Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Bloody Mess

Shelly is helping Brendon with his scabby knees.  To his credit Brendon mans up and doesn't whine about it.

They think BB needs to start giving them goggles for some of these competitions.  Both Cassi and Rachel have had issues this season.

Everyone is jonesing on Jeff's tacos.  Adam just asked if he could have one, and now Brendon reserves one by calling down the hall for one.  Adam said they are so good, they're evil.

Jeff and Dominic Get their Taco On

Jeff with a HUGE red bowl of taco salad, and Dom eating soft tacos rather daintily.

Rachel comes downstairs--sounds like she got soap from the competition in her eyes and Brendon had to flush them with water.  She keeps coughing and says if she drinks anything she might throw up.  (I guess she snorted up some soapy water?  Sounds unpleasant.)

Brendon has re-injured his scabby knees again and is rooting around in the First Aid Kit to clean himself up.

Sorry my logo is messing up that picture, but trust that his knees are a bloody mess.

Dom gets called to the DR, and BB takes a break.

Dominic in Flip Flops

Don't say I never gave you anything....

Chef Jeff is Making Tacos

for a late lunch and Dom is "seriously stoked" for it.

Looks like meat, tomatos, turkey bacon and some spices so far.  You can hear it sizzle and Jeff knows how to flip the food in the skillet which is cool.

Dominic wants his taco shells toasted so he starts that effort.

Jeff wants a taco salad--no shells for him.  The lid is on the meat now, so the sizzling sounds cease.
Dom:  Are you a good eater?

Jeff:  Yeah...I like salad.

Dom:  So, if you're going out with your buddies, what would you get?

Jeff:  Seafood.

Dom:  What about lunch?

Jeff:  Lunch?  Probably a salad.

Dom:  Do you eat out a lot?

Jeff:  Yeah, when I'm workin'.  But then you kind of end up saying fuck it because everybody else is eating the good shit, like tacos.....

Jeff likes to get the three-packs of romaine lettuce because it's easy to work with.  Dom seems genuinely interested in this.

Dom gets down to it.

Dom:  You know what?  Whoever I'm up against, I should play a game of eight ball.  Whoever wins stays..

He gives props to "Big Dick" and say he was a great pool player.  Jeff brings up that it would be fucking insane in the house if Evel Dick was still there.  Dom didn't see BB8, but asks Jeff what he thinks--did he see it?

Jeff:  Yeah, I saw it.  That guy just had not filter...but he was funny. It could get really bad sometimes...

Dom:  It was great if it wasn't you, huh?  How bad did it get?

Jeff:  It was pretty bad.  There was this girl Jen who would talk about herself all the time and he just beat the shit out of her.

The POV is Over

and Brendon won.

Sounds like it was another 'longest word wins' competition, and Brendon won by spelling 'understanding'.

I think Jeff was right behind Brendon--wonder if he spelled 'technotronics' again?

Now we see Dom changing in the bathroom.  From there, you can hear the conversation in the kitchen without trying very hard.

Love those last two pictures--super cool if I do say so myself.  He thinks the color of the shirt might be too girly, so he walked into the kitchen to ask.

Adam is there, eating a ginormous plate of breakfast food---bacon, eggs, etc.  He takes a break from eating for a second or two to look at Dom's shirt and gives him the okay. Dom was looking for advice from Adam about that----Adam calls himself the "Steve Sanders of his group".

Meanwhild Rachel appears to be doing yoga or meditating in the HOH bathroom.  Did she fight with Brendon or someone else again?

Something must have happened since she's getting her big close up now.  Maybe it was physically demanding?  She looks sweaty.  Adam said "it sure was more fun than hanging onto a banana."

Check out that gold fingernail polish.  Vegas, baby.

Dominic: Dani Likes Girls

Jeff and Jordan come back down to Candy Land to take a nap before the POV.  (I don't think they have picked the players yet, though.)

Dani and Dom were in the other Candy Land bed and Jeff taunts them as he takes off his microphone to get ready for his nap.

Jeff:  Did you two just kiss?

Dom: No, she likes girls...

Now we see Porsche listening to a little Tiesta in the HOH room with Rachel.

Dominic comes into the room and asks if he can speak to Rachel, so Porsche leaves and Rachel gets right to it, asking Dom how he feels about things.

Rachel assures him that she didn't nominate him to send him out of the house.  Dom asks her what she is thinking, is Adam the target?

Rachel says she will probably send Lawon home if Dom or Adam win the POV.

Dom:  You're going to back door him?

Rachel:  No, that's not really a back door, I guess it is, but he is such a floater.  A back door is when you can't play for the Veto.  Like if I put Jeff & Jordan up, that would be a back door...

If Brenchal wins the POV, they won't keep Dom on the block if they don't have the votes to keep him.  Adam never talks game to Rachel, and all he says to Dom is that when they go to singles, the "two of them are going to play hard".

The Veterans Get it Straight

Brendon & Rachel and Jeff & Jordan are meeting in the HOH and it is a good meeting for them.  They have figured out that Dani is playing all sides and trying to turn them against each other.

Earlier Today:  After BB's wake-up call, Rachel visited Jeff & Jordan in bed and whispered something about "someone" trying to split them apart.  Then asked if they could come upstairs to talk after they got something to eat.  Jeff's attititude was "what the fuck is this about, Jordan?".  So that led to this meeting in the HOH.

They are planning to make decisions for the four of them exclusively, and leaving Dani out of it.

Brendon:  She's been making decisions that are good for her, so we need to make decisions that are good for us.

Jeff doesn't want to get rid of Dominic just because of Dani, because he is a good target to have in the house.

Brendon:  Let's just let the newbies think that there is a wedge between us....this is the Real Alliance--the four of us.  The rest is a pseudo-alliance.

They discuss Shelly---Rachel knows she doesn't approve of her conduct and will probably want to nominate Brenchal if she wins HOH.  Rachel thinks Jeff and Jordan can control her and prevent this.  They point out that Shelly and Adam are tight, but if Adam leaves this week that problem will be solved.

Rachel:  We're doing all of the work in this game....Dani will get her Late Night Crew to split us up and then she'll have the other one.  Like if you go home Jordan, she'll have Jeff...If I go home, she'll have Brendon....

They don't think Dani will try to win HOH, but she won't be obvious about it.  Jeff thinks Dom will try to win the hardest.  They think Dani is planting seeds with Kalia that she and Lawon will be backdoored.

Jeff:  Kalia is talking too much, and is going to get herself in trouble.

(Rachel got that Western Carolina Girls T-shirt in her HOH basket.)

They plan to question the Late Night Crew when they come up with questionable information, since the four of them go to bed so much earlier.

Jeff:  Just ask them, who told you Jeff and Jordan said that....take everything that Late Night Crew says with a grain of salt...

Porsche comes in to use the HOH bathroom to get ready for the POV.  She is going to host so she wants to look good.  She doesn't know what the costume will be.  (That's a great picture of her, huh?)

Jeff:  The POV is going to be something good and messy, with a lot of prizes!  I feel it!

Brendon:  Are you sure?  I think they blew their whole budget on Hasselhoff!

Rachel:  But he was promoting his own show...

Brendon says "his German friend" is going to freak out that The Hoff was in the house.

Brendon:  In Germany, he's a Elvis!

Cassi Colvin Speaks

This post-eviction interview with Cassi was conducted by

Note that all interviews with Keith and Cassi have been text interviews---no camera time.  Of course this means that they are both in sequester and will have a chance to come back in the house.

Since Dick left early, I feel this is a certainty.  I am also betting that America will get to choose who comes back in the house.  The producers will want Cassi back in the house for the eye candy and the ratings.  If Dom gets evicted this week, maybe the twist is that they will bring back a duo---Cassi and Dom together.

Alison Grodner can't take the chance of a having a house full of duds there at the end.  Not after last year.  Hell no.

Question:  Do you think the author of the article picked a bad picture of Cassi on purpose?  I do....

'Big Brother 13's' Cassi Colvin: Rachel and I 'are two very different people'

Southern model Cassi Colvin was the second hamster eliminated from the "Big Brother 13" house, largely due to Rachel's machinations. But Cassi says she and Rachel are two very different people.

Are you glad you went on "Big Brother"? Was it everything you hoped it would be?

"It was everything and far more than I imagined. I would do it again in a heart beat. My only fear going into the house was that I was accurately portrayed to the public and as long as that's the case, I truly cherish the opportunity to have been a part of it at all. Its an experience that no one can fully comprehend until you've lived it. That is one thing I will always share with my roommates. It was unforgettable and my only regret is that I didn't have more time to make the big changes that I had planned."

Did you and Rachel ever patch things up? You did hug on the way out.

"When I called Rachel aside to have a one on one with her, it was purely to have an adult conversation and ask her why... why she went against our deal, why she had such animosity towards me. Obviously that conversation did not go anywhere near where I had planned. From there on out, I figured it is what it is, I made an effort as an adult to patch it up for the sake of co-existence. When I realized our maturity and feelings were in two different places, I resigned to let it be what it was. From there on out I was kind to her, but very much indifferent.

As far as her hug at the end, that was solely a last stab at me to twist the knife that she was ultimately the reason I was leaving. Her goodbye message just reaffirms that she and I are two very different people and I am happy to be on my end of that."

You got close with Dominic and Shelly, will you continue those friendships outside the house? Will you continue any others?
"Regardless of any gameplay that they'd done in the house, that might had been hurtful to me had it been in the real world, it is just a game and I know their hearts and feel confident that I will absolutely be friends outside of the house. Jeff and Jordan are two people that I respect and again, gameplay aside, I connected with them on a personal level that I do hope to continue after."

Obviously you are rooting for Dom and Shelly, but is there anybody else you hope to see make it to the end?

"Adam's another player I am rooting for - his vast knowledge of 'Big Brother' and his mind could certainly work in his favor if he could just tame the enthusiasm a bit because that is casting a target on him that he may know to much."

Any messages to your fans?

"Thanks so much for the support and well wishes. I am only sorry that I wasn't able to hang around longer and make some big moves for ya'll. I do cherish what little time I had in the house and my biggest hope is that I did my family and supporters proud."

Also, About Adam

I forgot to mention it in my earlier post, but on BBAD Dani was starting to get suspicious about Adam, and has passed those suspicions on to Brendon and Rachel.

Dani thought it was odd that Julie Chen asked Adam questions live two weeks in a row, when other people have yet to be questioned on the live show.  She compared this to Eric Stein from her BB8 season, who was America's Player and got more than his share of attention from Julie.

Here's What Dani is Probably Thinking:  Why are two ugly people getting so much screen time on CBS Prime Time?

Rachel has also said that Adam is "super fishy".  They also think Jeff might be America's Player.

The POV competition is a big one today.  Dani pulled Adam to the side and told him he needs to win this one, that he is gone if he doesn't.  She swore him to secrecy, but implied that if he can pull himself and Dom off the block, there will be a "big move" in the game.

Meaning that Jeff & Jordan will be backdoored.....

Flashback - Rachel & Brendon Bathe, but are Still Filthy

So I logged on to the live feeds this morning, and everyone is asleep.  But Shelly and Dom are sleeping in the Have Not room....why?  Isn't Have Not week over?  And doesn't Shelly have a 6-inch steel rod implanted in her back, making sleeping on that surface incredibly painful?

These questions would be answered soon....

I saw some information online that indicated that Brendon and Rachel were talking about maybe backdooring Jeff this week, and also that they were starting to doubt Dani, so I flashed back to the wee hours of the morning where the two of them were soaking in the tub, discussing the game and of course themselves.

A lot of other people must have been watching the same Flashback, however, because the video was very choppy and hard to follow.

Brendon told Rachel to stop comparing the two of them to Jeff & Jordan---they are all completely different people.  Sounds like Rachel wants their relationship to be more calm and steady like Jeff & Jordan's, and wants America to love them as well.

I don't think Brendchal will backdoor them this week, but it sounds like they are gearing up to do that in the next few weeks.  They use the fact that Jeff and Jordan wanted to keep Cassi as a sign of their lack of commitment to the Veterans Alliance, and I'm sure the fact that Jordan didn't pick them to join in the luxury prize didn't help, either.

Apparently Brendon is supposed to be some sort of huge David Hasselhoff fan so the fact that Jordan didn't pick him to watch the stupid TV show is a big insult to him.

They did discuss Dani, who tells them that she never discusses game with Jeff and Jordan.  They are starting to doubt Dani, and plan to ask Jeff and Jordan if they indeed discuss strategy with Danielle.  They realize that Dani is sitting pretty if the two teams square off against each other.

Brendon compares this to last season, where Hayden and Enzo floated through to the end after everyone else got killed off.  (I don't think Dani's game play is anything like Hayden's, though, do you?)

Rachel brings up the fact that Jeff and Dani always say "Hey Best Friend!" to each other as a suspicious thing.  She also brings up that Jordan soaked in the tub with Kalia while she was HOH, instead of her.  Rachel doesn't think Jeff and Jordan will want to hang out with them after the season is over.

(Rachel is just eaten up with jealousy about everything and everybody, if it's not about her than she wants it to be...)

They made a few dismissive comments about Jordan, like she would be no match for them and once Jeff is gone she will be powerless.

(Jordan's game is totally different than BB11---she had never watched the show before she was cast the first time, and now she frequently brings up what happens in seasons going back to BB7, including all of the competitions and voting.  She can also control her emotions, which is going to help her in the game.  And some of the "weaklings" that Brenchal are keeping in the game are very loyal to Jeff & Jordan---like Shelly, Kalia, etc.)

(How fun would it be if it were Jordan and Rachel as the Final Two?  And to see Jordan win AGAIN?  Ha ha ha ha ah  Rachel would probably EXPLODE.)

While all this chatter is going on, Brendon is rubbing Rachel's feet, which will make some viewers very happy.

You can see the huge scabs on Brendon's knees in one of those pictures.  So gross.

Brendon mentions how fucked up it is that Shelly and Dom had to sleep in the Have Not room---the other houseguests couldn't decide on sleeping arrangements so they didn't get a bed.  Shelly didn't want to sleep in a bed with a man, since she is married, and no one else would agree to make a change.

Brendon:  Adam, that fucker, should have given up his bed!

Rachel agrees that Porsche should have shared with Shelly, and Dom could have slept with Adam.

(Brendon is using the Eff word a lot more this season, probably influenced by his new BFF Jeff, who sprinkles the Eff word around like salt.)


I watched the BBAD episode on 7-21-11, which aired after the live show ended.  A few tidbits:

1.  Rachel's CD is from Tiesto,, which is apparently club music.  The title has something to do with 'sunrise' and it has about 18 songs on it.  (I hate her musical taste.)

2.  Jordan described to Shelly and Kalia how gross the sheets were on the bed that Rachel and Brendon were sleeping on in Candy Land.

Jordan, at least twice:  There was dried white cum all over the sheets!

Shelly:  So...up there (HOH room) and now down here?

There was also blood on those sheets that Brenchal chalked up to the injuries on Brendon's knees, but Jordan worries that it was "Rachel's period blood".


3.  Big Brother hooked Rachel up with a ton of food.  Lots of Lean Cuisines to help her out with her slop diet.  She got two Monster drinks that she gave Shelly.  That's all Shelly talks about---how much she wanted some Monster.  Shelly poured half of one in a glass and saved the rest for the next morning.  She asked Rachel to save the 2nd can in the HOH room for her.

Probably a smart move, since the beers have been disappearing downstairs.  Jeff thinks Porsche is lifting and hording them.