Friday, August 5, 2011

It's Time to PIck Players for the Veto!

I just saw Kalia come out of the DR and say that, waving the card around and looking shocked.

Shelly was right there murmuring something.

Kalia: I don't know...I just



So, Things Really Got Crazy

today during one of the long TRIVIA periods.

(OMG how cool is that picture?)

Rachel decided to follow Danielle around and after Dani sat on the couch outside Rachel came over and sat on her leg.

I heard Dani say a while ago that if Rachel started to follow her around again, she will play the "last year" card.

???  The last year card.

Shelly is so up their ass it's not funny.

Shelly:  When I saw that out there, I literally thought that this was a Chima-like thing.

Dani:  She literally had her hand on my foot and butt.

Rachel kept chanting, "hey best friend", "hey best friend".

Dr. Zachary is getting a lot of overtime this weekend.

***ALISON***  How about tag teaming some of the houseguests like Lawon and Adam with another Dynamic Duo.  Even people we hate like Jessie and Lydia.

I do think the ultimate fault lies with casting.  That means you, Robyn Kass.  There should be one potential dud cast each season, not a group of four.

Now Shelly says she understands why PT said everyone was spineless.

Now Kalia is Sobbing

saying she is so stressed out.  She is sobbing in waves, trying to catch her breath.  Dani had to get up from the bed to come over to her.

Dani tells her that it is super stressful and she hit rock bottom during BB8.  She knows it is not easy.

Kalia is really sobbing and Dani is speaking calmly and reminding her how well she is doing in competitions.

Rachel Is Getting Mad.

And a mad Rachel is an entertaining Rachel.

She wants to march up to the HOH and tell Kalia that there was no need to make that nasty speech.

Jeff gave an impassioned speech about going to war and knowing who his allies were.  He's an honest guy and he joins a team and stays with it.  He doesn't lie and back stab and anybody there who wants to come with him can.

Lawon sits and stares.


We're Back. And Of Course There's Drama

Rachel is once again threatening to quit and Jordan is trying to talk her down.

Jordan:  You can't quit! You'll look like a loser!

Rachel: Jordan, you don't understand!  I've been trying to quit every week since I've been here and I shouldn't have come back!


Jordan:  Be the bigger person!

Rachel say she "already had to talk to Dr. Zachary yesterday"!

Jordan: I know!


Jun Song said Dr. Zachary was hot.

Brendon Villegas Speaks,

or types, whatever.  This interview with Brendon after his eviction was conducted by Entertainment Weekly Online.  It certainly is short, isn't it?

 'Big Brother': Ousted Brendon discusses Rachel, Daniele, and 'one unsavory roommate'

Aug 5 2011

'Big Brother': Ousted Brendon discusses Rachel, Daniele, and 'one unsavory roommate'
by Dalton Ross
Categories: Big Brother, Reality TV, Television

Last night on Big Brother, the returning players were finally forced to turn on their own, as both Brendon Villegas and Jordan Lloyd were up for eviction, In the end, Brendon was voted out (although he has a chance to return next week that he does not yet know about), sending fiancée Rachel into another spiral of tears. How will she survive without her man? Did Brendon make the right move taking Rachel off the block instead of himself? And what caused him to verbally berate Kalia? The first (and somewhat more sane) half of Brenchel began his first day outside the Big Brother house by answering a few questions for us via email.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Let’s start with your decision to use the Veto on Rachel and not yourself. Take chivalry out of it for one second. If the goal was for one of you to win the $500,000, which of you two staying in the house do you feel gives you all the best chance to win?
BRENDON VILLEGAS: I think both of us have an equal chance because if I stayed in the game I would be a bigger target because I was a bit more competitive during our time in the house.

Obviously Rachel is a fierce competitor, but how do you think she is going to handle life inside the house without you on an emotional level?
I think it’s going to be tough for her at first, but I think she is going to step up to the chance and will definitely fight for both of us inside the BB house.

Danielle kept insisting that putting you and Rachel on the block was not personal and was purely strategic. What do you think?
I believe it was 100 percent personal. She obviously cared for Dominic more than she let on and splitting up Rachel and I was her way of seeking vengeance.

Between the two of you, Rachel is the one who tends to fly off the handle at people, but you really lit into Kalia. What was that all about?
Kalia is a player who has constantly lied to my face, lied to everyone and has constantly tried to make alliances with everyone in the house. Additionally, she is just the traditional floater in the game and has been rude, obnoxious and inconsiderate in how she treats her fellow houseguests. All of that combined leads up to one unsavory roommate.

Finally, what happens to someone when they come between Rachel and her man?
They go up on the block. Indefinitely.

Well, That Went Well. Not.

Jeff and Jordan went up to the HOH and Kalia started the meeting saying that once again they are not the main target this week, but that she "needed someone who could win the POV and leave the nominations the same so she would go home".

They sat quietly for a minute and Jeff asked what Kalia's goal was this week.  Kalia said she wanted Rachel to leave, and then said that Jeff would be put up as a pawn.

This seemed to stun Jeff, but not Jordan.

Jordan jumped up and said she knew that Kalia would do this, and reminded Kalia a number of times that someone was coming back in the house.

Jordan:  You put up two strong players, and you send one home and they come you've got two strong players going after you! You know that's going to happen, don't you?  I've had a bad day and I don't need this.  You've got a lot of dead weight in this house!  People that aren't doing anything and you could put them up as the pawn!

She started repeating herself with a shaky voice and then left.

After she left Jeff said she's having a hard day, but then he started launching on Kalia.

Jeff:  You need to know that if I leave, I'm coming back in here for you!  I'm coming back in here to knock you out!  If Rachel wins the POV then I know you'll put Jordan up and one of us will leave!  Well we're coming back in here and taking you out!  I'll say it right now I'm going to win the POV and then I'm coming after you!

Kalia asked him to please sit down--she's wanted to talk to him alone since last night.

Jeff is agitated, but he sits down.

Kalia:  You've been saying forever that all you wanted to do is spend the summer with your girlfriend, but really you want to win!

(Duh Kalia, you do too.)

Jeff:  I want to make sure that people who shouldn't win don't win.  I want to take out as many people as I can before I go.

Things get a little more heated and Jeff leaves, saying "See you at the POV!".

After he leaves Kalia just sits with her head down, thinking.  (Is she thinking about the Coup d'Etat?  Or The Amazing Race?  Or Around the World for Free?)

I think she's really thinking Jeff needs to go now, not Rachel, but I'm just guessing.

Meanwhile Jordan is emoting in the Padded Cell with Shelly, not knowing that Shelly is her enemy now.

****Alison Grodner is frantically scrambling to redefine the twist to save the show, even though they haven't really defined it yet.***

PS  I made that last part up, Big Brother Super Fans.

TRIVIA now after Kalia gets called to the DR.  It's Nomination Time.

Kalia Practices her Nomination Speech

and it sounds like Jeff and Rachel are going up.

I think Kalia is going to drop some information on Rachel, who appears to be the main target.  Part of her speech was to tell Rachel that she doesn't want to backdoor her, because that's not her style.  Downstairs the camera guys keep focusing in on Brendon.

I'll bet CBS wants Brendon to come back in the house.  CBS has a show to put on, and advertisers to please.  They can't have a house full of unattractive underacheivers --there is a reason why Brendon and Rachel have been getting so much airtime---they have to give viewers a reason to tune in.

Dani:  You're taking a stab at me!

Kalia:  How?

Dani:  Because I tried to backdoor Jeff!

Kalia works on revising what she has to say.  She doesn't think Jeff and Jordan will come upstairs to talk to her, and mentions this several times.

Kalia: It's 5:00 and no one from that side of the house has come up here!

Kalia is pissed off at Jordan but plans to pull her key early anyway.  Kalia's deal with Jordan is not to put her up, but says that deal does not include a back door.

Dani was shaking during the competition.  I guess her shake from the competition was gross.

Kalia mentions again that she can't believe Jeff hasn't come upstairs!  It really pisses her off!

Porsche Really is a Bitch

I don't see her on the feeds, but I hear her saying that "Jeff is marinating his catfish with lemon, but I don't think he can use that".

That may have been a DR leak, because an unknown male voice says "I'm already on it".

Rachel is being supportive of Jordan and saying it's okay--she doesn't mind being a Have Not.

Jordan went up against Adam and it sounds like he did better than they expected him to.

Now Shelly is whispering with Dani in the Tarot Room.  How has Shelly gotten away with this for so long?

Jeff is adding stuff to the catfish and just asked where the list of slop condiments is---Adam says it is right in front of him.  Porsche snapped her head around when Jeff asked the question.

Coconuts and Catfish

is what America voted for.

This strikes me as a pretty good addition to slop and protein shakes, but Jordan hates both.

Jordan has changed out of her blue dress and is laying with Jeff, saying she will go into the DR in 20 minutes, like she said she would.

Jeff says Rachel is in there now and we get TRIVIA for a minute.

Meanwhile Shelly is in the HOH making a Final Four deal with Kalia.  This includes Dani and Lawon, because "it will be so easy to beat him".

Shelly tried to get Kalia to admit that her family has money.  Kalia said that her "mother does well" but she has a lot of debt and problems with her credit.  The feeds change after that is said.

Adam comes in to discuss the competition with Jeff and Jordan.  Sounds like Jordan had to drink "the chunky part".

Jeff: You're Always Going to Be Better Than Her

and don't let these people get to you.  We need each other and we have a few weeks left and then we never have to see these people again.

Jordan says her hands stink.  Jeff sniffed one and paused.

Jeff:  Well, we can wash them.

Jordan:  I don't want to go out there.

The Have Not Foods are Coconuts and Catfish.  Jordan hates both.

Jordan:  I'm not going to go up there and talk to her.  I'd rather be surprised.  She can just put me up.

Jeff:  You're not going to get put up.  You're a target because you're connected to me.  The other people are just here on vacation.

Jordan:  I know!  That's what I'm sayin!

Jeff tried to tell someone (Shelly, I think.) what the answer way--he kept saying Candied Yams and she just ignored him and later said she thought he said Candy Apples.

Rachel told Jordan something right before the competition started and Jordan wishes she hadn't told her that.

Jeff:  Rachel wasn't even paying attention.

Jeff says they need to go up there because everybody else did but Jordan doesn't want to go.  Jeff leaves by himself.

Jordan:  I want to throw up.  Can you believe I drank that?

Oh, We're Back and Sweet Jordan is Sobbing

and saying "she was so mean to us".

Jordan:  No one cares...they're going to pick you and Rachel off, and no one cares.  And I'm just gonna be sittin' here.

Jeff says encouraging things---if he leaves this week he's going to come back in, Jordan did great, etc.

Jordan:  I should have put chocolate cake in there.....and Porsche...she does nothing!  She just sits around in her bikini and does nothing!

I don't think I've ever seen Jordan cry like this.  Jeff listens and says supportive things.

Jordan:  Lawon is like Kevin....he's just gonna float.  And I don't think I can even trust Shelly.

Jeff:  I know.

Rachel came in and started to stir the pot about what Porsche said---I guess Porsche has taken off the gloves now.

Jeff asks Rachel to please leave so he can talk to Jordan.  She does.

Jordan:   I can't believe they are trying to stir up so much stuff...and blaming it on Rachel....I mean, I know we can do it.  We've done it before..

Jeff:  It's just me and you...all we have is each other.  Don't worry love.  People like that don't go far (Porsche) and it's just a game.

Jordan is pissed about Porsche.

Jeff:  She's classless.  She's not a good sport.  Who cares?  Don't beat yourself up.

The competition had something to do with drinking gross things.

Jeff:  Don't worry about it.  Porsche probably drinks everything, anyway.

Now Jordan is venting about all Lawon does is repeat back everything that you say.

(Alison Grodner must be shitting a brick.  No way is she going to get stuck with Lawon in the final days---what a disaster.)

Jeff makes Jordan laugh:  Go ahead and let it go!  Bash people!  I fucking love it!

Jordan:  I look like such a baby right now.

Jeff:  No you don't.  I'm still here Love.  No one knows what it's like in here.  And who gives a fuck about these people in here anyway?

Jordan wants to take a break in a hotel room for a couple of days.