Thursday, July 21, 2011

And the New HOH is..

Rachel Reilly.

Which is great for the TV audience and the cable TV audience (brief nudity), but not so good for the live feed audience.

On the plus side, maybe Rachel will get really hammered and go on a tear....

SuperPass Shows

I haven't forgotten about all of the new and old SuperPass shows about Big Brother 13.

I caught part of Happy Hour with Missy and Chelsea tonight--I watched the last half.  Tonight Chelsea was absent, though, and was replaced by "Spicy Pants", who apparently runs the Celebrity Smack website.  Some of you already know how I feel about the name "Spicy Pants".

Just make up some other name, lady.  Please.

I tried to recap some of the calls that came in, but I just couldn't.  It was too sad.   I can't even really describe it.  "Spicy Pants" doesn't play the game very well---she rolls her eyes right on camera during some of the calls, and is visibly uncomfortable during much of the conversation.

One particularly uncomfortable moment occurred when a caller named "Nice Ta Ta's" called in.  Nice Ta Ta's certainly sounded like her Ta Ta's were resting on the floor in front of her, if you know what I mean.  Imagine your own grandma calling herself a naughty name and calling in to a reality-TV-talk-show to chortle about people 40 years younger then herself to get a sense of what we are dealing with here.

"Spicy Pants" actually looked down to check her own ta ta's to make sure everything was in order there.  She needs to learn to use the monitors for that sort of thing.

Anyway, Missy had to walk off-set to go to the bathroom for a few minutes and I really thought that "Spicy Pants" would run screaming out of the room.

Look "Spicy Pants", I don't blame you for being afraid....or disgusted....or ashamed.  But you need to learn to play the game like Missy does.  Missy can handle all the weirdness with a smile and makes it look easy.

Whatever they pay her, though, it is probably enough.  Missy would do it for free...

"Spicy Pants" looks a little like J Wow in these pictures, huh?

I also watched the first and only episode to date of OMG WTF with Kevin Campbell.

That's Kevin from BB11, of course.  This is a short little show designed to link in the live feed watchers, who can indicate somehow to Kevin what their OMG, WTF, LOL, SMH, and assorted other abbreviated moments were from the week.

Kevin did the best he could with the script.  And believe me there was a script that he was reading from.  First he had to go into excruciating detail about what all of those letters mean.  As if the people watching had never used the internet, which is kind of an oxymoron.

Kevin had to say "What the French" instead of What the Fuck because it is a family show, or something along those lines.

That didn't stop Kevin from mentioning that he needed lotion and tissues while watching Dom on the feeds.  Yes people, he said that.

Kevin's OMG WTF moments were mostly mean, like commenting on Shelly's haggard looks, and Adam's ugly feet which Kevin compared to someone from The Hobbit (I think---I'm not nerdy enough to know about that.)  Kevin also completely trashed Lawon's couture in the house, which is funny coming from Kevin, if you watched the live feeds during BB11.  (Remember those sad scarves he wore every single god damned day?)

This is just a guess, but Kevin isn't going to make many friends in the Big Brother Family of Houseguests with this show.

Dominic Models for Levis

and "gets mad at his boys when they don't wear them".

Levi's is a San Francisco-based company so I'm sure a lot of people are on the Levi's train out there.

Dom wears a size 32 and Adam jokes that he might be a size 32, also before the end of the summer.  Dominic can get sample sale clothes for his friends and will hook Adam up.

Adam is having to cinch in his waist since he has dropped over 10 pounds in the BB house.

But enough about him...let's get back to Dominic.

Here is a link to a company's blog who worked with Dom on a Levi's campaign.  I think Dominic is fine and I might invest in a pair of Levi's for myself after seeing this.

Lawon is getting hyped up tonight. I hope he plans to change before the show.

Porsche is Wearing Extensions, Too

And I have to say it makes a big difference in her look.

Shelly says she "didn't get the memo to bring extra hair to the Big Brother house".

Porsche's extensions are "onesies" per Rachel.  Porsche doesn't want the clips to be visible when she goes into the DR to vote on live TV.

They have rehearsal at 5:00, Big Brother time.  They are going to practice voting to evict Madonna or Lady Gaga.

What Will Danielle Wear?

 Danielle slips this on for Jordan and she approves.  She likes it and says it looks hot.

Then Dani tried on this one for Jordan.  Jordan likes it, but says to go with the pink dress.

Jordan is going to wear a long black dress, but she feels like she has bad luck in it so she may change her mind.  By the way, this is the dress she brought to "get evicted in".

Looks like a pair of Jeff's board shorts if you ask me.

Dom Assumes the Position

Calm Before the Show

The camera guy practices zooming in on different things.

Brendon has adopted yet another new accent.  This one is a computer-type voice and Jeff does it sometimes, too.  I think he is attempting to be the Zingbot.  Jordan says he sounds like a conehead.

Rachel is wearing this sparkly number that she got at Off Saks.  She asks if her boobs look big in it.

Dani:  Rachel, when do your boobs look small?

They discuss who is sleeping where tonight.  Brendon and Rachel are sleeping in Jeff & Jordan's old bed, and there are jokes about dirty things lurking in that area.

Dani:  Does nobody plan on winning HOH tonight?

Porsche's look is coming together, and Cassi has her extensions in.  This is her big night with the Chenbot tonight so she needs to look good.

Rachel asks if that is what she is wearing and she says no, she is just being comfortable now.  Rachel has some sort of issue with her huge jugs or bra or something and Porsche lends a hand.

Rachel is clipping her cheap extensions and looks like Cousin It.  She plans on wearing the extensions every Thursday night until Big Brother tells them there will be an athletic competition.

Kalia Shoves a Bagel In her Mouth

while she whispers to Danielle about Cassi's ploy to stay in the house.

Never mind that SHE is the one who encouraged Cassi to try and stay in the house, and now she is blabbing about it to Danielle.

Dani counts the votes and says it still isn't enough.  (She doesn't know about Kalia's vote.)  Clearly this is Kalia's ploy to cast aspersions on the other newbies.

Kalia:  Can you believe it takes people all day to get ready?  All day!

Dani: I know, I usually wait until 3:00.

Oh now Dani tells them that during her season "Jameka pulled the race card" to get a hair dryer for the house.  Not a blow dryer, but a hair dryer that you sit under.

Kalia explains that you put conditioner on black hair and sit under the dryer to let it soak in.

Dani says that Jameka was much funnier in person than she was portrayed on the show during BB8.

Jeff and Jordan Move Out of the HOH

after the long lockdown is finally over.  Dom offers to help Jeff, but he's got it.

I wonder who will be moving in to the HOH tonight?  Due to the nature of the competition tonight, anyone could win.

I think a newbie will win..maybe Adam or Shelly.  It would be funny/horrifying though, if Lawon won..

Here is Porsche at the sink, getting ready for tonight.  Jordan is warming up her Chi hair straightener.

Anybody remember Jase from BB5?  He used to spend hours using the flat iron on his hair before the live show.  You could hear it pop and sizzle, since he started with wet hair.

Rachel gets ready to take a shower.  She can still use the Have side of the shower (the hot side) because her penalty only included the slop.

BTW, how lame was Rachel's conduct after the POV that we saw on the CBS show last night?  Hiding in a bush to cry?


Trivia Time

Must be a live show day...

Update on Dominic's Haircut

His shirt is getting very dirty.  It is kind of creepy --it feels like Dominic is staring at me.

Cassi comes in to check his work and he uses the mirror to check her work on his hairline.  He likes it and says she has skills.

Cassi:  You know this is what my brother does, right?

Dom:  Oh yeah, you put him through school right?

Cassi:  Yeah, and now he's.........

(maybe he's the one who is in jail?)

She persuades him to let her use scissors to trim off the top but they are both nervous.  They are going to take a break and come back to that part.  Meanwhile, Cassi leaves the room and Dominic strips off his T-shirt.

You're welcome.