Friday, July 29, 2011

Super Fly

Kalia and Dani are talking about PT again.  Lawon is just sitting there silently.  Of course.

Kalia goes through the situation with Dana and Dominic, where she was leaving the bay area for her nursing career.

They realize after this week there are only six left.  It doesn't feel like they've been there that long.
With the exception of a few days, Dani has really enjoyed this house and this season more than her first BB season.

Nominations are Over

and it looks like Brendon and Rachel.  Everyone else is in the kitchen making dinner and kind of blowing off steam.  Rachel is crying in the Have Not Room while Brendon does his whole Good-Guy-Being-Patronizing-Supportive routine.

*** crickets ***

Dani just got called to the DR, so the nominations should be happening soon.

The feeds cut periodically, but we see that Jeff and Rachel are both in the bathroom getting ready for the nomination ceremony.  There is total silence in there.

The feeds cut out, and when they return all four cameras are still on them, but there is smalltalk.

Rachel, murmuring:  I don't think there is anything we can say to change her mind....

Brendon and Rachel Make the Pilgrimage

upstairs to visit Dani.  Brendon starts off by saying he wants to have a personal conversation first, before talking about the game.

Brendon is hurt about what has happened, and what has been said.  So far Rachel is quiet, but she has been crying for a long time in the Tarot Room.  Fake crying and some real tears, too.

(I'm thinking that BB has asked Brendon to keep his scabby knees covered.  You can't just walk around a communal living space with bloody wounds.  You just can't.)

Brendon:  That time when Julie Chen threw that love shit at you, I was ready to go to bat for do anything...I felt like you were a friend.

Dani reminds them that she told Rachel that she was her #1 in the house.  She brings up how big a threat Jeff was, and if Dominic was a part of their group, no one could beat them.

(Dani:  PT  PT  PT  PT  PT  PT)

(Dani told Kalia a few minutes ago that she didn't want to talk to Brendon---didn't want them to come upstairs.  I think her mind is already made up.)

Dani:  PT  PT  PT  PT  PT


Notice Anything Different About Kalia?

Let's see....I think she bathed and took some pride in her appearance.

Also, she's not eating anything.

As usual, she is babbling a mile a minute.  They are discussing Shelly and they think that Rachel made up the lie that Shelly planned to nominate the two of them if she wins HOH.  Dani asked Shelly and also Jeff and Jordan and all denied that she said this.

Dani concluded that Rachel lied about it.  (I have heard Shelly say she would nominate them, but I don't remember who she was speaking to.)

The two of them can't doubt each other---Dani will not go against Kalia in this game.  They are starting to prepare for next week and think the competition will involve questions that involve evicted houseguests.

They discuss how creepy Lawon is, and the things he says.

Dani:  I liked hanging out with him with PT, because he was different, but now the things he says....

Kalia:  I's a totally different dynamic.

(Dani:  PT  PT  PT  PT  PT)

Dani wants to know who Kalia would choose in a tight situation-----Dani or Jordan?  Kalia is doing a whole lot of talking, but I haven't heard her answer the question.

Kalia does point out that Jordan didn't cheer for either of them, and no one brought them water and towels when it was all over.

Kalia:  Rachel did have to bring you that key....

Dani:  That killed her.....

Kalia just talks and talks and talks....

Adam is a Happy Elf

He came up to the HOH next to chat with Daniele.  She assures him she has no plans to evict him.  They talked about Dominic throwing the POV and she stresses to Adam that Brendon and Rachel were on board with the plan to evict Jeff.

Adam says he was totally unaware of it.  (True.)

He talks about what an honor it was to be aligned with Dani's dad, and feels badly that his trying to make a joke to lighten the mood after Dick left may have made a bad impression.

Adam will not target her if he wins HOH next week.  Adam jokes that everyone will think he threw people under the bus while he was up there.

Jeff & Jordan Make a Deal

with Dani in the HOH.

Dani apologizes many times for the backdoor situation last week, and doesn't want them to think it is personal in any way.  She knows how hard it is to have a long-distance relationship, and understands why they want to be together this summer in the Jury House.

Basically they have a one-week deal---if Jeff or Jordan win HOH next week, they will not nominate Daniele. And then they'll go from there.

Jeff:  I hope you know that lying isn't a part of my game---I just don't play that way.  So my word is good.

Jordan:  We don't want to know your plans, we don't want to throw anybody under the bus, we don't want to lie.

Dani isn't going to tell them who she is going to nominate, and that is what they will say when they go back downstairs.  Dani badmouthed Rachel's conduct since last night, since she did some fake crying and has come up several times to find out what Dani is going to do.  (Brenchal tried to make a deal, too, but Dani told Jeff and Jordan that she felt threatened by what they said to her.)

Dani:  I just want you to know that Jeff I've said I didn't get the hype about you in your season.  But now I see how hilarious you are, and Jordan you are one of the sweetest people I have ever met.  I don't have a bad thing to say about you.

They have a deal.

Behold Adam the Elf

 It could be a lot worse.  For us, too.

Aches and Pains

Jeff:  My fucking hip is fucked up!  I tried to do that lean thing...

Adam:  I'm in pain and I was only up there for 10 minutes...I can imagine what you guys feel like.

Jeff is smoking the hell out of that cigarette.

The snow all over the yard is actually pieces of plastic. Shelly explains how the machine that shot it into the air added moisture to make it feel like snow.

They feel the competition was tailor-made for Danielle and Brendon will be really pissed if "they give her a Pandora's Box or a Coup de-Etat or something else to keep her in the game".

Jeff agrees.  (What???  Pot, meet kettle.)

Jeff and Brendon both say that those on the ground floor last night should band together against those that were in the HOH last night.

Jeff isn't planning on making any deals with Danielle.  He says whoever stays this week needs to stick together for the common goal.  Brendon thinks they should stop saying that one of them will be gone this week---it doesn't look good.

Brendon:  This is the last time there will be a competition made for her.....

Jeff:  The next time if you have two tattoos right here (points to his hipbones) you win!

Brendon points out how BB screwed him last year by designing two competitions that Matt won---they weren't fair.  (Neither was the rope challenge that he won, either.)

Brendon:  I'll be damned if I let a girl make me look like a fool again...those fuckers.

Shelly's nickname for Kalia is Waffle.

Jeff and Jordan Get Up

Shelly Goes On and On

describing her daughter's day in painstaking detail.

Shelly:  She wakes up.....she likes to cuddle....then she eats............Lucky Charms.....

For the most part Lawon is just sitting there.  Shocker.

Shelly goes on and on about Tony her husband as well.