Monday, July 25, 2011

The Drama After the Drama

This has been a busy afternoon of whispers, truths, and lies.

A lot of Danielle's lies are catching up with her today...can she handle it?  From what I've seen, I don't think so.  Things go fine for Danielle as long as everything goes her way.  And right now, it definitely is not.

After things calmed down a bit after the POV ceremony, Rachel was whispering to Dani in the kitchen about the previous plan to back door Jeff.  Dani has told Brendon and Rachel that the two of them are the ONLY people she discussed that with, so Rachel wanted to know how did Jeff hear about it?  Dani pinned it on Shelly.  You can see in the picture below that while this conversation was taking place, Jeff and Jordan were lounging in the pool, describing vacations they planned to take.  Jordan wants to stay in a little hut on the water.

So Shelly heard that she was supposedly the one talking smack about Jeff, so she grabbed a moment with Danielle on her way to use the WC.  She said she has heard it now from two different people that she is the one who told Jeff he might get backdoored this week, and that simply isn't true.  You can see from the body language that Shelly is on the attack, waiving her two fingers around, and that Danielle is on the defense.  After Shelly went into the WC and closed the door Dani's face was tight and she got the hell out of there.

Dom and Kalia are laying outside, talking in low voices while Brendon works out on the elliptical.  Yes, that is indeed a courageous wardrobe choice for Kalia.  I do like the color, though.

Dom says that Dani's plan was not a good move----now he says the newbies never really believed that Brenchal would backdoor Jeff.  Kalia murmers that Dani told Brenchal that she didn't tell anybody else about it.  Dom is aware of that, too.

Dom:  That was a bad move.....

Dom wondered if there was any chance that he might get to stay this week.  They determined that it all depended on Rachel's vote, since it might come down to a tie.  He is going to work on that before Thursday.  Hey, I guess anything could happen, but his connection with Danielle will be his downfall here.  They all like Dom, but don't like his perceived connection to Danielle anymore.

Porsche took a little nap with Rachel in the HOH, and filled her in on a lot of doings downstairs.  I think Rachel has successfully secured Porsche on their side, after their worries yesterday that she was working with Dom and Dani.  Porsche discussed her feelings about Evel Dick---he reminds her so much of her own dad, and she was surprised that Dani didn't approach her after Dick left to pick up the alliance with her.  Dani hasn't been nice to her or talked about the game until the last few days.

She mentioned the tattoo on Dani's foot--she and her dad apparently used to have matching shamrock tattoos, but Dani has gone out of her way to cover it up with something else (a butterfly?).  You can see that Jordan was blissfully soaking in the rays during all of this.

Supposedly tonight the four veterans are going to meet in the HOH to hash it out....

The POV Ceremony is Over

and as expected, no changes to the nominations have occurred.

Kalia is having a heart-to-heart with Jordan in the Padded Cell, saying that Jordan is her best friend in the game and she wants to trust her, blah blah blah

Kalia is upset about Jeff calling her a traitor this morning, but I think Jeff meant it as a quick little joke, and posted earlier.

I took a picture of Kalia, but for some reason it didn't save.

Oh well.

Jordan went outside where Shelly the Maid is folding towels on the pool table.  Such neat stacks.

Jordan said that there were some funny things going on in the house and they were trying to get to the bottom of it.

Brendon: I Hope Dick's Watching This

and thinking how stupid Danielle has been.

Brendon and Jeff have been rehashing his meeting with Danielle.  Jeff reports that he tried to talk to Dom this morning but Dom wouldn't admit to anything.  Jeff then said they would talk after the POV meeting.

(I heard Dom tell Dani that Jeff was bi-polar and flew off the handle during this conversation.  Dani said that Jeff calls his girlfriend stupid and everybody loves him.)

They discuss how Dani told Brendon that she has gotten further in the game than he has and that she did it all by herself.

Jeff:  She had her fuckin' dad in her helping her and doing all the work!  That's why he won!

Jeff has on a Trader Joe's T-shirt and so Kalia saw him this morning and said "good morning trader joe" and Jeff said "good morning traitor".  He and Brendon crack up over that one.

Brendon is literally holding everything together with the team right now and cautions Jeff that they can still work as five with Danielle, but they know they can't trust her and will have to get her out soon.

Jeff:  I haven't blown up yet....

Brendon:  Good.

BB asks Brendon to come in the DR and says this is a lockdown.

Brendon, asking BB:  Can you tell me if this is just for pickups?  Or is it the POV ceremony?


I wish my clients would leave me alone today so I can focus on BB---this is the kind of shit we all wait for!    Once again I predict Dani will be leaving----maybe quitting since she is such a poor sport.

Angry Danielle Appears

in the HOH and is bitchy right from the start.

Danielle:  I'm just going to tell you, if Dominic goes this week, I will be furious!  Furious!

Dani is so angry...Brendon is being calm and speaking clearly, but Dani is raising her voice and overtalking him.  Remember how she used to speak to her dad in the house?  Well, this isn't much different.

Rachel, to her credit, is keeping her mouth shut, except to shovel snacks in, and looks at the camera occasionally, rolling her eyes a little.

Dani feels like she got close to Dominic because they told her to, and now she is going to be pissed if he leaves.  Brendon keeps saying lets get Jeff & Jordan up here and the five of us will talk about it.

Dani:  Those two don't even talk to me anymore!  They don't talk game to me at all!

(Maybe because you want to BACKDOOR Jeff, bitch?)

Dani is going around in circles, saying that she is not that close to Dominic, but then saying she will be furious with them if he leaves.  Brendon calmly brings this up and it only makes Danielle madder.

Dani, to Rachel:  Don't you have anything to say at all?  Don't you?

Rachel:  I genuinely like Dom and I feel badly about this.

Dani:  If I find out that you go behind my back.....

Brendon:  How are we going behind your back?  We're talking to you now about how we feel?

Dani:  But on eviction day, no one talks to me...

Dani keeps saying "are you stupid?  I've just told you six times that I'm okay with Jeff staying", and "I've already said it three hundred times that I'm over that".

Dani is such a total brat, telling Brendon to "be quiet".

I really can't believe that Dani is acting this way.  Shocked.  She is totally losing it and I predict she will be leaving the game through the DR sooner than later.  I'm sure Alison has that therapist on call right now for the DR.

Dani swears that if they keep Dom, she will guarantee that he won't go after Jeff next week.  She brings up the fact that she has been alone since Day #5 when her dad walked out the door, and that she knows Dom just as well as she knows Rachel.  She met Rachel once in Vegas and said "Hi" and that is it.

Here is what I find interesting:  No camera close ups of Dani at all during this whole conversation.  Only Brendon and Rachel and the wide shot above.

Dani plans to talk to Jeff and mentions that he called Kalia a traitor today---they don't need more of that.  She would appreciate them looking out for her, not just themselves.

Dani:  I won't nominate Jeff, OK?  Ever!  I will never nominate Jeff!

Now she apologizes for her behavior yesterday (what about today?) and says that she would never go against them and they can trust her.

One of Dani's big issues is that Rachel said to Dominic and Dani that they were the new foursome---and now they are turning their backs on that.  (True.)

Lawon Looks Confused

as he arrives for his meeting in the HOH with Brendon and Rachel.

Note that Lawon has been very nervous about going up on the block during the Veto ceremony today.  He is so out of the loop it isn't funny, because Dom is the clear target, and backdooring Jeff is something that has been whispered about for a week among the newbies.  Brendon and Rachel's objective is to go ahead and evict Dom, but to get some assurance from Lawon that he will vote the way they tell him to for awhile.

But now Brendon starts off smooth, saying that Lawon is probably one of the most entertaining people on the cast, and it would "be a travesty" to send him home early.  He tells him that Kalia has tried to throw him under the bus numerous times, but they would much rather send Kalia home then him.

Lawon:  See, I think of this as a corporation.  You and Rachel are the executives, and I see myself as the executive assistant, with my social skills.

Brendon interrupts him:  You're up all night with those people...what do they talk about, what do they say?

Lawon:  I don't talk game with them....

Brendon:  Well, somebody has had to say something...who they want to put up....who wants to backdoor Jeff.....

Lawon:  Well, blah blah blah as far as me and Danielle, blah blah blah

Rachel:  What about Kalia?  What does she say?

Lawon:  As far as me and her, we're communicatin' and I'm like, if you have a problem with me, let me know....

Brendon:  We're out here getting our hands dirty, and we'd like you to keep your ears open and tell us what people are saying...

Lawon:  Oh, yes!

Brendon:  But what have people been saying?

Lawon goes around in circles, saying he wants to be with them until the end, and this is how he wants to play the game, but he doesn't say anything of value.

(As covered here in the past few days, Dani and Dom indeed do not discuss game in front of Lawon.  They wait for him to go to bed and then he reappears like a bad virus.)

When questioned about Shelly, Lawon says she "went right out the gate", which I guess means she started playing immediately.

Rachel is putting on her makeup during the meeting.

Brendon lets Lawon know that he expects EVERYTHING they talk about to stay in the room and not be repeated.  Of course Lawon agrees to that.

Brendon:  Kalia has been offering herself to be nominated for weeks now, with you going home.  Even yesterday she was telling us that you were one of the votes to keep Porsche.

Lawon: Me?  I was the vote?

Brendon:  The funny thing is, we know it wasn't you.

Lawon:  OK, thanks.

Brendon:  So those people downstairs can't wait to stab you in the back.  What will solidify your position with  us is to be 100% honest with us, and to let us know immediately what they say downstairs about us...

Lawon:  Absolutely.....actions speak louder than words.....

Brendon:  One thing to remember is that we've essentially been in power for 3 weeks, and you haven't been evicted, you haven't even been put on the block.

Rachel:  And it's not because of Kalia....

Lawon:  Uh huh.  Okay...

Brendon:  And Danielle is with us and we trust her, but she has been acting funny lately, she wants us to do what she wants to do.....And I know you trust Dom, and he was up here last night and he wanted to nominate you...for you to go up and be now is the time for you to choose. If you want to work with  us, we expect you to be honest and forthright with us.  Keep staying up late, just tell us what happens.  And anyone who tells a lie around her doesn't get away with know that.

Lawon:  I stay up...I listen...I never heard anything about you two in this game.

Brendon:  But we want to hear what people's plans are...not just about us.

(A client called me and I missed the rest of the conversation, but I am fairly certain it was the same old shit.  Brendon was really good at this....)