Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Porsche Thinks the Entertainment Industry is Watching

her on Big Brother, and she doesn't want them to think that she would be hard to work with, and prevent her from getting opportunities in the entertainment field.

True story.

She is telling Dom this in the bathroom while he is trying to get her vote on Thursday.  He must really, really need that vote.  I'm sure he will mock her later tonight with Bratty Danielle.

Now Porsche is repeating this to Rachel in the HOH, but she is saying that she doesn't want 'directors' to not want to work with her.

Directors?  Porn directors?

OK OK...For the Feet People

I looked up from my work a little while ago and caught this episode of Jeff and Jordan playing footsie.  I know some of you will enjoy this.

To put it in context, they were in the Tarot Room talking with Rachel about everything that happened today.  (And A LOT happened today.)

Danielle Talks About Her Dad....

I came in on the end of the conversation, but Dani is telling Dom about the last time she spent time with her dad, Evel Dick.

They went to Seattle together to see a Jets game, and they got snowed in.  I think her brother was there, too.  It was Christmastime, and Dani was upset because she wanted to be at home for the holiday and to be "with her boyfriend at the time".  Her dad said that she should be happy just to be there with him and enjoy it.

Dani:  I could go into a lot of detail here, but I won't.  I got my own hotel room and was horrible.

Dom:  Sounds like it...

Dani:  Well, when we got home and my grandma picked me up, the last thing he said to me was 'if I never see you again, it will be too soon', and I just said that's it for me.....

Dom:  That's tough.  Especially between family members, it's hard to forget about that.

Dani:  And like Brendon and Rachel came in here and said oh we love your dad, but they only met him for five days.  Trust me if he were here now he would be railing on them.

She really wanted to do this without Evel Dick to prove she can do it.


I have heard Brendon say twice that the first day he met Danielle, she told him that she was okay with Evel Dick getting evicted Week #1.

Kalia Blows

I was watching the kitchen feeds (the Dani-Dom Show) and all of a sudden Kalia came in from the backyard, yelling.

She had the back door open and was yelling "I know I'm the biggest gossip in the house, so I'll leave this backdoor open, so I can come inside and tell everyone everything that has been said.  I'm just letting all of you outside--YOU ARE GETTING USED!"


"I guess you have friends in this house, and the minute things go wrong they aren't on your side anymore!"

She storms through the house, ranting and raving.  Apparently she went outside and sat next to Brendon and asked him why they are voting out Dominic---it is news to her.  And I guess Brendon disputed that and called her a floater.

Jordan comes in to try and smooth things over, and then Jeff comes in.

Jeff is pissed at Kalia because she was supposed to be on his side, but when she heard the plan to backdoor him, she never told him about it.  Neither of them dispute that fact, but Kalia says that she knew it would never actually happen, so she didn't see the "need to upset people by talking about it".

(I agree with Jeff.  If I were aligned with her and she didn't tell me who wanted to backdoor me, I would put a cap in her ass.)

(Or, ignore her fat ass and talk shit about her in the DR.)

The conversation with Jeff isn't going well.  He gave her another chance to be honest, or "fuck you".

She took the "fuck you" option and doesn't see his point.  Jordan wants everybody to come in the kitchen to discuss it but Kalia won't do it.  Jeff tells Jordan it doesn't matter...don't bother.

Dom:  You are right Kalia.  Everyone in here thought they had deals with them, and all of us are in the same boat.  Even Shelly.....

Dani comes in to whisper some more.  Kalia is flipping the lid of her Giant Sippy Cup over and over, making a loud noise.  She is about to BLOW.

Dom grabs a private moment with Danielle and says "this is great for her".  (It is.)

I'm Going to Win HOH Tomorrow,

so it really doesn't matter...

She just might.  I'm pretty sure the odds will be with her---depending on how the game is constructed, Porsche and Jordan might be the only ones in her size category who can compete, and I don't think they would have a prayer.

But Porsche sure did hang onto that huge banana, didn't she?

Still Whispering, Still Juvenile

Still dramatic whispering in the kitchen.

Dom wanted a promise from the houseguests that after he is evicted, they all line up to kiss his picture goodbye as it turns to black-and-white.

Julie Chen will say, let's eavesdrop on the house and America will see them kissing him.

Dani: That is Lawon's dream come true..he will be making out with it!

What are People Searching for Right Now?

A lot of horn dogs out there, apparently.

Hayden Moss nude?  Did he type that into Google himself?  I bet he did.

Danielle is a Chronic Whisperer

Her little friend Dom is leaving tomorrow, so you'd think she would start mending fences and making plans for what the fuck to do after he leaves.

But no...Danielle acts like this is a Table for Two.  She really is making an ass out of herself over him.

Remember when Dom spent every waking moment with Cassi?  And stayed up late whispering and giggling with her?

So do I---it was just LAST THURSDAY.

Get a grip Danielle.

The Big Lock Down is Coming

The houseguests are going to be "locked down for good" later today.  I think this means until the HOH competition takes place on Thursday night, so that is a strong sign of an endurance competition, which everyone expects to kick off the singles phase of BB13.

The crew always takes a loooonnnggg time to set up one of those endurance comps.  You know, there is rain, wind, and danger-inducing equipment to install, and test, and re-install get the picture.

Brendon is making use of the elliptical machine while he can, and is tracking his heart rate---164.

He is moving the pedals backwards at a pretty fast clip.  I know Brendon looks good, but he really is in top athletic condition.  We need that sort of thing on the feeds this year and every year.

Jeff is out on the patio and warmly greeted Jordan when she came out, asking if she wanted to sit by the pool with him, or just hang out, or whatever.  He's all loved up today, it seems.

Brendon got off the machine and drank several mouthfuls of water, but he spit out most of it.  I guess there is a good reason for that.

Shelly and Jeff are both laying out, and Rachel is taking her HOH pictures.  They told her yesterday that they would be giving her the camera at 12:00 sharp, and that is indeed what happened.  I'm guessing the union crews are coming at a specific time to start building the set for Thursday night and that shit is expensive.   They need to start on time to minimize overtime.  (I'm just showing off my knowledge from my day job.)

Damn that Jeff is one hot piece.

Rachel is taking her HOH pictures in the house.

Why is Danielle smiling?  Because PT is posing for the picture.

Jeff Needs to Number Two

but Porsche was in the WC so he had to wait. While he waited, he told Jordan to "come in here for a minute".

Once inside the Tarot Room, he grabbed her and cuddled her on the bed, saying she was "too crabby and needed to calm down".


Jordan is in a bad mood this morning and is sick of "everybody and everything"!  They high-five on that and then Jordan tried to cuddle some more.  She apologized for her morning breath.

Jeff:  No.....I need to poop!

Jordan:  Always full of excuses!

Jeff went to the bathroom and Porsche was out of the WC, but someone else was in there.

Jeff:  What?  Are you kidding me?  It's half in and half out!


Danielle came out of the WC, whining that it smelled like urine in there.

The New Late Night Crew Appears To Be...

Jeff and Jordan.  Jeff got one of Jordan's long blonde hairs in his mouth and he's grossed out.

They are joking around and know they need to go to bed soon.  Giggling and wrestling.  Jordan's mother and brother probably went to the pool today.  Jeff missed Scott's birthday.

Jeff put Jordan in a leg lock like the UFC and she squealed that she hates hurts!

Now Jeff wants Jordan to drag him off the bed, like he needed to be rescued.  She struggles to move him.

Jeff: What if I was in a fire?

Jordan:  You'd burn!

Brendon came in the room and I think he told Jeff to go to the DR.  Jeff tells Jordan he'll come and get her so she can go in when he is done.   We got an old school control room screen for a few seconds, where you can see the monitors and the guys working the boards.

All feeds switch to Dani and Dom, huddled and whispering in the Padded Cell.

Childish banter and bratty insults from Dani.  Same old thing.