Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kalia Summons Jordan

by coming out to the backyard to ask if she can speak with Jordan.

Jordan asked if she could wait and come up to the HOH with Jeff, who is in the DR right now.

Kalia says fine and leaves.

Jordan:  I don't want to talk...

Jeff comes outside and Jordan calls him over and tells him that Kalia wanted to speak to her.

Jeff:  Well, did you?

Jordan:  No, I don't want go do it.  I'll just get mad and lose my temper.

Jeff walks off.

Jordan:  Good.  He'll do it.  He's better with words than I am.

Meanwhile, Kalia is in Candy Land discussing exactly what Julie Chen said to them about the evictee coming back.  They call Adam in the room to ask the circumstances of Jeff's BB11 Coup D'Etat, and also of Matt's Diamond POV in BB12.

Rachel Pitched Kalia

on a deal to keep her this week.  She is heavily selling the idea that she will be sent back in the house to fight Dani.

Out in the back yard, Jordan suddenly jumps up from her lounge chair for some reason and sprints over to the pool.  (From what I hear she didn't run near as fast in today's POV competition.)  She almost lost her top there.

Rachel:  You don't need to tell Dani.  She's a big girl and she can take care of herself.

They hugged when she left.  Rachel thanked her for listening.  Kalia has some dramatic moments after Rachel leaves, talking out loud to herself.  She summarized Rachel's points and tallied up the votes.


Kalia gets up and it turns out she was talking to her mother, I think.  She addressed the picture in the frame.

Rachel went outside to fill in Jordan and Shelly on the conversation she just had.

Jordan kind of bursts her balloon by pointing out that Kalia will never save Rachel.  Shelly agrees--Daniele wouldn't let her.  Rachel takes this news well and reacts logically.  Maybe her meds are kicking in.

Jordan looks just like Jessica Simpson in that picture, huh?

Poor, Poor Rachel

as she eats some catfish by the picture wall.  She is sniffling here and there, and it might be real tears this time since there is no one else around to put on a show for.

The camera guys love to contrast her actions with shots of the photo wall.  You can tell they try to include everybody in their sweeping camera shots.

Rachel cleaned up after herself--she likes to stay busy and isn't one to nap all day.  You would never describe Rachel Reilly as lazy.

Shelly comes in and is obviously in the throes of a nicotine fit.

Rachel wonders if she's good enough for Brendon.  She tries to be as good as Brendon, but it's too hard.  Shelly tells her that kind of thinking is a waste of time---everybody has mistakes and flaws and it puts too much pressure on Brendon.

Shelly:  You've got to accept that you're a good person.  He's not superman...nobody's perfect.  I screw up at least 10 times a day!

(How many cigarettes does she smoke a day?  I would count those as mistakes.  I don't understand why no one asks her about efforts to quit smoking.)

The Big Picture

Here is the big picture regarding what is going on since the POV competition.

Jeff and Jordan celebrated his win by laying in the Padded Cell and chatting.  Jeff is planning to go upstairs and talk to Kalia.  Jordan doesn't want to go with him, because if Kalia tells Jordan she is going up as a pawn then she will get angry again and that isn't good for her social game.

(Kalia IS NOT putting Jordan up as a pawn--she is leaning towards Shelly.  If she puts Porsche up, Porsche may go home, which would be some big drama.)

Jeff repeats again what he told Kalia yesterday, that he would win the POV, blah blah blah.  Jordan says he is probably going to get mad and start wagging his finger at Kalia.  Jeff didn't know what Jordan was talking about, so Jordan demonstrated it.

This caused a lot of giggling as they both did wagged their fingers.  Jordan also told Jeff about the face he makes when he's starting to get mad.  Jeff is acting like he's mad now, but he's not.  Jordan is joyful as she tells him all of this, and he loves to see her happy.  He wasn't even aware of what happens when he gets mad, but he realizes that he probably wagged his finger at Kalia yesterday.

Jeff:  Well, thanks for not listening to me when I'm mad---for just looking at me instead!

Rachel came in from her DR session and says it was a good one.  Jeff tries to pump her up by saying that if she leaves, she can come back in the house like she did last year----"I'm back bitches!" and then immediately win the HOH competition.

They discuss how Porsche will leave the house if she is put up.  (I heard Dani guarantee Porsche's safety this week, but I guess that doesn't mean that Kalia won't put her up.)

Big Chef Jeff cooked up some fried catfish that indeed looks yummy.  He used a flake coconut coating and Shelly can't wait to try some.

Jeff is already sore from the competition.  It sounds like the hot chocolate competition from BB11--they had to run back and forth for about 2 hours to fill something up and if they dropped a ball they had to start over.

He realizes that the elliptical machine isn't keeping him in good running shape, and says he never smokes cigarettes at home like he does in the BB house.  His lungs are burning.  He thinks Brendon would have killed the competition today since he is a runner and has such long arms.

The back door isn't open yet, and Shelly and Adam are both dying to smoke.  Literally, they are.

What About the Missing Chess Pieces?

Porsche was sitting at the kitchen counter and said something about them.  She got called in the DR and commented while she was walking over there how cool it was that they heard her.

In what seems like a minute later, we see Porsche in Candy Land talking to Danielle, telling her that the DR told her that "Production is not responsible for any of the missing pieces".

Dani acts confused.

Porsche:  Do you think it was Brendon?  His friend Andrew took a chess piece last you think he did it?

They go over the things that are missing--Dani thinks the shelf is the strangest thing.

NOTE:  I think Dani is the one who took some or all of the items.  I think they are hidden in the ivy in the "park" by the chessboard.

Porsche wants to vote out Jordan, since she already won two years ago.

Dani:  She won't win again..not the way things are now!  Did you see her in that competition?  She's playing for second place, you know that right?

Dani doesn't think someone is definitely coming back....

Jeff Raps

Jeff:  Bumps and bruises, blunts and Land Cruisers...

He repeats it for Lawon, who tells him to "hold it down".

Jeff is making a protein shake and seems very relaxed.  Hey, he's a winner. (He just won the POV.)

Adam's thumb is bleeding, and Jeff shows him some damage to his knuckles.

Jordon Offers to Campaign

for herself to leave, if Kalia puts Jordan up.

Jordan:  I would much rather see you and Jeff here to compete, you're both good competitors.  I know Jeff will vote for me to stay, but you can get the others.


They announce it is 10:30 in the morning---something tells me they will nap for most of the day.