Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cassi Does Nashville

Here she is on a country music video--I'm not a fan of country music in general, and this is just the type of music I hate.  It just all sounds the same to me.

But check out Cassi in the video---she is in it from start to finish and it is like a little movie.  Even with the sound turned off it still made sense.

She is legit.  What a knockout.  The song is "Tell Me" by Jake Owen and you can watch the video here.

Evel Dick Chats With the Fans

This is a transcript of a chat with Evel Dick in the last day or so.  I think it originates from, but I found it at Jokers.  It is very interesting to hear him talk about the newbies, and his relationships with his alliance.

I loved seeing him on CBS tonight and am sad that he won't be on for the rest of the season.  He certainly seemed to have his hands around a few necks.  But he didn't look well.  Not well at all.

I'm sure we will see him next summer on All Stars.   I must admit I'm a little heartbroken.  I used to cover Evel Dick when I wrote for the Big Big Brother Website during BB8, but I was looking forward to covering him live and uncensored.  I loved the Dick-at-Nite show.

Have a good summer Dick and do what you need to do.

.Summary of ED's chat at RTV
07/10/11 12:11 PM

Big Brother 13: Dick Donato Speaks to the Fans!!

Big Brother 8 Winner, Evel Dick Donato, has broken his silence!

Below is a chat transcript that was sent to me by a longtime friend of BBDish, Kristin (Gettin it Together), who was present in the chat and had a couple of her questions answered by Evel Dick. Kristin is the "Me" in the transcript below.

The language is more raw than you're accustomed to seeing on BBDish, but I think it's important to let Dick speak for Dick, with no alterations...

According to the transcript below, Dick's video explanation of his departure will be released on RTVZone Sunday afternoon. We'll have our eyes peeled!

ED: What's up boys and girls. thanks for all the well wishes people. Yes, it's 2:30... I don't sleep much usually, but I am not sleeping at all these days

ED: I just wrote my statement I will be recording and posting tomorrow. Look for it here (on RTVZone) tomorrow afternoon. I apologize to everyone. I am way more disappointed about leaving the house than anyone else, trust me.

ED: it's early in the game, the feeds will get better with this cast, they are good. this is the oldest average age cast ever...

Me: Do you like Rachel? You seemed to be getting along with her?

EvelDick: Just because someone is in your alliance, you put up with them, not necessarily like them.

ED: Shelly rocked, Adam was really out there, Cassi I liked, Porche was cool

ED: Honestly, it is hard for me to watch the feeds, it is really upsetting to me still to be gone.

ED: I got along with Jeff

EvelDick: I am not answering anything to do with my departure... period. My statement will be the only time I address this.

ED: I honestly forgot Jordan won... whooops. I like Jordan, but she won by default.

EvelDick - There are a lot of smokers in the house this season.

ED: sorry, went out to smoke...back now.

ED: I love Jun

ED: I am rooting for Dani of course

ED: know I ***** the alliance by leaving, and I had no idea they would give Dani the golden key, but am glad

ED: but they are now down 2 players, good competitors and a vote... that sucks

ED: No Comp ***** while in the house.whoever is doing Dani's twitter should stop

ED: This season was completely different for me. I didn't have ***** lined up so well in the start of BB8

ED: well, whoever is running Dani's twitter should stop, it is lame

Anyone running her twitter should not be tweeting like it is her, it is just ***** stupid. The fortune teller will come into play sometime soon I am sure.

ED:all the stupid rumors why I left are done by tards that don't know *****

ED: that fortune teller was like a female version of Jerry from BB10 it was weird looking...

ED: did they take the cigarette out of it's mouth that I put in?

ED: Adam did the Jerry impression 5,000 times before the feeds went live, he was making me nuts

Me: What do you think of Kalia?

ED: Kalia = a waste of space in the BB house.Yes I like Green Day

ED: She did surprise me with how long she lasted on the banana comp.. Kalia, I mean

ED: Cassi is smokin' hot and cool as hell. No Jen's in the house this season.

ED: I did align with J&J and B&R and I had Adam and Porche in my back pocket. I haven't spoken to anyone who has called me since leaving

Me: Did you hear about Keith blowing up? and his youth minister thing?

ED:I heard about Keith but not details

ED: Shelly was also in my pocket. I was running that game. It really bummed me out to leave

ED: No idea how I would get Dani and I into the final 2 or if I could, but I would have tried

ED: there is always a chance people are lying to you, but I am a pretty good judge of that and not much of that ***** got by me last time and I don't think much of it would have gotten by me this time

ED: I knew Keith was a youth minister, the dummy wore all these shirts with his church ***** on it

ED: too early to judge Jeff's game. But I did have to lead him along a few times and spell ***** out. Dom equals dumb.

ED: No, I can say what I want and CBS is ok with it. They just want to know what I am going to say is all. It is a matter of privacy, and they respect that. They will be very vague.

ED: I thought Dom was the gay one, he made some off handed comments to me

ED: Dom has a huge crush on Dani, she will try and use that.

ED: Dani needs to stick with best competitors and they are B/R and Jeff
and they should pull a person or 2 into it temp until they have #;s

ED: If they asked me back, I would do it again, yes. And I hope they do

ED: Golden keys were to help keep returning HG's from all going home early

ED: I won't be back this season, so don't start any rumors.

Kalia Spills Cassi's Beans

by the pool.  The girls were talking about how pretty and natural she is with no makeup.  Someone said she should be a model, and Kalia spilled it.

Kalia:  She used to be a model, but she hated it.  She was on all the big magazine covers, and worked with the top agencies...she hated it...

There is silence from Rachel while she calculates this info.  I expect this to come up in the HOH later.

They think Cassi looks like Angelina Jolie when her hair is down and straight.  They also think she looks like Olivia Wilde.

Kalia started naming all of the black girls who have been on Big Brother.  She always forgets about Jameka.

Dani:  How can you forget about Jameka?

Rachel:  We had Monet!  She was a black girl.

Kalia:  But she was also a disaster...

Now they talk about Kristin's body (BB12) and Rachel compliments her but says her boobs are fake.

Someone says Janelle is pretty and Kalia makes a negative "Hmmm" voice.  She elaborates by saying she saw her come out of the shower and didn't see the natural beauty.  She clarifies that Janelle is "cute" and she sees why everyone says thinks highly of Janelle.

Dani says the prettiest girls who have ever been on Big Brother are Lisa BB3 and Amanda BB4.  (What?  Amanda from BB4? No way...)

Kalia:  Lisa...did she make it very far?

Dani:  She won!

Kalia:  Oh...that shows how much I know.

They talk about how pretty Chelsea is, and someone (Kalia, I think.) said she had gained a lot of weight.  Dani defended her by saying that she was on BB three years ago and she's grown up.  They say she has lost a lot of weight but is naturally pretty.

Rachel brings up how pretty Annie is from BB12.  Now Dani says that Annie is so beautiful inside and out.

(Is Dani dating Annie?  I have heard her say several things about being "so close" to Annie, even on Rumor Control.  And Annie talks about her, too.)

Did you get a load of how conservative Rachel's bathing suit is?  She looks like a soccer mom out there.

Dani was just talking about how Annie's hair is naturally blonde instead of the brunette color she had on the show and then she smirked:  "I like Annie both ways..."

Yep, I think something is going on there......

Jeff Has Stage Fright

when he has to pee in one of the big troughs at a sporting event.

He reports that he is much more comfortable pooping in front of Jordan then peeing.

Jeff:  When I'm standing up and she's in there....I can't get it started!

Adam doesn't live with his girlfriend, but the bathroom door is always closed, and they visit one at a time.

This whole conversation started because Brendon thought Rachel was pooping in the HOH and didn't want to tell him.  (So he came downstairs and told all of the guys?  Brendon needs to watch his fucking mouth.)

Jordan is still sore from working out with Dani yesterday.  The backyard is full of oiled bodies.  That is Keith in the pool all by himself, not making an effort to speak to anybody.
I would have a hard time living and interacting in that kind of environment, but this isn't Keith's first time at the Reality Rodeo, so he'd better pull it together.

Let's enjoy the beauty that is Jeff as he takes a dip.  That is Brendon's ass there in the shot, too.

What Will They Name the Alliance?

First of all, Jeff was talking WAY TOO LOUDLY about this in the bathroom area with Brendon, Dani and Adam.

He wanted to name it "Evel Empire" as a nod to Evel Dick.  He asked Adam what he thought.

Adam:  I was thinking...Adam's Angels!

Dani:  No, it can't be named for you!

Jeff:  How about Jeff's Jerkoffs?

Adam:  It depends on which end of the jerking off I'm on.  (WTF?)

Jeff:  Holy Moly....

Jordan walks in and Jeff asks her what a good name would be.

Jordan:  A name?  For what?

Jeff:  For a group of people scheming and plotting!

Jordan:  Didn't we just talk about this yesterday?

(They are being incredibly loud....)

Dani asks who farted?

Jordan:  I did.  I was waitin' for somebody to say somethin'.

A Few Words About Rachel

As you know, I have been watching the live feeds and have a few observations about Rachel.

Last year, she was hyper-aware of the cameras and made sure she put on a good show whenever she knew they were on her.  Brendon started to do the same thing, so the two of them  always seemed to be "on" whenever we saw them on camera.

Rachel also obliged when BB brought her back in the house for the 'bad' Pandora's Box.  She came in with guns blazing, started a fight with Ragan, and seemed to love being the villian.
But this year, things are different.

She is still hyper-aware of the cameras being on her, but uses that as a reminder to curb her behavior.  I have heard her say several times that she doesn't want America to hate them this year.  She knows that we watched all of their fights and mocked them constantly.

She and Brendon agreed to do the show only if they didn't fight like they did last year.  They are trying  hard not to, but it seems to be a struggle.

I have heard other BB players say that Rachel is quite different in real life--maybe this is what they are referring to.

Last year she and Brendon also made out and had sex frequently on camera.  Will they do that this year?  I'm not sure what has happened thus far, but I guess I'll let you know....

POV Ceremony Aftermath

Rachel and Brendon did not use the Veto.

Shelly is giving Keith advice on how to handle things.  He came clean to her about his job (i.e. he works in Human Resources, not Matchmaking) and she tells him to be honest with people and say he wants to get to know them.

Keith seems broken and resigned to leaving.  A lot can happen before Thursday's live show, but I think the other HG see Keith's physical potential and don't want him to get a free pass for three more weeks (i.e. the Golden Key).

In the Padded Cell Porsche chats with Dom and Cassi about this season.  When there were just 8 of them, she thought 100% that BB would bring in one of her ex-boyfriends.

Dom:  I didn't know who was coming in, but I sure didn't think I would be gang banged by All Stars.

The camera shifts to Brendon and Dani talking in the bathroom while Dani oils up for the sun.  Dani did the math and "whoever gets the Golden Key from here on out is going into sequester".  (i.e. the Jury House)  There are going to be four Golden Keys in total.  Someone from Production must have told them about that.

Dani:  That is huge!  Think about it...

They discuss how bad it will be to go to the Jury House with Porsche.

Dani hears Rachel talking down the hall and says how funny she is.  Brendon makes what  I think is a bad judgment call by telling Dani that Rachel doesn't think strategically, and he recaps what they have been arguing about.

Thank god for Brendon that Jeff comes in to stop that conversation.  Jeff reports that he had a great poop this morning in the HOH bathroom.  Dani says that he poops enough for both he and Kalia---it's unnatural to go three times a day.

Jeff is getting a zit.  They are waiting for Shelly to come out of the WC and Dani speculates that she is pooping.  This is a good look for Dani---pulling back all that hair and smiling a little.  She gets along well with everyone in the house and is so much lighter after her dad left.  She couldn't have gotten booked for the show without him, but now that he's gone its a gift.  

Dani goes over her Golden Key math with both guys and they struggle with it.  Dani just went to "go ask" about it---i.e. into the DR.

Brendon Disrobes and Robes

I like those boxers.  They are cute.

Veto Schmeto

Brendon and Rachel have been busy this morning holding meetings with everyone in the house in advance of today's Veto meeting.

They have also been arguing a fair amount---Rachel doesn't agree with the way Brendon is talking to everybody, but Brendon fairly points out that they are trying to correct their mistakes from last year.

I'm not sure what they are going to do---they just told Porsche that nothing has changed, that she is safe this week.  But they also want Dom out, and have decided that he and Cassi are playing together.

They called Jeff in to brief him.  They really need Jordan to win HOH this week, so that the three of them can compete for it next week.  Jeff agreed to stop giving Cassi information, but he doesn't plan to start a war with her, either.  If the competition involves targeting another HG, they all plan to target Dominic first.

Jeff points that Dominic is "still a little kid".

Jeff:  Yesterday he did laundry out there, and he said it was the first time he'd ever done it in his life.  In his life!

Rachel thinks they should also knock out Lawon early if possible---they don't know what he is going to do with power.  Jeff thinks the order should be Dominic, Cassi, and then Lawon.  Rachel thinks this type of competition would be great for them, because no one would target Jordon.

Nine people will be competing, since Danielle can't, and Porsche will have the other Golden Key.

Rachel remembers how they were freaking out when Dick was gone, but the numbers aren't really that bad.  Brendon says that "they fucking hate Porsche's guts", so they will get rid of her as soon as they can.

Jeff:  I can't even fucking stand to listen to her.

(Yesterday Jeff was talking about her, and stopped to apologize to her parents if they were listening before saying Porsche was retarded.)

Posting Problems

I have had severe difficulties posting, and even getting access to Blogger.

Turns out, I needed to install and start using Google Chrome.

Doesn't Google own Google Chrome, as well as Blogger?

um hum...

More Tweeting From Evel Dick

I knew it would be hard for him to keep quiet.  He is still not saying why he isn't on the show anymore, but he is insisting that he wasn't booted.  It will be interesting to hear his side of the story, and then the CBS side of the story on Wednesday.

Why is CBS waiting until then?  Well, the format of the game and the coverage of the action is pretty structured.  On Sunday night (tonight) we will see the food competition and Brenchal's nominations.  Dick was in the house for the food competition, but I'm not sure if he was there for the nominations.  I think the nomination ceremony and Dick's departure happened on the same night, but I'm not sure about the order.

So tonight's show will cover action when Evel Dick was still a houseguest.  We certainly will be scanning all footage of him for clues, won't we?

Wednesday's show would be the proper time to address his departure, if you follow the broadcast timeline.  That show will feature the Veto competition and ceremony, both of which happened after Dick left.

Scroll down and read the first tweet on the list below.  What does that sound like to you?  Considering rehab?  I think Dr. Drew should contact Evel Dick and cast both he and his friend Puck Rainey on a Very Special Season of Celebrity Rehab.  Actually I think Dr. Drew should rename the show Reality Celebrity Rehab.

I'm guessing opiates.  But what the hell do I know....

Fun Fact:  Dr. Drew used to be sitting live with Julie Chen outside the Big Brother house during Season #1.  He would discuss the HG's state of mind and related issues on every live show.  The nominee's families were sitting out there, too, with a small audience. But as we know virtually every idea from Season #1 was later scrapped.  Thank God.