Thursday, July 14, 2011

Annie and Dani

I'm not making this up, people.

Nine minutes to the live show!

Big Brother After Dark 7-14-11

I have a whole DVR full of Big Brother After Dark episodes already.  I'm doing a bad job of keeping up with that. I always fall asleep when I try to stay up and watch it.

So in preparation for tonight's show, I decided to watch last night's episode.

And now a few things make sense...

Cassi told Danielle that she started to get claustrophobic (sp?) that afternoon and didn't feel like she could get any time alone--away from everybody.  Maybe this explains why she blew off the HOH pictures yesterday afternoon.  You can read about that here and here.

And Brendon and Rachel were arguing like crazy.  Actually, Brendon was in a foul mood and was being a total dick to Rachel.  She was trying to talk to him about the vote and he kept interrupting and scolding her. He was being totally disrespectful and it seemed like nothing she could say or do made any difference.  He was just unloading on her and you could see him coming home from rush hour traffic, slamming things around and telling the kids to shut up.

She was trying to describe the golf game last year and his facial expressions made her stop talking.  She said, "I'm your fiance and I need to talk to you about this--you're the only one I can trust in here"!

She's going to be upset when she sees this on TV.  It's painful to watch.

Rachel went off about how much she hated Cassi.  Cassi only smiles and answers questions for Rachel---she never tries to have a conversation with her.  Rachel said that Cassi doesn't like Jordan, either, and avoids her, not even looking at her in the face.

But she notices that Cassi goes over and talks to Jeff, like they're friends...and with Brendon, too......

Brendon flew off the handle at that, basically telling Rachel to shut up.  We all know that Rachel can be annoying, but she gives the game her all and doesn't just lay around and mope.  Brendon needs to take a nap or something and snap out of this shitty mood.

Rehearsal Time

Although Dani called it "Practice".

They are going to practice going down the hall to vote.  I think Dani said they are going to choose between evicting Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake.

They will have the mock eviction and then go into the backyard to practice the HOH competition.  I'm guessing it will be a simple quiz-type competition---Production doesn't need the pressure of an all night elimination competition on the first night of live action.

Check Out Lawon in the Back of This Picture

Jeff's Couture

He tries on Shirt #1 first, while Dominic mocks him.

Jordan:  The more you don't like his clothes, the more he wants to wear 'em.

Jeff:  Yeah, that's right, I'm rockin' this shirt.

Jeff only buttons three buttons---that's how he rolls.

He tries on Shirt #2 for the crowd.

Dani votes for Shirt #1 and Jeff agrees, particularly since Dominic hates it.

Jeff:  We have a winner!  I'm making a statement tonight...

Dani: What statement?

Jeff:  That I dont' like Dominic!

Dani:  I think it's a good opener...

Cassi's Extensions

Dani holds them for her, because that's what (fake) friends are for.

Now Cassi is ready for them, and places them on her head.  The cameras don't let us down on this, and show us all of the details.

Primping for the Big Show

Behold the gorgeousness, as well as a hairy back.

Cassi is going to 'put on the dog' tonight, as we say in the south. She is going to wear a dress and heels, and just combed out a series of extensions to wear.

Extensions creep me out.

Shelly asks Jordan if she has a hard time looking at Jeff all day long.  Jordan says that Jeff is still handsome, even wearing glasses. Jordan bought Jeff Lasik surgery with some of her Big Brother 11 winnings.

Shelly: Oh, that's sweet!

They discuss Jeff's gray hair.  Shelly tells him not to dye it, that he is lucky that it grows pretty evenly.  Jordan says she "never notices it" and that a few guys that come into her salon dye their hair and it is very noticeable. They tell him not to dye it.  When Jeff was young it was only gray in patches.

Jeff:  I always wanted to book a commercial or something when they tell me I can't have gray hair.  So then if people ask me if I dyed my hair, I can say no, I booked a commercial and they did that!

Shelly must be on Cloud Nine.  She went on and on in her preseason interviews about how great Jeff and Jordan are, and now she's getting ready to be on live TV with them.

Trivia Time

for a few minutes now.  Probably time for rehearsal.

The Producers give them a good talking to before the first live show in particular.

Any guesses as to who Julie will call out tonight?

Based on search results, I'm betting Julie will be asking a questions of Cassi and Danielle, and maybe Jordan.  I don't think CBS is going to kiss Jeff's butt tonight, due to the recent news coverage.

I don't think anybody cares about Keith or Porsche's families, but who knows.  I am often wrong about things.....

Dominic Kills

Sometimes the feeds are laugh-out-loud funny.  Dominic and Dani are laying down resting, and Dominic is entertaining the crowd by playing the 'Would You Rather' game with Keith.

Dom:  Keith, would you rather lay down with Dani forever, but you can never take your clothes off, or lay down next to Adam and you can be naked?

Keith asks a lot of clarifying questions.  He has "no problem with nudity" and asks if he and Dani can touch each other while they lay together.  Dani keeps murmuring "no!",  "no!" to Dominic as Keith asks his questions.  They are in separate bedrooms, so Keith and Dom are talking pretty loud.

Keith finally takes the Adam option, once it is established that he can make out with chicks while he lays there.

Adam:  Ooooo  that sounds interesting!  (***gross***)

Dom:  Only the chicks who will actually do it with you....

It is pretty funny stuff.

Now they are all back in the HOH for a lockdown for some reason. Rachel has her hair in rollers and is taking a long time with her makeup.  What else does she have to do?  She looks like Lucille Ball here.  Sorry Rachel.
Kalia is standing in the tub and running the water.  I guess some sort of bathing procedure is about to take place.

FYI before I forget---Rachel has mentioned Britney talking about her last year.  She was hurt when she saw all of Britney's DR sessions.  I wonder if she was surprised to see her own behavior?

Rachel starts rapping 'Mr. Boombastic' and tells Kalia she doesn't think the live feeds are on.  Kalia has been getting in trouble for singing but hasn't been threatened with a penalty nomination.

Morning Nap for Adam and Keith

They just assured each other that it was in both of their best interests for the other to Adam playing Keith?  Or is Adam playing the All Stars?  They giggle a little before settling down and Keith seems to be very upbeat about tonight.

I've been really disappointed with Adam in the game, so as much as I'd like to see the All Stars roll, it would be great entertainment if Old Adam draws the line and sides with the Newbies.

It is certainly in his best interest to do so......

They Know That Porsche Knows Janelle

According to Brendon, "Janelle recommended her".  They all start to groan about this, and don't say much because, hey Janelle is Janelle.  There had been a rumor that Porsche "knew somebody", but everyone assumed it was Evel Dick.

Rachel is shaving Brendon's (balding) head in the HOH bathroom after the lockdown is over.  Kalia was a principal in the conversation, and Jeff and Jordan were in and out as well.

Kalia:  Every time I talk to her I think, she can't possibly be this stupid, but then she says something else!

Brendon thinks she is a sweet girl but has terrible social skills.  They all agreed not to tell her anything that matters anymore.

They think Keith will be voted out tonight.

Hmmmm.  For once, I'm not really sure who will leave tonight.  I didn't know about the Regulators until I saw it on TV, since it probably went down before the feeds went live.  I'm going to be surprised tonight, which will be a rare treat.

What are People Searching for Right Now?

I always get a kick out of this.  And, to answer someone's question, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a Big Dick.  No need to search anymore for answers about that.  Glad to help.

Once Again, Cassi Lags

the others.  Everyone is in the HOH cracking little jokes and finishing their breakfast.  They are all getting comfortable for what is sure to be a lengthy lockdown.

Except Cassi.

As you can see, she is still in the kitchen with wet hair grabbing some food.  When she entered the HOH room, no one greeted her or said anything about her being the last one up there.

She and Rachel discuss her use of Rachel's hair dryer, but that's about it.  Dani is complaining about how bad Rachel's CD is---Spice World.  This was apparently a joke her sister played on her and everyone hates it.

Breakfast of (Fat) Champions

Jeff and Jordan

Jordan:  I feel good about today.

She idly strokes his head and neck.  Jeff doesn't say much---he has morning voice.

I'm guessing the two of them have NO IDEA about the media shitstorm that is going on regarding Jeff's comments about Dumbledore.

Seriously how stupid is that last sentence?  Does anyone really look to Jeff Schroeder for insightful social commentary?

Wait a minute....this is Big Brother...of course thousands of Super Fans are hanging on every word.

WWJD = What Would Jeff Do?

ha ha ha

Jordan's slippers are falling apart and Jeff advises that she "invest in some new ones".  So see, he does offer good advice from time-to-time.

Jeff:  I could go for a pancake today.....

Jordan is not hungry.  She would rather just eat breakfast.

Bacon Bacon Bacon

as Adam chants every day.  (He's annoying, by the way.)  You can see Adam carefully arranging the bacon on a cookie sheet.  The inside of that oven must be a mess, what with all the splattering of the bacon grease.

Lawon flosses his teeth, thankfully with his back to the camera in the Padded Cell.

Brendon tells Adam he might have an addiction to bacon.  Adam says he knows he talks about it a lot, but that his cholesterol is okay and his nutritionist has approved his diet.

(So, I guess Brendon knows Adam is a liar now.  The 'nutritionist' is a dead give-away.)

They discuss their dreams.  Rachel had one about going to Chicago with Brendon and Dani was there and she was told she can't represent the show because of some sort of animal issue.

Rachel is going to make 'mexican eggs' with sauteed mushrooms and salsa.  She claims Brendon taught that to her but he denies it.

Everyone is up and about.  Can you see Jordan brushing her tongue in the bottom picture?  She is studying to be a dental hygienist, by the way.