Friday, July 22, 2011

Who Won the Luxury Competition?

Your old friend Jordan won.  That's right.

So she and Jeff got to watch an episode of The Hoff's new show, Same Name.  She got to pick two people to watch it with them, so she picked Shelly and Kalia.

Rachel threw A HISSYFIT!

Good TV on Sunday night!

Jordan's HOH Blog

Here is Jordan's HOH blog, word-for-word from the CBS website.  It sounds just like Jordan, and unfortunately the spelling and grammar is just about what you would imagine.  She seems to have the most trouble with the proper names---she can spell "Dick" and "Jeff", but that's about it.  ("Kaleigha"--ha ha ha)

It's funny to me that even in writing she calls Brendon "Brandon".

WOW... this has been one week as HOH. I was so nervous last Thursday at the HOH competition because I felt like Jeff and I would get sent home if one member of our alliance didn't win. All the hours of practicing paid off and thanks to Jeff and brandon for letting me win! I was so happy to get a letter from home. I miss my family, friends, and dog Maggie so much. When I read my letter, It made me want to try a lot harder to be here, because I know everyone back at home is cheering me on. I want to make my family proud.

I hope everyone watching is enjoying this season so far. All the house guests are so awesome. For the most part everyone gets along and we have fun together. shelly is the "mom" of the group. She's always cleaning and doing laundry. She has a heart of gold and loves her family so much. whenever I get married, I hope I have the relationship and love that Shelly and her husband have.

Spending the Summer with Jeff has been GREAT! I hope Jeff and I make it far in this game. I'm worried about this next HOH competition because I don't want us to get separated for the Summer. I'm so happy to have Jeff in here because he takes my mind off the game and we can have fun. We have are moments where we bicker but what couple doesn't. I love how Jeff always has my back and wont let anyone mess with me..haha. The whole argument at the veto competition with Jeff and Rachel is squashed. I think she was just upset cause I chose not to take slop and she did. I think sometimes she just really gets into competitions and doesn't mean what she says. Rachel isn't as bad as she seems. she's very sweet and caring. I think she just has such a big personality that some people get a little aggravated with her and her comments. Rachel means well. Brandon is so funny. He's a very calm person and I think him and rachel balance each other out. I think he is also very intelligent and nice.

Cassie is a beautiful person inside and out. She's the girl that gets along with everyone and is very laid back. I enjoy talking to her and shelly because you know their good people.

Lawan and Kaleigha are HILARIOUS together. I love them. Lawan's always happy and dancing and kaleigha is fun to talk to. Her and I can talk for hours about everything and we both like to gossip haha. I told her were like Deon and Cher from clueless.

Dominique's like everyones little brother you pick on. He's such a good kid. You can tell his mom raised him right because he's very polite.

Adam's crazy! who would have thought that someone like him who loves heavy metal is obsessed with 90210. Adams a very nice person and is so happy to be here! Every time he talks about BB he just lights up.

Danny is great to have around because she tells you like it is and I love how she's a little sassy. I enjoy laying out with her at the pool and feel like she's a good alliance member.

Were all sad Dick had to leave. He's a very nice man and very entertaining. Jeff and I would have loved to play this season with Dick because there's never a dull moment with him.

This has been a emotional week for everyone. At the veto ceremony I had to put up Shelly and Cassie and that wasn't really what I wanted to do. I felt like Shelly, Cassie, Jeff and I would have made a great team together. I felt awful when I put them on the block. I almost cried during my speech and then after the ceremony they were crying so I started to because I felt like I disappointed them. Its hard being HOH with this many people in the house because you cant please everyone. I couldn't turn on my alliance because it would be dumb on my part this early in the game. I have to look out for Jeff and I and whats going to further us in this game and I felt like that was the best decision.

Besides all the emotions and drama between the girls this has been a great summer so far and I'm so happy to be here again and hope to make it far with Jeff! 

The Hoff Was in the House Today!

And I mean David Hasselhoff, of course.  He is promoting some show he is on.

This link has an article written by someone who interviewed The Hoff today and he mentions that he was "doing something for Big Brother today".

Other than that, I can't read too much of this article...not a big Hoff fan.

Also, The Hoff's visit coincided with a luxury competition where I think they probably won the right to watch his show.

Apparently Brendon and Rachel were poor sports again today during the competition, and more drama ensued.


Chef Jeff Cooks it Up

There are loud sizzling sounds in the kitchen.  You can see all of the stuff that Jeff has chopped up for his skillet on the red cutting board.  I see red onions, scallions, bacon, etc.  Rachel brought her veggie tray from her HOH basket downstairs and is munching on celery dipped in salad dressing.

Dom is still cooking his breakfast, too.

Rachel read a Fun Fact from her Snapple bottle--koala bears sleep 22 hours each day!  Shelly said they should call Kalia Koala because she sleeps so much.  Brendon says that she sleeps all day and walks around and eats the rest of the time.  No one touches that one with a 10 foot pole.

Don't believe that about Kalia?  Well, the cameras show us this, right on cue.

The kitchen crew are talking about the Zingbot.  I'm pretty sure we will see the Zingbot this year on the show---I heard he was appearing at this weekends Comic Con in San Diego.  Brendon says it was "probably the best part of the show last year".

Crack of Noon

The houseguests are up and about, moving around the kitchen.  Brendon & Rachel are downstairs now with the group.  Rachel discusses how you are always hungry on the Slop Diet, but it would be okay if you just ate it once in awhile.  Brendon got called to the DR and changed shirts before he went in there, for some reason.

Dominic is making a morning skillet dish, and Jeff arrives on the scene and is going to make one too, with bacon and leftover chicken.  He might find a way to use a left over pork chop as well.

Jeff discusses Dani and Dom being up at 3:00 am.  He went into the bathroom and found them discussing stupid shit like, do you like a dog or cat better?

Meanwhile Rachel is telling Porsche that they need her to win HOH next week and they want to keep her on the team. Jeff interrupts their conversation and there were a few awkward moments until he left the room.

Porsche:  If I win, I want Kalia to go...I don't like her and think she'll be a pain in the Jury House.

Rachel didn't respond to that, but starts coaching Porsche on what to think about to win.  She should think about what America might be up to...for example she and Brendon both made a mistake when they chose Lawon over Jordan as the person whose papers viewers would rather cheat off of..

Rachel:  Of course America would want to cheat from Jordan...they know her from last year!

Jordan needs to buy Jeff some knife skills classes since he enjoys cooking so much.  His technique gets the job done, but he will never win a QuickFire Challenge using the blade like that.

Rachel got two packages of sushi in her HOH fridge.  She tried to eat just one, but ate both of them.  Shelly is deathly allergic (so she says) to shellfish so she has to be careful with sushi.  I heard her say recently that if her husband has shrimp, she can't kiss him for about 12 hours.

That sounds kind of extreme...but whatever.

They are looking forward to the food comp because they are usually so much fun.  They try to guess what America will give them to supplement the slop diet. (Nothing, because I don't think there will be Have Nots this week.)

Dominic:  Beans and Bananas!

Rachel:  That would be a good one!

Lawon Fights to Stay

I just tuned in to the live feeds, and Lawon was in the HOH, saying some shit to Brendon and Rachel about how his "word is his word", and "somebody gonna win $500K" and so on and so on.
While he was talking to them, a Big Brother voice came on the intercom in the HOH and addressed Brendon and Rachel directly.  At first I thought it was a British voice but now I'm not sure.  There was some sort of accent there, but he was telling them that they would be locked out of the HOH room for about three hours and needed to evacuate the premises and take what they would need with them.

This was Lawon's cue to leave and he hugged both of them on the way out.
After Lawon left Rachel started packing a bag right away.  They will both have to shower downstairs and the food competition will happen shortly, so they pack their clothes accordingly.

Rachel thought maybe they planned to clean the fish tank or something.  Brendon remembered that they hadn't fed the fish yet so he did that.
The fish food is already pre-measured for them--each little baggie of food has the date written on it, as well as the suggested feeding time. 

Brendon brings up what Lawon said and they both agree that he said the same thing over and over.

Brendon:  I was like, whatever Lawon.  We're still going to do what we're going to do....

The feeds cut out, and when they return Brenchal are in the bathroom, packing up toiletries and stuff while they discuss Danielle.  They are trying to cover everything they can before they need to leave the HOH room.

Basically, they say that Dani whined and complained in the beginning that she couldn't compete, etc (it was very annoying) and while she was genuinely disappointed that she lost her dad as a partner, she has been focusing on building relationships to hedge her alliance with everyone in the house.

Brendon strongly feels that they can't trust Dominic---that his first alliance will be with Danielle.  Last year all of his first instincts turned out to be correct.  He doesn't trust Adam either, but thinks he can control him for the time being more than he could control Dominic.

(Sounds like Dom and Adam will be nominated.)

Rachel starts taking items out of her mini-bar fridge---winning HOH saved her ass this week since she is on slop.  She is allowed to eat items out of her HOH basket in addition to slop, protein shakes and whatever gift foods America bestows on them.

Sounds like Lawon and Kalia will float for another week....

Also, I didn't hear any fighting between them, nor any indications that they were about to fight.  A Friday Miracle!!

Matt was Fat!

Matt Hoffman from Big Brother 12 is documenting his thoughts on each episode of Big Brother 13 for the world to see.  The main reason why you should click this link and read his analysis of last night's show is to see a picture of him when he was chubby.

I remember hearing him say on the feeds last year that he used to be pretty unhealthy, and a smoker to boot.

Thanks for sharing Matt.

PS  Adam is still losing weight and eating a pound of bacon a day, so...