Saturday, July 30, 2011

The DR Must Have Given Rachel Some Ideas

because she came out all happy and optimistic, snuggling up with Brendon in the Have Not Room.

Rachel mentions that 'they' told her something and the feeds cut out for a second.

They are very kissy and Brendon says he likes to see her happy.  I think they are going to try and make a deal with Dani---Rachel says Dani would be stupid not to do that.

(I think that last sentence describes why Dani doesn't want Brenchal in the house--they have no idea what makes her tick.  Brendon went on and on yesterday about how Dani can win America's Favorite if she works with them and after he left she shot a bird at the camera and said she doesn't give a shit about America's Favorite.)

(Also, I get douchechills when Dani says "Dinunzio".  That is one of the stupidest words ever.)

Ever Try the Search Function?

I don't think I've mentioned it, but I added a search box to the blog this year that will search the site for postings.

So, if you're looking for something here, you might want to try it.  I've been using it here and there to look some things up, and I am astounded at the quantity of bullshit I have posted here over the past few years.

I started the blog during BB11 just before Chima left, if that gives you any perspective.

Thanks for visiting....

Jeff is Still Angry

and probably will be for awhile.  He finished his meal and went back to Candy Land and got in bed with Jordan.  (I guess the Have Nots  get to sleep in the other rooms during the day?)

Kalia is in the bedroom, too, on the far side so I guess that is suppressing the conversation.

Jeff asks how Jordan is feeling and she says that Rachel (I think...or maybe Shelly) said something to her about how they would be going up against each other.

Jeff:  See.  I told you...

Jordan:  I just don't want her to say it in front of me....

Jeff gets up and says he can't sleep.  After he left Kalia starts whispering to Jordan that she would never vote against her, etc, and Jordan seems to perk up.  They are whispering now and I can't hear much of anything, but I can see that the relationship between them seems to be on the mend.

Jordan's stomach is making a lot of noise.  She asked Kalia if she heard it.

I heard it, Jordan.

(Really, how weird is this whole thing?  I am watching them live in bed, and describing it for you.  I need a drink.)

Now Jeff is back and there is more whispering.  They are still in an indoor lockdown, so I'm sure he is wanting a smoke about now, after that big lunch.

Let's not forget that Kalia was a big Jeff  and Jordan fan before the season started.

The Chicken is the Pan

and that is a separate pan if you are keeping score.  That is three boneless chicken breasts, cut into pieces by Chef Jeff.  He used the pepper mill for a long, long time.

I'm sure there will be a challenge of some sort involving those bicycles.  Last year they hid coins in the sculptures hanging in the same spot, along with the trash can.  The competition didn't go well and BB ended up telling Britney where to look by pointing the camera at the trash can.  They let us watch most of it and it was funny how terribly it went.

Jeff adds fresh lemon juice to his pan.  Brendon walked through with Rachel and they joked that the food smelled gross.  (Brendon is a Have Not this week.)

I think we heard a DR leak when Rachel walked in.  Rachel did the big "Hey!" when she walked in, and there is no need to greet anybody in that house so enthusiastically.

The camera guy inexplicably moves over to Lawon, who is reading the bible and stroking his own leg.  I wonder what kind of thoughts go through Lawon's head?  I wonder if any thoughts go through Lawon's head?

Brendon went to the Have Not room and got topless to take a nap.  T-O-P-L-E-S-S, as Ronnie the Limo Driver would say.

Jeff sits down to eat.  It is so quiet I can hear him chewing, and the veggies crunching between his teeth.

I Guess Jeff is Hungry, After All

and he's whipping up an early dinner.  Or lunch.  Or whatever the hell it is.

He is dicing up all kinds of veggies and adding them in layers to a pan that sizzles.  I saw mushrooms, red onion, green peppers, and he is dicing up a few strips of bacon.  I've watched Jeff cook enough to guess he is making a pasta sauce.

Some Chicago chef needs to step up and give Jeff some knife skills training.  I know they don't give them good tools there in that house, so maybe his technique is better with a real blade.  (Ever since Justin from BB2 had a few drinks and put a knife to Krista's throat, I don't think they are allowed to have serious kitchen tools.

Jordan came in silently and got a dill pickle.  I'm sure these will be popular pictures.

Jeff is cutting up raw chicken now.  He washes his hands afterwards and uses the knife to scrape the onions in the pan.  The chicken isn't in there yet. I can smell it from here when he takes the lid off and flips the food around.

Kalia must have smelled it, too.  She came in and asked what he was making.

Jeff:  I dunno.  Chicken Something.

That is One Hardworking Elf


Porsche thinks the pasta she made is too spicy.  She realizes that the left over noodles were already seasoned, and then she added more with the chicken.

Adam likes it spicy--he added more hot sauce to his chicken wrap.

Shelly takes a look at the memory wall.  Shelly should calm down in there...she is starting to ruffle some feathers with all that scurrying around.

Slow down there, hoss.  (Have you ever watched Shelly walk before?)

Did Rachel Smoke Crack Today?

Because now she goes in the Tarot Room to whisper to Jeff and Jordan that she is going to tell Danielle to put up Kalia or Lawon.

Jeff:  She's not gonna do that....

Rachel wants to tell Dani that if she does that, the four of them can work together again.  I think Kalia may have done a good job on part of the competition--I think I heard Rachel give her props a few minutes ago.

Brendon comes in and Rachel goes to the kitchen to get a plate of something like spaghetti.  I guess her Have Not week is over.

Muscle milk is what they are all drinking.  I guess BB can thank Lane from BB12 for that. Brendon asked Jordan if she wanted some slopcakes.  She doesn't and elaborates that they "give her the runs".

Jeff mentions to Brendon that he never considers Porsche ever, so he forgot about her during the competition.  He was only thinking about himself, not what other people would do.

Rachel:  Jeff you did a really good job..

Jeff:  Yeah, but no offense to the two of you, but I should've won that...I made a stupid, stupid, stupid move..