Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tidbits From Today: Cassi, Kalia & Dani

Where to begin?  I am putting out a few fires associated with my business, but rest assured I am keeping an eye on the game and listened to the feeds all day.  I took some pictures and have 4 Post-It notes covered with scribbling, so in the next few posts I will try to update you as best as I can.

So far, I haven't heard BB telling the HG to 'Stop That!' very often.  Instead, they are cutting the feeds when they hear the HG say anything that might lead to legal problems.  For example, if they are singing or humming or discussing someone who hasn't signed the release form.

Cassi has been telling the HG stories about her ex-boyfriend Lee Bice.  He is a country singer (or "sanger").  I've never heard about him, but if you google his name you will find out how hot he is.  Of course.  I gather they had a bad breakup, but I can't get a good sense of it because BB won't let me.  They love to turn off the feeds when the shit gets good.

Cassi is not exactly making a good name for herself in the house.  Over the last day or so, Brendon has been saying that he can't trust her as far as he can throw her and that she thinks she is outsmarting everyone by having Dom and Lawon do her dirty work.  And now that Brendon is saying it, the All Stars are all saying it.  Dani trusts Cassi the least out of anyone in the house.  Rachel is feeling that way too.  I heard Dani say this afternoon that she wishes they had used the Veto this week to get rid of her.

So Cassi needs to try to win a few competitions this week.  The All Stars have warmed up to Shelly, so I think gifting Shelly with a Golden Key and giving Cassi the boot would be an easy decision.

I'm still not sure what the alliance name is for the All Stars.  I have heard Brendon call it the Care Bear Alliance several times today.  But I don't know.  Please fill me in if you do.
 So as you can see Cassi does smoke.  And she pulls on that cigarette like nobody's business.  I'm sure that is the Model Diet, but as far as smokers go, Cassi, Adam and Shelly are the most regular smokers.  Jeff likes to have a cigarette, too, but usually just at night or after eating or while getting liquored up.
 Kalia had an interesting conversation with Cassi today on the patio, which you see here.  I think Lawon was perched nearby, and Adam, Shelly and Dom came in an out of it, I think.  She talked about going to Spelman College and explained the rules about not being allowed to have men in the dorms after a certain hour.  (Spelman is a prestigious girls school in Atlanta which is adjacent to Morehouse a men's college.  Both are predominately black, but Kalia says they can't prevent other races from attending.)

She started to tell a story about her boyfriend visiting and how she snuck him around the dorm at night and the feeds cut out.  She talked about her acting career starting when she was 2 years old.  They talked about The Cosby Show and told Cassi she was so close to being ______, who is one of the characters.  I only remember Theo and Rudy from that show, so I don't know which character Kalia said.  But of course the feeds went out during that conversation.

Kalia has been stepping here and there in the house.  She puts on little impromptu shows in the bedrooms sometimes, once for Jeff and Jordan.  I love to watch stepping, and Kalia was pretty good.  It's been a long time since she was in college, but she still remembers the rhythms and described the different props used by the black fraternities on campus.  Like one uses canes in their routines.  It's like line dancing with a drum beat.

I'm impressed with Kalia.  I can't recall seeing someone with her viewpoint on BB in the past.  She has no chip on her shoulder for being black, and speaks freely about her race without making anybody feel uncomfortable.  Let's face it, Kalia is probably the most upper crust houseguest.  Her family obviously had money, and she is well traveled, went to private colleges and got an advanced degree in New York, etc.  She's a sorority girl and is open and honest (at least she comes off that way).  She's representing and I hope her predecessors will be proud of what she accomplishes here.
 Can you see her crying in that picture?  Shelly was sitting with them and when she went back in the house someone said that they were glad Shelly was there, because it was like being able to talk to your mom.  Cassi and Kalia both started missing their moms.   It was sweet.  Lawon tried to sooth Kalia, but what can he do?
The picture you see above is Danelle prancing down the hall with Jeff after weighing herself.  Danielle has a thing with every single man in that house.  And by "thing", I don't mean a hook up.  Relax Jeff fans.

She just has a little dialogue and relationship with each one.  She hugs Lawon all the time, stays up late at night with Dom, works out and plays games with Keith, and talks game with all of them, including Brendon and Jeff.  It's kind of flirty, and they all admire her.  She is a major ringleader in the entertainment every night, making up the rules in the drinking games and giving as good as she gets.

She's got a good game going.  Dani's going to be there a while.

They've been pestering BB for a scale, particularly the people on slop.  Today they got one and there was some talk that the scale is 5 pounds heavy, but I watched a few of them step up and be weighed.  They weighed in as follows:

Jeff - 181, he is usually 185
Jordan - 128
Porsche - 128
Dani - 130, she is usually around 135--lots of muscle weight
Adam - 215

I wish I heard the verdict on  Rachel's weight. I heard her wigging out about it, but I didn't hear it.  Did you?

Cassi Has a Blemish

and gets her close up while she tries to take care of it.  Dominic is right there next to her, reveling in how gross it is.  Cassi tried to take care of it last night, but now it's back.

 Lawon thinks she needs to put something on that spot before she goes to bed, so she puts a little bit of face mask on it and he approves.

Now Porsche starts an uncomfortable discussion with Cassi and apologizes for some comment made last night.  It's hard to understand exactly what happened, due to Porsche's habit of overtalking without having a lot of actual content.

Cassi:  I'm just being real right now.  If I have a friend I hang out with, that's it, so if I've been standoffish with you that's why.  I don't think you like me and it doesn't matter.

Porsche is rehashing the whole boring Keith saga and it goes on and on.

Yep, It's Bedtime.

When we come back from the break, the backyard crew is getting ready for bed.
Shelly is already in the Padded Cell--you can see her feet sticking out from under the covers.  Let me say somthing about Shelly---all she does is clean in there!  At night on BBAD the house drinks and talks, and plays drinking games, and Shelly can't deal.  So she will move amongst them while they play rowdy games sweeping and wiping the counters.  It is ridiculous. I think she is miserable and cleaning is the only way she can keep busy and overhear the conversations without joining in.

She is very uncomfortable with the "Never Have I" game and leaves the room if she doesn't want to answer.

Dani went straight to bed, but Dom, Cassi and Lawon hang out in the BR.  Cassi and Lawon brush their teeth and wash their faces.  Dom just pesters Cassi like a bratty little brother.

Porsche walks through to the WC and Dom says Good Morning, we just got up.  She's too tired to play along.  She comes right back out of the WC and returns with ammunition from the storage room to reload.

Another All Nighter

Brendon is tossing and turning in bed, but once again Dani stayed up with a bunch of Newbies.  Specifically Kalia, Cassi, Dom and Lawon.

They discuss how a number of the houseguests that have seen Keith's penis.  Apparently before the feeds went live, he showed it to Porsche while he was in the shower, and to more of them in the backyard.  Some say it was large, but Dani reports that Porsche said "it's no Big Brother".

They wonder if the Porsche/Keith relationship will develop outside the house.  Some think so.  Calli reported a few minutes ago that Keith approached her soon after they came in the house and told her that he "really liked her, like for real".    She scoffs at this but says when he watches himself on the show he will realize how he came off.

Dani is looking at various objects in the backyard and finding price tags on them (i.e. vases, etc).  She holds the items up and describes them and the others guess how much it cost. Cassi and Kalia ask questions about what they are made of, weight, etc.

Many of the items are from Home Goods (a division of TJ Maxx) and Z Gallerie.

Dani keeps calling Dom "PT". I heard her doing this last night but don't know what it means.

Now Dani finds a glass container and holds it up for inspection----it's quite heavy.

Dom:  $32.99
Cassi:  $42.00
Kalia:  $44.00

Dani announces that Kalia wins, as the item's price tag says $92.50.  They laugh at how much that piece of crap costs.

Dani:  Big Brother, please return this and get us some nicer food!

She finds this vase with fake flowers in it and holds it up.

She discovers that the flowers are sold separately and then the flowers fall out.  Production doesn't like this and we get WBRB while I presume they are being scolded and ordered to bed.

It's nearly 5:00 am right now...