Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Rachel Erupts Again

and is "crying" in the hammock now.

Apparently the other houseguests didn't support Rachel, and Shelly said that she was touched by Danielle's gesture and Rachel shouldn't have gotten involved.

Rachel:  I'll just go over here by myself and leave next week!  I'll self evict!

Brendon:  You're doing it again!  I left you in this house to play!  And win!  No amount of money is worth that.  This isn't worth it!

Brendon, quietly:  I'm about to lose it.  I can't do this.  I can't leave you in this house if you're not okay here.

Rachel:  I was a totally different person a year ago...

Brendon:  I don't want to go through this. That's why I was dragging my feet through this whole process...

Rachel is being a total brat and telling Brendon  she wants to be alone in the hammock.

Brendon offers to do some crazy things to take the heat off of Rachel right now, including:

1.  Going up to the HOH right now and throwing water in Dani's face
2.  Calling Jeff a sell out and exposing him in front of the group
3.  A bunch of other crap

(Brendon, please 'expose' Jeff.  We're all begging you..)

Rachel, "sobbing":  I'm not good at anything!.  I can't get a job!  I'm going to ruin your life!  I ruin everything!

Brendon comforts her with his usual bullshit:  He loves her, he's always here for her, she has him. blah blah blah

(I guess the blow jobs are really, really good.)

Brendon:  You are the most beautiful, the smartest....

Rachel, "sobbing" :  Everybody hates me...

Brendon: I'm never going to leave you....

(I guess she swallows, too.)

Rachel:  I went for two jobs in LA, and they said you're that girl from Big Brother!  And why did I act that way on TV?  Everybody thinks I'm crazy....I'm ruining your chances!

Brendon:  My chances weren't good to begin with.  We don't know what will happen in this house.  If you don't feel you can do this, leave with me.  We can go together!

Ha Ha Shelly just opened the sliding door, heard what was happening, and went back inside.  Ha ha ha.

(Jeff is getting screwed, too.  Rachel should at least blow him, too.)

Dani Knows the Internet is Abuzz

about that 'incident' with Rachel.

Dani:  There are places on the internet where you can go and it will tell you "look at this time on the feeds" so you can see what happened!

Kalia can't wait to win HOH and make Rachel's life a living hell.  Dani's face is hot and she wants a glass of wine.  She is very upset about what happened.

Jordan is packing her bags downstairs while Jeff lays nearby.   Jordan is worried that something will happen and she will be shocked.

Kalia is a non-stop wall of babble.

Dani, about Brenchal:  Of course they are the best big brother players of all time!  They've told me so!

Kalia:  She like, barely made the jury last year!

Downstairs, Jeff is laying face down on the bed in Candy Land.

Jordan:  Whats up love?

Jeff:  Nothing... I just don't like all this packing....

The camera changes to outside, where Shelly is smoking and talking about how long her hair used to be.

Kalia looks like a large bumblebee in her ensemble today.

Mike Malin's Life is Crumbling

Yes, yes, Mike Malin won Big Brother All Stars and has a pending lawsuit regarding some of the restaurants he owns.

But does he really try to find older men on Craigslist to have sex with?  And call them Uncle Jerry?

This shit is fucked up.  How can someone make this up?  I hope the Evil Dr. Will doesn't get hit by the schrapnel here.

If Mike is indeed guilty of embezzlement, then the tax fraud charges can't be far behind.  I'm sure Mike will meet a lot of Uncle Jerrys in the federal pen.

This article comes to us courtesy of

Attorney Martin Singer Caught in Bizarro Suit Involving ex 'Big Brother' Star

By Tim Kenneally
High-profile attorney Martin Singer has found himself on the opposite side of a lawsuit.
And it's quite the sordid situation.

Singer -- whose clients include Charlie Sheen -- has himself been named in a complaint filed in Los Angeles Superior Court Monday by reality TV star Mike "Boogie" Malin (left).
In the complaint, Malin -- a veteran of both "Big Brother" and "Famous Food" -- accuses Singer and his client, Geisha House restaurant promoter Shereene Arazm, of extortion, violation of civil rights and infliction of emotional distress.
Malin accuses Singer and Arazm -- a former partner of Malin's -- of hiring someone to hack into Malin's emails and illegally tap his phone.

Malin says that the pair sent him a letter July 25, threatening a lawsuit, which would expose Malin "to public embarrassment and humiliation" in "an effort to obtain property by a wrongful use of force or fear."
Malin's complaint, which seeks unspecified damages plus attorney's fees and court costs, includes a copy of the letter, in which Singer accuses Malin and his business partner, Lonnie Moore, of harming Arazm through "embezzlement, conversion and breach of fiduciary duty."

"You have misappropriated more than a million dollars from my client," the letter adds.

In that July letter, Singer also included a copy of a lawsuit -- which was unfiled at the time --that included all sorts of references to Malin's alleged Craigslist-based sexual dalliances.

Singer filed that suit Tuesday ... and boy, is it a doozy.

The suit accuses Malin of using embezzled Geisha House resources to set up "multiple sexual encounters with various older men, during which Malin would live out fetish role play fantasies ... playing out Malin's versions of a father/son and uncle/nephew relationship."

Is the water in the shower hot yet?

Malin's nicknames for his older partners included "Uncle Jerry" and "Dad," according to the suit.

Arazm's suit, which characterizes Malin as a "washed-up reality star" and Moore as an "accused rapist," goes on to list numerous ways in which the pair has allegedly diverted funds and resources from Geisha House for their own benefit -- including striking exclusivity deals with different vendors, and diverting the subsequent rebates into Malin's privately held company, 2Hype.

The suit seeks damages in excess of $1,000,000.

Singer tells TheWrap that Malin's suit is "a preemptive strike" and "a desperate attempt" to divert attention from the claims against him and Moore, and he fully expects that the suit will be thrown out.

As for Malin's allegations of e-mail hacking and phone tapping, Singer says, "That's ridiculous; they have no facts on their claim."

Malin's attorney did not immediately respond to TheWrap's request for comment.

And Now for Something Completely Different

When we return from a time out of over 10 minutes, Jeff and Jordan are chatting on the patio with Shelly, Lawon, and Adam, aka Crabby or Creepy the Elf.

They are talking about old toys.

Lawon:  I liked the Slinky---I liked to make it go down the stairs.

Jeff:  I never could get it all the way down.

Jordan, with her adorable country accent:  I liked that green stuff!  You know, the slime?

Adam:  Like Nickelodeon?

Jordan:  Yes!  And they said not to put it in your hair!  My momma and my grandma said, Jordan, don't put it in your hair!

Jeff, cracking up:  You put it in your hair?

Jordan:  Yes!  I didn't believe her, so I did it...

Shelly:  They still sell that stuff to clean up your keyboard.  You put it on your keyboard and it cleans it.

Adam: I prefer the get all light headed and shit.

We never heard what happened when Jordan put slime in her hair!

Brendon: Do You Want to Leave?

He asked Rachel while they were entwined in the Padded Cell.

Rachel is sobbing.  But do you see any tears?

Rachel:  I don't want to be alone in here...people think I'm crazy....

Brendon:  Do you want to leave togther?

Rachel::  I don't know...

Brendon:  No, I fucking hate production right now!

Alison has her hands full with this crew.

Rachel's Back

from the DR, where Big Jeff is trying to calm things down.

Jeff was telling Brendon that the problem with him using the POV on Rachel is that she is so emotional and is not equipped to deal with is happening in the house like Brendon can.

Jeff tells Rachel that Shelly cries if you say her daughter's name---not just because Dani said she blogged about her.

Apparently the DR talked to Rachel about the shout outs, but they didn't let us hear what Rachel just reported to Brendon and Jeff.

Jeff:  But was it worth all of that?  You've got to hold it together in this game.  I know I'm emotional too, but you gotta keep it in check.

Rachel goes on and on about the rules and what Dani said, and what Rachel did, and what Dani did...

Jeff:  I don't know about the rules....I'm not justifying anybody's behavior---I'm just saying you gotta watch it in here.

Brendon wants Rachel to talk to Shelly one on one and tell her she was concerned and wanted to protect her.

Jeff:  It's not a big deal.  Really, it's not a big deal.

Brendon:  You've just got to stay away from Dani, Rachel.

Jeff gets up to leave:  You what you've gotta do..get your votes, but don't.....

Brendon:  I don't know what you've heard..

Jeff:  It's a small house..just do what you've gotta do...

Rachel:  I have no problem telling you exactly what I've said about Jordan.

***awkward silence***

Rachel:  I said she won a half million dollars two years ago.

Jeff:  Okay.  All right.  One of us has to go...just keep it classy and filter your emotions.

Rachel:  Oh, I have nothing bad to say about Jordan.

Jeff: I know.  But you know how it is in here.  People play telephone and they hear what they want to hear.  You guys are doing great and I'm emotional too.  You got to practice what you preach.

Now Rachel is pissed and goes into the Padded Cell with Brendon.  Her voice is getting high and fast again.

Rachel:  I'm sorry Brendon.  But I went into the DR and they said to go ask Danielle about it...

Oh, so the DR stirred this up!  SHOCKER!

Brendon Does Damage Control

When we come back from break, Brendon goes outside and approaches Shelly, kneeling down next to her.  Brendon said that Rachel was wrong, and came on like a truck.  It's a fast conversation and is over in about 15 seconds.

Brendon goes back inside and Porsche goes over to hug Shelly. Shelly's okay.

Kalia is there somewhere because she is babbling nonstop that it was a last ditch effort to stay, they're frustrated, etc.

Shelly says that she didn't talk to Rachel at all about it---Rachel was just sitting there listening to Shelly talk about what Dani did, got up and went inside, and then all of that happened.  When Shelly saw Brendon come back outside just now, she thought she was going to throw up---she didn't know what was about to happen.

Jeff and Jordan talked quietly in the bedroom about what to do.  Jeff went in the living room where Brendon is sitting alone---I guess Rachel is in the DR.

Jeff:  Look.  I know you're trying to get votes...but don't do it the wrong way.  You're going to tarnish yourself in the game and blow up...

Oh shit must be going down in there.

The Fight, Again

When we come back Rachel is losing it and shouting at Danielle.  Brendon gets somewhat involved, too, saying that he has always been told that you can't do shout outs on your HOH blog as well.

Dani:  I can't believe this is happening!  I can't believe it's come to this!  Anything to turn things around!  They're trying to make you hate me, to make themselves feel bettter.

Jeff can be heard saying that Dani tried to make a nice gesture..

Brendon led Rachel back in the house, saying it wasn't worth it.

Rachel, back in the house "crying":  I don't want to even be here!  I hate this!  I want to go home!

Shelly, outside:  I'm sorry you're getting yelled at.

Jeff, to Dani:  I think what you did had nothing to do with the game...

You can hear Rachel "crying", but you can't see her.

BB steps in.

This is why we need Rachel in the game....this will be fodder for conversation for the rest of the night.  Sweet.

Fight! Fight!

Rachel just marched up to the HOH room and burst in on Dani.

Rachel:  I've been HOH twice, and I've been told that you can't give shout outs on your blog!

Dani:  I've been HOH twice in my season, two.

Rachel:  Well, I've been HOH twice in my own season, too.  Why would you say that to Shelly?

Dani:  Say what?  Why is it any of your business what I wrote in my blog?

Rachel:  Why would you lie and manipulate people with your power to make someone else cry?  You've made Shelly cry!

Dani:  What's wrong with you?
Rachel starts repeating herself.

Dani:  Get out!  I'm done with you!

They both march downstairs and Rachel stops in the kitchen to mutter to Porsche.  She doesn't want to go outside because she doesn't want to be involved in a fight.

Dani goes outside and starts talking to Shelly.  Apparently Dani told Shelly that she wrote in her blog that her husband Tony shouldn't forget to put a heart on Josie's sleeve, or something like that.  That made Shelly emotional.

Now Rachel comes out and she and Dani start shouting at each other.

BB puts a stop to it.

Jeff Wants to Go Fishing

when the season is over, in California or Vegas.  Rachel is interested in this and asks a bunch of questions.

Jordan went last time and Jeff had to bait her hook for her.  Jordan got bored and fed the bait to the birds.

After BB11, someone recommended a hair stylist on Melrose and Jordan went with Jeff. She got a great haircut and still has the guy's card in her purse.  The name of the salon started with an E, and I think Jeff said it was at 3rd and Melrose.

Jordan:  He was my age and really nice.  He did hair for the Gap commercials and also Cameron Diaz.

(When is the last time you saw a Gap commercial?  Probably during BB11...)

They discuss going to the Vegas event and Jeff says you have to go to the events to get the free hotel room.  It doesn't sound like Jeff and Jordan are going to go----Jeff will visit his "ton of LA friends" and visit Universal with Jordan while "they" (Rachel and Brendon?) are in Vegas.

View by the Pool

No matter what happens on Thursday, we'll still have a nice view of Jeff.

And Porsche, too, if you like that sort of thing.

Jeff discusses seeing Wyclef Jean at an outdoor arena where he and his friends brought their own sangria.  Wyclef was rapping in French and Jeff said it was awesome--he was so talented.

Porsche used to work at a venue and saw some of the Marley family.  Or something like that.

The Have Nots get to eat later tonight.  Jordan wants to wait to eat until then, and have a feast.

Jeff:  What do you want?  Maybe that chicken pasta?

Jordan:  Yeah.  But I kinda want some like, barbequed chicken with a loaded baked potato, with a salad...

Jeff:  Well just let me know...

Jordan:  I'll think about it.

Porsche:  Well, even if we make all of that stuff, I'm sure Brendon will eat it.

Jeff:  Plus he'll have a pizza!