Sunday, July 24, 2011

Is Kalia Awake? Then She Must Be Eating...

Oh, your plate is empty? Must be time to go back to bed...

Danielle Channels her Anger

and I predict she will need to be at the top of her game from now on.

She didn't just burn bridges today, she blew them up and burned the pieces.

Who will she turn to when Dom is gone?  Kalia?  Shelly?  Will either of them turn on Jeff & Jordan?

That would be another scandal.

I'm not sure Dani won't leave the same way her daddy did...through the Diary Room, one way or another.

Now Rachel throws her's down, doing her lunges across the backyard while talking about Bridal Boot Camp.

Brendon calls out that his eyes are on her.  And he's eating again.  Brendon is always eating.  Lucky bastard.

And Now for Something Completely Different

Dani Whispers to Dom

in the backyard and seems to have recovered a little.  She is always flirting with Dom.

Dom:  If I leave this week, Jeff is going to win this game....

I guess Dani told him Brendon would not use the POV, and that he is probably going home.

Dom is going home this week, and he is cool as a cucumber.  Dani is simmering.

I'll bet the fine people who run Alison Grodner Productions are doing what they can to make sure Thursday's HOH is Dani's game.

Now the fight is on for Porsche's vote---Dom is going to focus on that (and Rachel is, too).

Let's Review:  Dani got one indication today that things weren't going her way, and she flipped the checkerboard on the floor.  She could have figured out another way, but instead she is going to provide cover for all of the weaker Newbies while her former teammates target her until she is gone.

Dani:  Look, Rachel made it to the jury.  Big deal.  Brendon made it to the jury.  Big deal.  Jeff made it to the jury.  Big deal.  Jordan won because she's stupid...

(Nothing is worse than a sore loser.)


It's on and popping in the Big Brother house tonight.  The shit is hitting the fan.

Brendon & Rachel, Jeff & Jordan rehash the Danielle situation on two feeds.

Dani is lifting weights angrily in the backyard venting to Kalia about the whole thing on the other two feeds.

Dani is declaring war....she could have moved into Plan B, but not only is she fucking up, she's narrating her thoughts to Kalia, which can't be a good idea.

Back in the HOH:

The Veterans are cool and collected...I think Dani is going to lose it. And not in a good way.

Dani. Is. Losing. It.

Dani is in the HOH and Brendon is trying to tell her that he will not use the POV.

Dani was very upset and was bringing up Jeff's name in any bad way she could.

After Brendon left Rachel said I don't think there is any way we can get Brendon to use the Veto.

Dani has a long, scary, silent moment and she comes out of it in a sweeter voice, saying that this happened in her season, and she sees it playing out now and would like to do something about it.

Rachel asked who?  And Dani said that "Stein" and she tried to get him out but it didn't work until later, etc.

Dani says that anybody could beat Jordan in the end---no one is going to vote for the 'nice players' this year.

Rachel:  Who do you think should go up next week?

Dani:  I don't know...probably Jeff.  I don't give a crap.  If he doesn't go home this week....

Rachel:  I'm pretty sure Brendon isn't going to use the veto..


I just want to point out that Whiney Danielle is already here.  The minute things don't go her way, Whiney Danielle takes over.

If CBS shows this, Danielle is toast.  She is making Jeff seem like a serial killer who slaps Jordan with a machete every night before bedtime.

I thought Danielle was smarter than this.

Dani, in a very snotty voice:  Look, he's not my partner.  If I didn't want to work with him, he'd be out of this house in a second.  If you don't believe me, then why are you even my partner?

Rachel:  Danielle!

Dani:  blah blah blah blah blah i don't care that's fine i don't care blah blah blah

Rahcel:  I just feel like you're pushing so hard for Jeff....

Dani:  I'm just telling you, if Dom goes home this week, I'll be pissed!  I'm going to be furious!

*** AND SCENE ***

The next thing we see, Jeff and Jordan are futzing around in the kitchen and Jeff sings "Baby you're a fi-----re-work!" and the feeds cut out.

Danielle storms through the room...

Rachel Works Porsche

by letting her go on and on and on.  Rachel assures her that she and Brendon want to work with her, and with 11 people still in the house they need to stick together.

Basically Rachel is just there to placate her and provide defense against Dom.

Meanwhile, Danielle is pushing her agenda in the Have Not Room with Shelly.

Dani asks her point blank if she would ever go against Jeff & Jordan and says she knows she is closer to them then Brendon & Rachel.

Shelly kind of talks in circles, but does a good job deflecting and complimenting Brendon & Rachel's will to win.

Shelly:  I think Brendon & Rachel are playing hard to win...and Jeff & Jordan are playing hard to get to jury.

Dani is explaining how different things will be when they go to singles, and is suggesting how to word nominating people, i.e. saying "you two are the biggest threats in the house...".

Now Dani is slamming Brendon, saying that he thinks he is a mastermind of this game but from what she has heard him say, he isn't.

(Dani is just so slick...ha ha ha ha ha).

Shelly:  I think whoever is sitting next to one of them at the end of this game wins.  Not one person would give them a vote.

Dani:  I know.  I've thought of that...