Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rachel Soaks up the Rays

All of you Rachel fans better take a good look now.  She spent her afternoon apologizing to Daniele for her behavior, and trying to justify staying in the house.  She gave Dani a number of reasons to not only keep her, but to work with her in the game to evict the floaters.  She pointed out that if she had been HOH this week, most of Dani's followers would be on her side---that is the definition of a floater.

Dani didn't go for it.  But Rachel stayed cool.  She urged Dani to ask the DR to repeat exactly what Julie said about someone returning to the game.  Dani told Kalia later that she planned to do that.

You can see Adam and Shelly sitting in the shade.  You know that Adam confessed to having a crush on Rachel, don't you?  He said his girlfriend would be very jealous that Rachel was in the house.

BTW, Shelly said Adam looks like Gargamel now.  Adam explained to Porsche that Gargamel threatened to steal the Smurf's essence.

Here are a few pictures from Rachel's earlier meeting with Dani.  Dani was trying to color her roots at the time.

And all of you Big Jeff fans don't need to worry.  Here he is, basking in the rays.  Whoever is manning the camera is digging Jeff, too.

Dani Dyes Her Roots

There is a short window of time where the houseguests can change their appearance today.  Adam made a complete transformation, Jeff cut his own hair, and Dani is touching up her light brown roots.

Adam posed by the picture wall, next to the old Adam.

He looks like Hey Now Hank Kingsley to me.

Rachel Confronts Porsche, Adam Shaves

Rachel had a sit-down with Porsche in the Tarot Room to ask her what went wrong with their relationship.

Porsche told her that she kind of went crazy in the house, and Porsche didn't want to be associated with that, particularly if she was going to have a physical altercation with Danielle.

Rachel:  I have been separated by the love of my life, and you don't seem to even care about that!

Porsche:  Everyone is separated by their love ones---Shelly is married with a child.

Rachel:  But she knew coming in here that they would be separated!  She knew that!

This kind of goes around and around.  Rachel clearly expects everyone's Big Brother experience to be all about her, and can't understand why this isn't happening.

Adam ruins her dramatic moment by starting to shave in the bathroom.  Jeff cuts off the first chunk of Adam's beard---he has had a beard for 6 years.  Everything is going to feel different--even smoking a cigarette.

They joke about having a new houseguest and Adam says his new name is Philip.  He looks just like his father and it freaks him out.

Jeff:  Oh I have to make all new alliances!

Porsche shaved his head for him.

Adam asks Production what they think about his new look, and they don't like that.

Adam is Going to Shave

today---his entire head.

He just went into the DR for "pick ups" before shaving.   They need to get some commentary from him looking like the old Adam, for continuity.

They joked with him that no one will recognize him outside the house if he doesn't have his beard outside of the house.

Jeff:  What about your 15 minutes?

The party is supposed to start at 4:00, BBT.

Porsche Bakes a Cake

for Adam's birthday.  She buttered a bundt pan for what seemed like an hour and Adam asked her to add sprinkles to the batter, as well as on top with the frosting. They discussed making chocolate cupcakes, but maybe this is a separate baking project.

(She should melt the butter and then grease the pan.)

Adam made an omelet for Porsche as well as his own.  They both keep singing and humming and BB doesn't like it.  One of the songs they heard today goes "Boom boom boom bang bang bang bang" and it is a bluesy rock band in Adam's opinion---the name of the band is Clutch.

Jeff asks when the party will start and Adam says 12:30.  He repeats AGAIN that the DR wants him to come in for some 'sound bytes' and we get interrupted again.

Adam points out that cooking breakfast took 45 minutes, but only 5 minutes to eat it.  (What else do they have to do?)

Adam has asked for Tori Spelling to visit for his birthday.  Do you think Tori is desparate enough to show up?  She may be...after all being on network TV would be a treat for Tori.   He mentions that Neil Patrick Harris came in the house during All Stars, and also the rumor that Dr. Will asked for that to happen.

Adam:  As we now know, a lot of stuff that looks planned on TV is not planned at all...

BB doesn't like Adam saying that.


Now Porsche starts making the cupcakes.  I guess they are going to have a lot of cake in there.  Adam points out that during All Stars, Mike Boogie didn't want to share his birthday celebrations with the Have Nots, but that's not the kind of guy Adam is....he wants to share with the Have Nots.

Big Jeff likes chocolate cupcakes.

Porsche is also spending 3 hours greasing the cupcake tins.   (Once again, she should melt the butter and then brush it in, or just ask BB for cupcake papers.)

At some point we need to discuss Porsche's clothes.  I think her clothes are super-tacky.  She usually wears velour sweats and the colors are just off.

She needs to go into the storage room to get one more egg for the cupcake mix, but the door is locked.

So Far Today...

Shelly got up at 5:30, but the Late Night Crew didn't go to bed until 5:00.  Of course she complains about this, but what is the need to get up so early?

Rachel came out to talk to her and they discussed family--Rachel has learned to love Brendon's family and says his sister is the best, next to her own sister, of course.  Rachel's dad speaks spanish, so he has talked to Brendon's mexican father on the phone before.  Rachel's mom talks to Brendon's sister.

Shelly waited to have kids until she was 35.  Brendon wants to have kids in three years, so Rachel will be 31.

Adam got up and cooked a shit load of bacon.  I mean, just look at the lower left corner.  They played some music that Adam likes, since it is his birthday celebration day.  He tried to tell Shelly that the DR wanted some of his comments before....and we got interrupted by Production.

Adam is also making a spinach omelet.  He has this every morning at work but he buys it in the cafeteria on his floor.

Jeff and Jordan are waking up and Porsche is in the kitchen now.

Brendon has promised to buy Rachel a new ring within 5 years.  She says she loves the ring Brendon already gave her, but goes over and whispers in Shelly's ear twice about it.  What could she be saying?  Did Brendon steal the ring?  Are they waiting for an inherited ring?  WTF?  Since when is Rachel so secretive?

Jeff's calves are sore today, and Adam's inner and outer thighs are sore. From the competition of course.

Shelly must be so sick of encouraging Rachel.  Jeff comes out on the patio and thanks Shelly and Rachel for folding his laundry.  Shelly tells Jeff he is looking handsome today.

As opposed to yesterday, Shelly?