Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jeff Thinks the HOH Competion

is going to be "something dumb, that anybody can win".

As an example, he suggests a game where they say "Which Houseguest...."

That is very perceptive of Jeff, since that's what it is.

Rachel thinks that it is best if she wins HOH tomorrow, so that Jeff or Brendon can win the endurance competition the following week.  They will have Danielle playing for them as well, too.

They are whispering nonstop about their plans and decide to head upstairs to the HOH.


Jeff & Jordan Had a Late Call Time Today, Apparently

and finally appear in the kitchen.

Jeff wants a bite of Jordan's Apple Jacks.

He kept waking up before the wakeup call and just said "Eff it" and went back to sleep.  You can see Brendon outside in this picture.  (So artsy of me.)

Jordan found something strange in her cereal bowl and thinks it is a deformed Apple Jack, or a chunk of sugar.

Jeff took it from her and threw it away.  He can't decide what cereal to eat and Jordan teases him about it being a huge decision.  Jordan feels really good today.  I can tell Jeff feels better because he is flirting around now and is sweet again.  He poured his own bowl of Apple Jacks and Jordan ate some more, too.

Oh no, spoke too soon.

Jordan:  I woke up and my bottom teeth are tingling!

Jeff:  That's because you ate all that shit.....oh never mind never talk to me about your teeth again!  You have to use that toothpaste and it won't happen again--that's all you have to do!

(I have to use Sensadyne for my sensitive teeth--maybe that's what Jeff is talking about.)

Rachel appears and is fake nice to both of them, chatting about the HOH competition tomorrow and how long they may be locked down tonight.  Rachel is nervous about tomorrow and hopes they win.

Rachel & Brendon Give a Shout Out to Their Fans

who were kind enough to buy them tickets to Medieval Times where they had "the best time" and "Brendon did his wizard voice".   (And I think we all remember that from last year...)

Rachel says they were fans that are now friends...and she starts giving shout outs to Alex, Haley and Nina, but then says she hasn't heard from Haley and Nina for a while and she doesn't know what happened to them.

Big Brother doesn't like this conversation, and keeps cutting the feeds while Brendon tries to tell Shelly how fans contact them on Facebook to be friends.

We've only seen the three of them on the feeds for some time now.  A few tidbits from the conversation:

1.  Shelly gave detailed instructions about how to hide your scent from animals so you can kill them more easily.  She wears a "carbon suit" when she hunts and tries to stay downwind from them.  She described what a deer looks like when it smells something, but this doesn't seem to stop her from wanting to assassinate it.

2.  Brendon corrected Rachel when she said Illinois incorrectly.

3.  Brendon can't afford to buy season passes to Disneyland for himself and Rachel.  Rachel promptly informed Shelly that he bought Disneyland season passes for his previous fiance, making Brendon defend himself.  (He said the price has doubled?)

4.  Brendon is making some sort of game out of a Rice Krispies box, or maybe a work of art.

5.  Rachel is making chemical elements out of the jelly beans and toothpicks, using her Organic Chemistry skills to do so.  Carbon is made from purple jelly beans.  (This is a cool project.)

6.  Brendon told Shelly when Rachel wasn't present that Rachel "gets nervous" and goes online using his password to see what he is up to.  Brendon says he has nothing to hide and will never have anything to hide.

Brendon:  When she goes online and buys into it, I'm powerless...I tell her over and over not to do it, but she does.

(Didn't he post pictures of his dick online and have cyber sex with some whore?)

Brendon hopes she is talking to the psychologists about her fears so when they come out of the house their relationship can survive.  He mentions "fucking up once".

(Personally, I think repeatedly discussing Rachel in this patronizing, condescending way with the other HG--not to mention in front of us--- when she is out of the room is another Major Fuckup.)

Now Rachel is back in the room and they are starting an argument.  Apparently she heard what he was just saying to Shelly.
Brendon:  Baby, can you let it go?  And can we agree that we're not going on Twitter when we get out of here to see what people are doing, and saying?  I've told you that after this I'm never doing anything like this again.  I want to have a relationship with you, not a million people.

Rachel: How can people not be up at this hour?

She is tapping something loudly and Brendon shushes her several times.

(God I am starting to hate Brendon and like Rachel---if you can believe that.)

Shelly Feels Guilty,

as well she should.

She and Brendon are the only ones up, and have convened on the patio to chat, drink coffee, and smoke.

Shelly:  Cassi really wants to know who cast the extra vote for Keith....I really want to tell her it was me, but I can't....

Brendon agrees.  He feels more desensitized this year...he's not as upset when people get nominated or leave.

Shelly stabs Dom in the back by telling Brendon that "all Dom talks about is going to singles and taking all of the veterans out".

Brendon: Really?  Is he saying that?

They discuss Dom's crush on Cassi and also Dani.  Brendon can tell that Dom is crushed over Cassi leaving.

Shelly:  He kind of avoided her yesterday because he feels bad about her....she looks at him as like a little brother or something though.

Brendon:  Well, he's a red-blooded boy with hormones off the charts...can't say I blame him.

They go inside to refill their mugs and come back outside.

Brendon:  So, last night when I made that salmon, I put some hot sauce on it, kind of knowing in the back of my mind that Kalia doesn't like hot things.

Shelly:  Did she ask you?

Brendon:  Yeah...she asked if I put hot sauce on it and I said, Ohhhhh I forgot but I didn't put that much..

Dani put crushed red pepper on chicken and Kalia got mad at her about that, too.

Brendon:  Jesus Christ...make your own food if you don't like it...have you ever seen her make her own food?

Shelly:  Never!

Brendon:  And to bitch about someone else cooking for you?

Brendon notes that as soon as the nominations are final, and the POV is over, everyone stops cleaning the kitchen.  When he saw Keith doing dishes, he knew Keith was trying to stay.

It's Hard to Flirt, Whisper and Argue at the Same Time

But Dani and Dom can do it.

They decide to head for bed, but stop at the picture wall to point out people.  Dom points at Adam and wants him out.

Dani points out that Adam will go after Brendon and Rachel.  Dom doesn't trust him and says he will be making a lot of promises to a lot of people.

Dom:  Rachel has made it very clear that it is the two of them and you and I.....

Dani has been hanging out with Brendon and Rachel all day to talk about how annoying "she" is (Cassi?) although she hates the way they fight all the time.

Dom:  So basically everything you do is to create an appearance of something.  That's good to know....

Dani thinks Brendon & Rachel and Jeff & Jordan will never turn on each other.

I hate to say it, but I think out of the four of them, Jeff sounds like he is the first target.

Finally they head to bed.

Dani Sneers at Jordan

Dani, to Dom:  Jordan wants this to be another Season 11--she said she wants this person or that person to win because they're nice.  I was like, (gesturing towards the camera) did you get that?  Can you believe she just said that?

Dani says someone needs to take Brendon out and Rachel will flip out--Dani doesn't think she will be able to win things without him. I think she also whispered that Jordan needs to go because she won't win anything and make any big moves.

Dom wants to keep an eye on how close Adam and Shelly will get.  He thinks that as soon as Cassi goes, they will buddy up.

Dom:  Nobody's going to target the two old people.

Dom has never trusted Adam:  "You should never strike a deal with your dad".

Dani:  Would you rather Brendon and Rachel stay longer than Jeff and Jordan?

Dom:  Right this second, yeah.  As long as Rachel loves me, which is yes at the moment.

Dani: Well, just keep going.  She's going to keep playing emotional.

Dom: You've just got to keep making stupid ditzy remarks to her and she's happy.  Jeff's not dumb...

Dani:  He's not the smartest person, either.

Dom:  But you know you send Jeff home and your girl Kalia goes straight to Jeff and Jordan.

Dani:  Did Kalia talk to you today?

Dom:  Yeah...she wants some sort of verbal comittment from me...I don't know her...she wants a contract or something and that's the extent of my game play with her.

Dani:  I like Kalia and I want to keep her around for a long time.

Dom:  Because she's not a threat, and no one likes her?

Dani:  A lot of people like her.

Dom thinks that Kalia doesn't trust him because of Cassi--once Cassi is out the door she might change her mind.

Dom: I'm stuck with you...

Dani:  You're lucky.

Dom:  You just want to get past the couples and then cut my ass.

Dom:  People will end up liking me more than you...and I can beat you in the competitions....

Dani: You're a dick!

The flirty banter continues.....

Dani and Dom Huddle in the Kitchen

Someone is missing from the Have Not Room---

It's Dom--he just met Dani in the kitchen and they are whispering like crazy.

They are talking about possibilities for the different competitions and looking at the picture wall as they strategize.  I think Dom suggested making a move to take Brendon and Rachel out of the game and Dani said that would be the stupidest move ever.  You should keep big targets in the house because they are big targets for everyone.

Dani said they are the worst gameplayers she has ever seen.    She repeats twice that she likes Rachel, but she is the worst Big Brother player ever.

They also whisper about Jeff and Jordan.  Dani says Jeff is a target, but Jordan isn't---"nobody gives a crap about her because she's nice".

Dani is whispering about the final five -  "you and me.....Brendon and Rachel....and Jeff?.... Adam?".  Dom says that if Shelly wins HOH, she's putting Brendon and Rachel up right away.  Dom says that Porsche is going up and out on Week #5.  Dani points out that no one likes her and she hates half the people in this house--she shouldn't really be a priority.

Dani:  I'm not worried about pissing people off, I'm not playing for other people!

She tells Dom that you can't play this game week by week, you have to play day by day and the house changes every day.  That's not the way this game works.

Dani:  Remember when you were on the block with Adam, every person in this game wanted you out.

Dom: At what point did Brendon and Rachel not want me to go?

Dani: When I convinced them that you needed to stay...

Dom:  If I'm here to stay, am I a bigger target than you?

Dani:  No...

Dom:  Any way you look at this, Brendon & Rachel and Jeff & Jordan are bigger targets than us.

Dani:  Stop telling Cassi things---she tells Shelly...

Dom:  Cassi's out the door...

Dani:  She tells Shelly things...stop telling her...I know you've told her stuff so stop doing it.