Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Shallow Victory for Adam

as he puts Porsche in check over and over again.

I think this is my favorite part of the house--I love the (fake) grass and park-like setting.

Dominic Wants to Go Hunting and Fishing

when he visits Shelly in Louisiana.  His dad loves to hunt, too.  Shelly has "tons and tons of samples" for Dominic's dad "after all this is over".

(Samples for inventions for hunting and fishing.)

Shelly killed a bear when she was up in a tree stand.  It was a cute bear so she had trouble shooting it (then why did she do it?).  They stuffed part of a tree with honey and Sweettarts (because "bears love sweets") and  then Shelly killed it when it went to the tree.

A TV crew was with her, filming it.  She has also killed a deer with a rifle.

She describes learning to shoot skeet and how the kick of the gun hit her in the face.  She learned to bury the butt of the gun in her shoulder.

Dom describes shooting prairie dogs and how their head blows up.

(I have to change the camera.  This makes me sick.)

A Group Hug, Sort Of

since they are all separated by a lot of space.

Jordan calmly explains that they aren't mad, that they are just worried that Rachel did something that was totally unnecessary.

Rachel:  I just get so wrapped up in competitions...

Jeff:  The reprecussions from today will keep going for two weeks now...just from that.  You will be on slop for two weeks!

Jeff assures them they are 100% good with each other and that the last thing they need to do is fight with each other.

Brendon:  The last thing we need to do is to start fighting and end up with Lawon winning Big Brother!

 Brendon says don't worry about Rachel being on slop. She will be okay.

Brendon:  When she wins HOH next week, she can eat what's in her HOH basket.

Rachel:  I need to be on a two week diet.

Sounds like they had to chew gum and then use the chewed gum to build something or fill in some picture.  They had to run to get the gumballs and Jeff says they "should have gone balls to the wall".

Meanwhile, Back in the HOH

Jeff and Jordan are wrapping up their conversation with Shelly.  Shelly knows they will get put up when Dom wins the Veto.

Shelly lets them know she's with them, but it won't look like that when she is with the other newbies.  Jeff and Jordan understand.

Jordan:  I just hate it because I like her.  (Cassi)  I actually like her more than I like Rachel, because she's real.  She's like us..

Right at that very moment, Cassi is knocking on the HOH door.

When she comes in Shelly leaves and Cassi makes herself at home.  She tells them she is happy for Dominic.

Cassi:  I just want to let ya'll know that if you want to work together, I"m all for it. Ya'll are playing the game the way I'd like to play this game.  And that's it.

Jordan:  I'm sorry, I'm just...(tired?)

Cassi:  Oh I know, mama.  Ya'll got stuff to do.

Jeff:  We've got to talk to these yoyos.

Cassi plans to keep her mouth shut and "let her do herself in".  She leaves and says she will talk to them later. Jordan says she looks cute.

Jordan:  I don't want to get rid of her.

Jeff:  But we have to, or else we're switching sides.


Jeff: If we don't get rid of her, then everybody will be against us.  Danielle won't trust us...

Jordan:  And Brendon and Rachel.

Jeff points out that even if they keep Cassi, she trusts Dom more than them and will go with him.  Jordan discusses what would need to happen to get everyone to go against Brendon and Rachel.  They don't sound like they are up for that, but it is interesting that they brought it up.

And right on cue, Brendon and Rachel appear in the HOH.

Rachel immediately apologizes to Jordan for what happened, standing respectfully near the door.

Rachel:  I'm sorry.  I was out of line.

Meanwhile Brendon hugs Jeff warmly.

I'm proud of that last picture.  There was a short window of opportunity there and I took it.

Jeff Will Sink Himself,

Dani whispers.

Dani tells Rachel that when she gets caught up in the moment, to take a deep breath and walk away.  Brendon came back with a different T-shirt on.
Dani advises Rachel to get some water, calm down, and then go upstairs.

Dani:  Jordan isn't mad.  Jeff isn't mad.  He's just upset at the situation.

Rachel:  Of course.  I just don't understand why Jeff yelled at me.

Dani:  He was upset that you made that comment in front of everybody.

Brendon:  Does Jeff admit that he was out of line?

Dani:  He's just....


Oh Shit

This game is getting good.

Dani, who has been up in the HOH with Jeff and Jordan, just ran down to the Candy Land bedroom where Rachel and Brendon were having their "tender scene".

Dani:  You need to major damage control!  This is a social game and you are messing up! Shelly  is up there right now and she said that was totally uncalled for.

Sounds like Jeff lost it on Rachel and Dani advises they not make a big deal and harp on it.

Dani, whispering:  You have to calm down!  Motivate your mind!  Don't mess up this game for yourself!

Dani assures them that Cassi is going home if they can just keep it together.  They high five on that.

Rachel Gets an Earful

from Brendon.

Brendon:  I'm just fucking exhausted.  I feel like I"ve been playing this game for about 7 or 8 weeks!

Rachel, starting to cry:  I'm sorry that I'm ruining your game.

Brendon:  Baby, it's not about the game.  It's about you and me...

Sounds like Rachel may have had some words with Jordan and/or Jeff and Brendon thinks they should wait awhile to go up and talk.

It sounded like Brendon was worried they would be put up in Dom's place?  (Can't be...can it?)

The cameras switch to the Tarot Room, where the newbies lounge in their first victory of the season.

Note:  Rachel calls it the Ta-rut Room.

The competition was all about balance.

The POV is Over

and Dominic won.  Jordan is going to put up Shelly and Cassi in place of Dominic and Adam.  The veterans reassess their plan in the HOH.

They think they have the votes to evict Cassi, rather than Shelly.

Dani:  Kalia will do whatever we want, and Porsche will too.

Those sure are some shiny shoes Dani is sporting there.

Sounds like Brendon, Dom and Jeff were neck and neck the entire time.  Jeff didn't know that he needed to push it--he says that "you always go a little faster if it's your neck on the line".

They are pissed at Rachel.  Sounds like Rachel took a two-week slop deal "just to prove she is a better competitor".

Jeff:  Now for the next two weeks whenever she has a bowl of slop we'll have to look at that face...

Dani:  Well, all the more wine for us...

Jeff, laughing: I know..

Jeff doesn't think that Rachel would have even been happy if Jeff and Jordan won.  He is pissed at Rachel.

(Dani will use that to her advantage.)

Rachel's slop starts today.

Jordan:  She'll get over it.

Jeff:  No she won't! You don't get over two weeks of that shit.  And all to prove a point!

Big Brother After Dark 7-16-11

I have been watching this DVR'ed episode while I move around the house.

Most of the program was incredibly boring.  They were playing beanbag in the backyard and talking in weird accents. Lawon and Kalia had the most boring long conversation I have ever seen on BBAD.

Anyway, during the Food Competition yesterday a medic had to come in the game.  I think the issue was some sort of injury to Kalia's shoulder or arm.  Cassi and Shelly were hissing in the kitchen as they picked through a big bowl of jellybeans.

Cassi:  Did you see her out there playing beanbags?  Isn't that the arm?

Shelly:  Well, she figured out how to get out of bein' a Have Not, didn't she?

I read elsewhere that Rachel was puking in the bushes, so I expect this to produce some good TV Sunday night.  Shelly has a sore back and Cassi asked her why she didn't talk to the medic about it.

Ever the smiling good sport, Shelly just kind of shrugs.

Do you think Shelly will ever just blow?  And wig out?  I'd buy a ticket to that show.

Hurry Up and Wait

They will be picking players for the Veto in an hour or two.

The girls get ready for the day.

Rachel really scrubs away at her problem areas.
Rachel and Dani start whispering and Dani is ordered by BB to put on her microphone.  Busted!
She put on the microphone but it is still hard to hear.
The camera guys (or gals) are digging the Danielle Donato show.

Brendon brings in freshly laundered towels.

Good Morning Houseguests!

It's time to get up for the day!

(If you've never watched the live feeds, that is exactly what the recording has said every morning for years.)

Flashback - The Dumbledore Incident

First of all, I have never seen Dumbledore, don't plan to see Dumbledore, and don't have any opinions about Dumbledore.  I do like the name Dumbledore and enjoy typing it and saying it to myself.

Dumbledore, Dumbledore, Dumbledore.

OK.  The one good thing that came out of my watching 9 1/2 minutes of Getting Schooled with Ragan is that "SpicyPants" told us to watch The Dumbledore Incident for ourselves and gave us the Flashback info.  Basically 7-12-11, at around 6:46 PM.  I'm watching Camera 1.


I started at 6:40, and things look innocent enough.  It looks like Jeff and Jordan are on the (nasty looking) couch in the HOH Room, and Brenchal, Dani and Kalia are lounging on the round bed.  I think Keith is in the room, too.

It seems like a pretty low-key situation, with the crew on the bed discussing the Snarks (?) and the Smurfs.  They discuss how Barney Rubble's voice changed in the middle of the Flintstones series and how pissed Jeff was.

Then Rachel brings up the first Harry Potter movie compared to the later ones.

Jordan:  I've never watched Harry Potter..

Jeff:  Harry Potter is my #1 movie to fall asleep to.

(That's what I said!!!  You can read that here.)

He falls asleep every time it's on.  Jordan mentions JK Rowling and how poor she was and wrote the books on a train.   In typical Jordan fashion, her description is kind of a cluster and Rachel gently corrects her.

Meanwhile, is Brendon flossing in this picture?  ***gross***

Keith says JK Rowling wasn't poor, but someone (Kalia?) says loudly that she was poor---she was "on the dole".

("On the Dole" is Brit Speak for welfare.  I learned that after studying the lyrics from a Wham album.  Yes, you read that correctly.)

Someone says "why are we yelling?"  Now they keep talking about JK Rowling.  So far so good.

Shelly enters the room with coffee for herself and Danielle.

Rachel:  What was the wizard's name?

Kalia says it was Dumbledore and he was written to be gay.

Jeff:  Who?  Written to be gay?  Who was DumbleDorf?  The big guy?

Rachel:  Why was he written to be gay?

Jeff:  That would be perverted!

Kalia:  Well, for kids to understand sexuality--that's why she did it.

Someone, maybe Jeff:  He doesn't have gay tendencies...

Kalia:  Yeah..that's the whole point..

Someone, maybe Jeff imitates Dumbledore:  Hey Harry, let me feel your balls..

Kalia:  Maybe that's just for people like you!  To change sterotypes about gay people!

Jeff, raising his voice, but still laying down:  What do you mean stereotypes about gay people?  He's in a school with little kids!  You don't want to make that guy gay!

Kalia, squealing:  Why?

Jeff:  What do you mean, why?

There is giggling in the room.  They are having a spirited discussion, but there is no true anger.  Also, Kalia's left boob is about to fall out of her shirt.

Jeff:  I don't think it's right for kids to be in some magical land, and to have him be gay!  I can see your PC view....

Kalia interrupts loudly, but is still laughing.  Rachel and Dani are holding a separate conversation in the background.

Jeff:  C'mon.  You know what I'm saying....You're going to let a storybook of where they go away to fantasy camp and the guy is gay?

Kalia protests but is still enjoying the debate.  (This will be one of her starring BB13 moments on You Tube and she looks great, which is important.)

Jeff:  Don't give me that fucking shit--don't tell me the right answer for fucking TV!

Kalia:  My little sister is gay!  So I have to deal with gay people!

Jeff: Think about what it is!

Kalia:  I don't understand!

Jeff:  You don't understand?  Then I'm not gonna talk about it...

Kalia falls over, giggling.

Brendon asks if anyone has watched CS Lewis' The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.  Kalia gets in on the conversation, still giggling a little bit.

So, while Jeff's comments could be construed as offensive, it was not a "real" fight or argument.  If you watch Jeff in the house, he frequently uses profanity to be funny.  I think that is what he was doing here.  But I think his feelings were genuine, as were Kalia's.

Real people have real discussions.  Big Brother strives to put together a cast that will clash.  Many people in America will agree with what Jeff said.  Personally, I don't, but many people do.  I don't think anyone in America thinks Jeff is a learned scholar with learned views.  I can't even imagine the state of his literacy skills.

Things are changing, look at the recent Republican vote in New York to adopt gay marriage. Change takes time!

OK, back to the scene.  (SuperPass allows me to pause the video, which I love..)

The conversation switches from CS Lewis to somehow discussing that Marcy from Peanuts is gay.  Keith brings this up.

Keith:  Charlie was the first manic depressive..he was always down...

Dani:  Did you read the book?

Keith:  Yeah, Charlie was supposed to be like him...he was always

(There is apparently a biography of Charles Schultz, the creator of Peanuts that Keith and Dani both read.  It sounds interesting.  I love biographies.)

Keith mentions that Charlie always put himself out there, but never got a valentine from anybody and was really depressed.  This parallels Shultz's life.

Rachel:  How do you know all of this?

Keith:  I'm like a Charlie Brown fanatic.

He's seen every cartoon and has all the books and movies.  Snoopy was Schultz's dog.  Shelly gets in on the conversation while Rachel talks in the background about guys trying to make cartoon women nasty.  Brendon is a big conspiracy theorist, per Rachel, and listens to radio programs about aliens.

Now they talk about the Little Mermaid with the porn shots clipped in and they move on to the Wizard of Oz.  Keith claims that the Tin Man's hand is a gun, and that there is a body hanging from a tree in the movie.

And so on.

So that is the Jeff vs. Dumbldore incident.  I thought it would be more than it was.

PS  Brendon believes in aliens and notes Frank Drake a physicist, who calculated odds of other beings existing in the solar system.