Monday, July 11, 2011

Bean Bag Time

Keith and Danielle are playing with the bean bag game and keeping score.  There are two of these target-type things, one at either end of the backyard, and they take turns aiming and tossing.

Keith is acting like a normal guy, hanging out without the dramatic episodes we have seen lately.  He should have been doing this all along.

Danielle is really good at the game and Keith says she is one girl that he doesn't mind losing to.

Keith:  She's like Shera!

Backyard Action

Jeff is lifting weights with Adam and Dominic.  Cassi is in the hot tub, all by herself, and Porsche is laying nearby babbling about starting to study for the competitions in case she stays in the house.

Cassi is listening to Porsche, I guess, and making little "mmhmm" sounds.  Wait, is Cassi wearing full makeup with lipstick?
Yes she is.  I don't know why, since I just got here, but she is fully made up.  There is a lot of trash talking amongst the guys.  Keith is working in sets, too, and they spot each other when necessary.  Adam told them how fat he was just a year ago, and Dom is interested in this.  There is a beanbag-type game that they have playing since last night.  I'm not sure if it is related to an upcoming competition, or just to relieve the boredom.

Adam is kind of awkward around the other HG, from what I have seen.  His sense of humor is kind of inappropriate at times and falls flat frequently.  He seems really girly and dances around in a strange way sometimes.  For example, when they were thinking up names for their alliance, Adam suggested "Dancing Queens" and moved around in a weird way.  And he frequently chants "bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon" under his breath.  He's odd.  And his mannerisms and speech patterns certainly don't fit his look.

He can't get piercings or tattoos because he's Jewish.  He explained this to Jeff who wasn't aware of this element of the Jewish faith.

Adam just struck a pose in the back yard and said he was imitating Nick from BB8.   Jeff didn't know what Adam was talking about so Adam explained that Nick was holding his dick in the picture and Adam demonstrates the pose.

Jeff:  Why?

Adam:  Well....I guess he wanted to show it to somebody.

Dom asked a few follow up questions and wanted to know when this happened.  Here's hoping Dom asks Danielle about his later, because he clarified with Adam that it was Dani's ex Nick that he was referring to.  Adam said that Nick also dated Kristin from BB12.  (Did he mean Jen Johnson from BB8?)  I wasn't aware that he dated Kristin, but I guess that could be true.

Jeff works on his abs.  Jeff hates working on his abs and curses them after each set.  ("Fuck you, abs!")

Speak of the devil.  Now Adam tells Jeff that the world's best serial killer is from Chicago.

Jeff:  Gacy?

Adam:  Yeah!

Jeff:  He lives a couple of blocks from where my parents like him?

Adam:  Yeah...I've read a bunch of books about him....he was a clown...I like clowns...

Now I guess he realizes how strange that is and he starts talking about (or making excuses about) why he read the books and Jeff tells him to "just keep digging" while making shovel gestures.

They made fun of those sandals that Adam is wearing a few minutes ago.  This is a joke that Dominic made up:

Why is Adam's sandal like a tampon?  Because every pussy has one.

Sorry, his joke not mine.

I Just Watched Evel Dick's Video

on  There is a little square on the bottom left of the home screen that uploads the video pretty quickly.

Dick is using some sort of list of bullet points, as you might expect, but is generally speaking off the cuff in his usual style.  Except I don't think there was any profanity.

I guess those are his reading glasses---he did take them off at the very end of the video.  The basic points were already summarized in the transcript I published earlier today.  Dick says that none of his family were in any sort of "accident", but he does not mention rumors of drug issues with his son, or himself.  He mentions the rumors of him leaving to promote his website, but says that staying in the house to talk about it would have driven a lot more traffic.  (True.)

He does chalk up his need to leave by attributing it (I would same blaming it, but that was not the spirit of what he had to say) to someone else who has "always been there for him".

He mentions the ridiculous rumors he has read online, but the ones he mentions are truly ridiculous.  Like him being on the space shuttle, him working with Casey Anthony's attorneys to assist in her release, etc.  Totally outlandish rumors---not the rumors that he was getting high in the BB house.  Or brought in the means to get high.  Or arranged to have the means to get high.

He apologizes to CBS, the fans, his team in the house, and basically everybody else.  Based on the way he is handling this, I think he has left the door wide open to return for All Stars, but that is just me talking, not Evel Dick.
Dick Donato needs to be honest with himself.  That's the main thing.  It's already a sad story, but he is the only one who can give himself a happy ending.

hee hee Happy Ending hee hee hee

Big Letdown.

Evel Dick's explanation sucks.  He doesn't answer anything here.  You can watch his statement on RTZone, if you can get it to work.

Here is a transcript of the statement--you can read it here.  Thanks to

Really, I don't even know why he bothered with this.  He mentions that Production didn't just talk to him in the DR---they came in the room with him.  To me, that means they had to forcibly remove him.  Even Chima was trusted to follow directions, "No need to sit down" as she exited stage right.

Oh yeah, he wanted to promote his website.  Uh huh.

He was grinding his teeth in one of his DR sessions on Sunday night's show.  Did you see that?

I hope Alison doesn't let us down on Wednesday's show.

'Big Brother 13': Evel Dick Donato left for a personal emergency

Dick says [edited for length]:

"CBS will be addressing this on the Wednesday episode of 'Big Brother.' But I wanted to address my departure from the BB house to stop all the speculation and b******* rumors floating around the internet once and for all.

I wasn't kicked out, I wasn't put in ail, I wasn't diagnosed with cancer, my mother, my son and my girlfriend weren't in any kind of accident or caused me to leave the house in any way shape or form. My brother wasn't killed, I don't even have a brother ... all these rumors are just out of hand.

This isn't some kind of lame publicity stunt aimed at promoting ... Also, I didn't leave the game to push Daniele farther in the game, as some are saying. I was there to win and so was she.

Also, it is true that Dani and I have not spoken for three years but for one time when we crossed paths at my mother's house about a year ago. That conversation was brief and extremely awkward and we haven't spoke since, although I have left her a few voicemails since that time, getting no response back from her.

I would really like to apologize to CBS, the producers of the show, my daughter, my alliance, the other cast members and as well to all the fans. I know you all are diappointed, as am I. This was very unexpected and was not planned in any way, shape or form.

I went into the BB house with the sole intention of winning the game and becoming the first two-time winner of BB. Nothing less would do for me. That was the goal, not making the jury, not bailing out, anything else. I was there to win.

I had a very good start in the game and was very happy with my position in the house, with my alliance and with my position within my alliance. Things were rolling very well and I couldn't have imagined a better start for the season.

People, friends, family and fans who know me know I would have never, ever left the house if it could have been avoided ... I'm not a quitter, I've never quit anything and why would I leave, if it wasn't for something important.

I was summoned the Diary Room and the producers gave me some bad news about somebody I was very close with. Actually, they didn't even come on to the PA in the Diary Room, they came inside the Diary Room.

It was an emergency that required my immediate attention. There was no second thought. I had to leave and they understood completely. I thank them for their understanding and their concern, it means a lot to me. As a matter of fact, they've contacted me a number of times since leaving to see how I'm doing and make sure everything is OK. I really do appreciate how they're helping me out.

I had no idea about any of this. Bottom line is sometimes things in life happen that mean a lot more than being on a television show. Some things in life give you perspective about what's really important in life and this is one of those things.

Sometimes people need you and if you're true to them, you do everything you can for them no matter what. This person needs me and I'm there for them no matter what.

I am going to respect their privacy and am not going to say anything else about the situation."