Thursday, August 4, 2011

America: Your New HOH

Things Seem Strangely Calm

Jeff came into the Padded Cell and talked to Jordan and Rachel. They think that Jeff and Rachel are safe this week since Julie Chen said that the evicted house guest could come back in the house.

Jeff:  They don't wanna piss us off.

They know not to tell Porsche anything anymore, and Jeff also suspects Shelly.  They vow to keep everything within the three of them.

Jeff headed to the kitchen to start marinating chicken for the grill for Jordan's dinner.  She is allowed to eat soon and is starving from the Have Not week.

Jordan is doing a great job of soothing Rachel and giving her hope.  She mentions how sweet Brendon's speech was, and how America must love that and will be cheering from them.

Jordan:  Did you hear that crowd cheering out there for him?

Rachel is eating this up.  They talk about how the whole season has worked to Daniele's advantage.

Last Minute Scrambling

In case you're wondering, this is Lawon's ensemble for tonight.

Kalia is doing Dani's makeup.  Look for Dani's roots tonight---they are starting to show big time.  She needs to do something about that soon.  (Her roots are light.)

Is Rachel putting the moves on Jeff already?

No, she is whispering about things that are missing from the house to prepare Jeff for the HOH competition.  But Jordan is right there--shouldn't Rachel tell her as well?  So she can win HOH?

If Jordan is insulted, she doesn't let on...

Is Porsche Really Going to Wear That Tutu?

Apparently the answer is yes.  Tragic.

 She might win HOH tonight. I think a newbie will win, but I hope to god it's not Lawon.  Anybody but Lawon....

Something is Up

There are things missing from each room in the house.  From what I can tell from all the whispering, Shelly didn't think everybody noticed, but now they know that Adam and Porsche are walking around making a list of what is missing.

Shelly, to Jordan:  There's no advantage now!  None!

Rachel just took a bowl from the dining room and hid it behind some bushes near the chess board.  So I'm not sure if the missing items are a genuine game issue, or a ploy.

One thing I do know, Rachel is here to play.  She just told Jeff and Jordan that one of them needs to win or it's over.  She doesn't trust Shelly and tells Jordan she'll tell her about it later.  Rachel is going to be hardcore without Brendon, I predict.

Jordan looks fantastic tonight.  She lost 5 pounds this week on slop and is looking sleek in her see-thru crochet top.

Jeff is still ironing.

Jeff's Dark Secret

is his black underwear tonight.  But who needs depth with a surface like that?

Yes Jeff, you look hot.  Not only does Jeff know how to cook, he also irons his own shirts.

Final Scene?

This may be one of the last live feed pictures I will post of Brenchel together during BB13.

Brendon is going on and on about how important they are to each other, how passionate they are about each other, she is his Princess, he is her Knight in Shining Armor.

But, if Brendon believes in her so much, why did he just mention her going to the Jury House?

Also, Brendon thinks they are going to do it 10 times a day when this is all over.

Now we go to TRIVIA.  I know there is no special significance to the following TRIVIA question and answer, because I've seen it here before.  But today it just seems a little special, huh?

The Kalia Power Meter

You can tell Kalia is losing her power---look at her presentation.

When she had access to Dani's HOH room, she did her hair and dressed up a little bit.  So she's back to being a haus frau now...

Kalia and Dani were whispering when I tuned in....whispering about Cassi.  I wonder if Dani knows that an evicted HG is coming back in?  Because she was whispering about how Cassi is currently a model.  They wonder why she wasn't honest about that...

I guess PT couldn't keep Cassi's secret.

Oh dear....

Kalia:  I hope I win it, because I really need my waxing strips....

Dani:  Gross....

Kalia:  Just for the sides....

Dani:  Gross....

Kalia:  I do it more for sanitary reasons, rather than aesthetics....

Dani:  Gross.....for your mustache?  Or....

Kalia:'s so much cleaner...

Feedwatcher:  GROSS.  Can you imagine the situation down there, if waxing the SIDES makes it cleaner?

Dear god that is gross.

The HOH Lockdown has Started

and guess who has been having a meltdown?

Yes, Rachel. She has really showed her ass this morning.   Not literally though.  Not yet.


1.  She wants to leave.
2.  She needs her stipend because she is broke.
3.  She lost everything because of the show last year---her family, friends and job.
4.  Everyone hates her.
5.  She spoke with the shrink Dr. Zachary yesterday and concludes she is nuts.
6.  Shelly tried to give her a pep talk and failed.
7.  She went on 6 science job interviews last year and lost all of them due to BB12.
8.  She keeps mentioning Britney from BB12 and how America loved her.
9.  She announced she is going to walk out tonight with Brendon
10.  Blah blah blah

(A lot of people interviewed for jobs last year and didn't get them.  But if she can't get waitressing or cocktailing jobs sporting those huge jugs, she probably should just end it all now.)

Cruddy the Elf is enjoying a Milano cookie, by Pepperidge Farm.

Rachel is making sobbing noises and just blew her nose using a roll of toilet paper.  Obviously she is having some sort of psychic break and needs some help.

Jordan just pulled a Britney and held a gun to her head.  I didn't catch it for the camera, though.  She looks very tan.  She and Jeff are breezy, funny and chipper this morning, a direct contrast to Brenchal.

Dani is enjoying her last hours in her HOH room.  She hiccups a lot. She likes to eat rice cakes with peanut butter and Cool Whip. She might be referring to Peanut Butter Flavored Cool Whip, but if that product exists please don't tell me....I don't want to know about that.  She likes to showcase those trashy hip tatoos.

The first song this morning was a Bjork song that Jeff had never heard of.  Human Behavior, maybe?  Jeff wondered if there were subliminal messages in it.  Probably.   Bjork used to rock it.

I think there was also a Rolling Stones song this morning.

Porsche is eating an apple and cottage cheese.   No one has mentioned Brendon or Rachel in at least two minutes.

Here are Brendon and Shelly's feet, for those of you who are foot fans.  Down there on the lower left.

How sad is it that most of Dani's HOH pictures are of herself as a child?  And she received this certificate from ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.  Has she achieved nothing else since then?  Production should have contacted Annie from BB12 to get some pictures of Dani, right?  I'm sure she has a few.....

There's an Elf in the HOH bed.

Big Jeff is in there, too, catching a few winks.  Did you know that Jeff and Jordan will never appear under the same blanket during BB13?  They may be in the same bed, but not under the same blanket.  They try to keep it clean for the fans and family members.

We could hear the BB theme music playing in the HOH.  Jordan started humming it, and we went to TRIVIA.