum Out!)

Evel Dick Isn't Impressed, Either

A wire brush?  Ouch!

Shelly Tells Kalia About Lawon's Acting Job

Kalia is surprised that Lawon is walking around acting like he was backstabbed, but not so surprised that she doesn't roll back over with her sleep mask on.

Unfortunately Kalia has wasted her HOH Reign by getting out Lawon....Good for us, Bad for her.  Shelly thanked her for not putting her up.

Now Rachel visits the HOH, aplogizing for waking up Kalia.

Rachel:  Look, I don't know what is going on right now, but I want to thank you for what I think you may be doing, and to let you know I am ready to talk whenever you are.

They hug, and Rachel leaves.

How awesome is that picture of Kalia?  Ha ha ha ha.

Lawon Swears to Shelly, and Also Drops the Eff Bomb

Lawon:  I mean, what the fuck?

Shelly:  Why are people saying that you volunteered?  Where is that coming from?

Lawon:  I don't know.  I swear I don't know.

Jordan:  I think whoever leaves is comin' right back.

Lawon:  I don't think that.   I don't think that at all.  And to go to Jury for six weeks?  That isn't a reward to me.

Shelly:  The only reason why someone would volunteer is if they're getting paid to do it somehow...

Lawon:  Hmph....

Shelly:  Think of how she said that, saying 'honey it's your turn'....something is way fishy with this...

Lawon:  I know!  I need to calm down, or I'm about to go slam that door!

Lawon:  I feel fucked.  Like somebody done had sex with me without a condom!

Ha Ha Ha Ha Dumbest MF'er on the Planet

Well, folks.  We knew Lawon was stupid, but THIS stupid?

He is now on the block in Jeff's place, and is walking around acting pissed.  Rachel made a beeline to the DR door and buzzed the bell until they cleared her to enter.  Remember that green top she is wearing below---we should see an energetic DR session on TV after this event.

Lawon:  I need to go outside, I need a damn cigarette!

Lawon is trying to act as if he didn't volunteer to go up---he did offer himself up to Kalia and Dani last night, but now he is trying to put on an act of anger.

Lawon:  I want to know WHY!

Basically, Lawon thinks that he will be evicted, and will come back in the house as HOH.  (ha ha ha ha ha)

Jeff and Jordan go into the Have Not room.  Jordan feels like an ass, after how she reacted in the DR this week.  She was certain that Kalia would put her up on the block and I guess she told them it was "bull you know what" that Kalia said she wouldn't.

(Contrast that with Rachel saying the Eff word on the live show last week!)

Shelly is celebrating with them, too, and is using a clothes hanger like a whip, indicating what she would like to do to Porsche.  I guess she is smirking and people are getting pissed at her.

Lawon came in the Have Not room.

Jeff:  You okay Boo?

Lawon:  I need some answers!  I just want to know WHY?  And WHY can't nobody tell me first?

Jordan:  Don't worry, you'll be coming right back in the house after!  (ha ha ha ha ha ha)

He leaves and is now bouncing the little basketball around the kitchen.

Uh, Lawon you wore a tie this morning....surely you were preparing for your screen time as a nominee.

And I have to say, that Padded Cell photographs beautifully.  Everyone who is in there looks stunning against that cream-colored backdrop.

So...who's coming in on Thursday?  I say Dom or Cassi---it really depends on who Middle America wants in the house.  And Allison Grodner, of course.

High Five, Allison.  Things are looking up now!