Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jeff Tries to Strangle Dom

as a joke when he and Jordan see him coming up to the HOH room.

Jeff:  I didn't get a good grip!

Rachel Called Jeff and Jordan

losers at the end of the POV competition.  That's why Jeff blew up on her.

Jeff points out to Jordan angrily that Jordan is the only one in the house who has won this game!  And Jordan should be the one telling her how to win the game.

Jordan:  Well, I am kind of bad in competitions...

Jeff:  Well you won!  You won!

They know that Brendon and Rachel are already setting up the jury, and think they are the final two.  They see Rachel talking to Dom downstairs.

Jeff:  Now she thinks she's winning the Dominic show, but Danielle set it all up...

Jordan wishes she could do something dramatic in this game.  Jeff would let her do it if it were two weeks later, but they can't right now.

Good Job, Love

Jeff says as Jordan recounts her conversation with Cassi and Shelly.  He can't believe Jordan did that all by herself.

Jordan described how Cassi's eyes filled up with tears and Jeff reacts to that.  (Men hate to see a pretty girl cry.)

Jordan goes through each step of the conversation thoroughly and Jeff takes it all in.

Jeff: Wow you did a good job.

Jordan: I said, I really want to keep you, and Jeff wants to, too.

Jeff:  You told her that we like her?

Jordan:  Yeah, and her eyes filled up.

Jeff: sad.

Jordan:  I told her that we're not nominating you because you're pretty!

Jordan tells him that Cassi brought up backdooring Brendon and Rachel and Jeff just listens.  Jordan tells Jeff that Cassi said Dominic would be a great ally.

Jeff doesn't seem to even think backdooring Brenchal is a possibility.  Probably because he is good friends with Brendon now.  He points out that if the script were flipped, and Cassi was the HOH and nominated Brendon and Rachel and they won the POV, they would be in the exact same spot!  Cassi would say, I really like both of you but I have to do it...

Jeff:  It pisses me off that we have to get rid of her, and Rachel gets to stay here with her little lapdog (Porsche) and now Dominic!  She's kissing up to his ass now!  The minute the couples split I want to get rid of her and Porsche!

Jordan tells Jeff that Shelly played it really cool, when Cassi said she wouldn't campaign against her.

Jordan:  She's going to see this later and go, Oh!  She was plotting against me!

Nothing Like a Good Cigarette After a Slopcake

Cassi goes outside to talk with Shelly and have a smoke.  They are both somber.  I'll bet Cassi will be very mad when she learns that Shelly has been working with Jeff and Jordan.

(Look at that top picture---I'm ready to apply for a job at Vogue!)

Cassi wishes they had been nominated first, like everybody wanted (per Jordan).  She think because the two of them are tall and thin, they could have easily won the POV.  (The players had to walk over a long beam.)

They whisper that if Jordan backdoored Rachel and Brendon, everybody would be thrilled.  And it would help out Danielle, too.  Cassi is putting together a little argument about how Brenchal would put them up in two weeks...her wheels are turning.

The Camera Guys Will Miss Cassi

and focus solely on her while she cleans up her dishes and spruces up the kitchen.

Something tells me that the DR will put some crazy ideas in Jordan's head...a Big Power move right now would be great for ratings.

Cassi Chokes Down a Slopcake

in silence.

Jeff moves around the kitchen, getting a drink but not speaking to Cassi.  There is tension in general.

Porsche was there, too, in case you care about that.

HOH PowWow (con't)

Now we're back and Jordan is still calmly stating her position and aplogizes.

Cassi:  Let me ask you this....if Brendon and Rachel were the HOH and they didn't agree with the decision of who to put up, what would that do?  Ask yourself that...

Jordan:  Um.....I don't know...what would they do?

Cassi:  Look, you're very sweet and genuine, and I'm not saying your dumb or naive, but what do you think they would do?

Jordan:  I guess they would do what they wanted to do...

Cassi:  Well, if I did stay..if I made HOH, I would put both of them up first thing, and do everybody a favor in this house.

(How exciting will it be if Jordan puts Brenchal in the nomination chair?  Damn that would be great.)

Jordan:  She (Rachel) walks around here like she has power, and she says things like she does.  I've said it a few times around here but when you get too cocky, it all goes away.  Please don't say anything to anybody yet, like Dominic, because I know he talks to everybody..

Cassi:  I know, I'll be careful.  Have you considered backdooring them?

Jordan:  Oh, I don't know...

The meeting starts to break up breaks up and Jordan says she'll get Jeff up here to talk about it, too.

Cassi:  Well, from the first day everybody was sayin' that Brendon and Rachel need to go, and having one of them gone would be good for everybody's game.

You know, it might not be so difficult to be a fashion photographer---how gorgeous is that picture of Cassi?  If you have good material to work with the job seems easy..

They all hug and go downstairs.

Cassi Wants to Chat With Jordan

I just came back to my computer and lo and behold Cassi wants to talk to Jordan.  They walked back to the Tarot Room and sit down.

Cassi, mumbling, basically wants to know if "us or them" are being put up (i.e. she and Shelly, or Kalia and Lawon) and if so, does she need to worry?

Jordan, stumbling and mumbling:  Well, I wanted to talk to you...I....I don't know. Do you want to go upstairs so we can talk?

Cassi:  Yeah, but let me get something to drink first.

They stop in the kitchen where Shelly the Maid is doing dishes.  Cassi pours some tea and eats something off a plate.  She shows Jordan that her hands are shaking.

Jordan:  Why?  Cause you're so hungry?

Cassi:  I didn't eat yesterday.  (she's on slop)

Jordan invited Shelly to join them and they head upstairs after Cassi eats a few bites of a slopcake.
Jordan:  Well, as you know, we were all on opposite sides, because that is how the game got started.  And my side wants you gone (indicating Cassi).

Cassi:  Can I ask why?

Jordan:  I don't know, but I think it's kinda personal.

Cassi:  It's probably that I opened my mouth that's ironic that I was defending Kalia and Rachel happened to be there...

Jordan:  Well, everyone things you're a threat. You're smart, you can do well in competitions...and everybody thinks that if we put up Lawon and Kalia, it would be a waste.  And you're close to Dom, and that is like the main alliance on that side.
Cassi:  My relationship with Dom is like personal, we're not an alliance..

Jordan starts explaining that before the Veto, she talked to Cassi and Shelly and she and Jeff felt good that the four of them were solid and would do well.

Jordan:   But now that Dom won the Veto if I put up Lawon and Kalia then everybody will be mad at me.  Then it would be me and Jeff and you and Shelly against everybody else....and Brendon and Rachel will come after me, and it's too early in the game for this.

Cassi:  And it's because why?

Jordan:  Because you're quiet and smart and Brendon and Rachel think you'll go far in this game.

Cassi, looking ready to cry:  That's bullshit.  They want me out because they're girls.
Jordan:  And me and Jeff both said....where's that remote control?

Cassi:  And me being quiet, that's me not wanting to converse with those people...

Jordan, fiddling with remote control:  Believe me, we're on the same page as far as that goes.
Cassi:  I'm not trying to sway your decision, but think about who's going to turn on you in the end...I will be with you until the very end....

Jordan:  Believe me, I know that......but they think Lawon and Kalia are easy targets and are a waste.

Cassi:  They might not be strong players, but those are two of the biggest liars in the house.  I used to think that Lawon and I would be best friends outside of this house, but now I can't even look at him.....

Jordan:  Me and Jeff were talking about different ways that we could flip, but we just can't right now...

Cassi:  And I don't want to campaign against her (Shelly) but it just sucks 'cause I can't do anything.

Jordan:  It sucks because I really liked Keith.  And you are someone I would want to hang around with outside of this house.  And I am nothing like her (Rachel), but it's just that the veterans teamed up together and that's the only reason why.  I was the one who wanted Dominic...all of them wanted you to be nominated.

Jordan knows that Rachel made deals all over the house already, but she and Jeff haven't really been doing that.

Shelly:  It's just girls...

Jordan:  It's because...well you're gorgeous...

Shelly:  High school.

Cassi:  It never stops...

Jordan:  It's just annoying.  I've tried to keep my distance today...and Jeff's annoyed with her..everybody knows've seen know...she's got to be the center of attention at all times...she's just annoying...

Cassi:  If I'm going home...okay..but if you need people to look out after you when I'm gone, pick this one (Shelly) and Dominic. He adores both of you...he does.

Cassi warns her to watch her back with Lawon and Kalia, because they are lying backstabbers.  Jordan knows that Brendon and Rachel are on her side right now, but she knows that will change.

Jordan:  Jeff and I just want to both make the jury so we can spend the summer together.  I know I'll be goin' home.

Jordan can't get the remote control to work and is paranoid about who is watching the door.

Now the feeds cut out.

Cassi's Brother is in Jail

or prison, more likely.

Shelly drops this bomb after coming out on the patio to talk to Brendon.  Cassi has previously mentioned someone in her family has drug problems, so I'm guessing drugs are at the root of her brother's problems.

Brendon asked about Cassi and Shelly says she knows they will probably go up on the block in today's POV ceremony, and that she will go home on Thursday.

Shelly:  You know, her family has had a lot of hard knocks, and this was kind of like throwing a bone to them, that there was hope.  You know, her brother's in jail.....everyone has a've been through this before.

Brendon brings up Matt Hoffman's lies last year about his wife Stacy dying.  Brendon says that he has ruined that for everyone after him---everyone will be suspicious from this point out.

Then Brendon says that Matt was a good game player besides the lies, and gives him a shout out at the RTVZone website.  (Matt has a live show on that website, where Evel Dick is the "Website CEO".)

They talk about Rachel's behavior at the POV competition yesterday.  Brendon is "upset that she said that to Jordan".

(In the HOH last night,  Jordan admitted she didn't even hear what was said!)

Brendon says that Jeff and Jordan really wanted Brendon and Rachel to win.  Shelly says that "Rachel came around and congratulated Dom", and that she does it because "her heart won't let her quit" and "there is nobody more competitive than Rachel".

Brendon:  That's why I love her.

(And that's probably why he will scold and berate her again today.  It's what they do.)

About Cassi:

Brendon:  If she turns out to be an international model, I won't be surprised...

Coffee Alfresco

for Brendon.

Brendon talks the cameras a little bit--telling us the date and the estimated temperature.  He says that Shelly is the only other HG up and about, and "he needs to talk to her to find out where she's at".

I guess she's in the DR.

Brendon obviously doesn't know how to have an interesting conversation with the Live Feeders, like Britney and Evel Dick did.  He's still a bore.