Saturday, July 9, 2011

Porshe, The Hottest Girl in Her Own Mind

These pictures should speak for themselves.  I think these pictures are for Porsche's fans, and also for her detractors.

These are the good ones--those are her feet in the frame with Dominic.

And these demonstrate how big and flabby her caboose is.  I only point this out because I heard her say over and over how hot she was, and how pretty, etc.  All I see is a lot of junk in her trunk.

I'll be kind not to talk about her hair. 

Cassi Chilling in Her Bikini

For all of you Cassi fans.  The bruise on her right leg came about in the first food competition, which will be broadcast on Sunday night.

It is important to note that she is just walking around the house, and she hasn't told anybody one thing about being a professional model.  When they find out, it will seem obvious, but for the time being Cassi is hiding in plain sight.
And here is 41-year-old Shelly, holding her own standing next to a professional model.  Shelly has nothing to be ashamed about.  When you see the pictures I'm about to post of Porshe, you will understand...

Jordan by the Pool

For all of you Jordan fans.

Adam Changes The Scenery

in the pool while Jeff and Jordan are lounging.  He wanted to do a cannonball but first he did a Jerry BB10 imitation when Jerry fell in the pool.
He did the cannonball but I didn't get the picture in time.  BBLite is funny that way.  I have missed a few good shots over the last day or so.

Jeff and Jordan Grab a Moment

alone in the pool.  Jeff makes fun of Jordan doing pilates in the pool.  ("The Hundred")  Jordan likes to watch Daniele work out and mentions how toned the back of her legs are. Jeff watched Cassi work out, too.  Jeff wants to take an aerobic class tonight and wants Jordan to teach it.

Jordan:  I wish my legs weren't so big.  I've got these big hamhocks, but I try..

Jeff:  No...

Jordan:  When you see yourself in the mirrors around here, do you think you look big?  Like big mirrors?  When I look at my legs in the window things, it's like Cellulite City!

Jeff:  Cellulite City?  Really?  I'm in Back Fatville, then.

Adam comes out and sits on the patio.  They move closer together.

Kalia and Lawon in the Storage Room

Kalia is trashing Keith and called him an Uncle Tom Bitch. 

Kalia: Why do we do this to each other?  It  happens every year!  We should stick together!

(i.e. the black people)

Lawon:  You know he's trashing you up there to them--you know that right?

Kalia:  Oh I know that.

Now Lawon pulls Adam aside for a chat and tells him that he has to vote for Porsche to leave.  He made a promise to Keith on the first day and that is why.

Lawon:   My mental game is off the hook.

Adam points out that Keith asks for his vote every day, even though Adam already promised him.  That makes Adam think that Keith's word isn't any good, since he can't rely on other's promises.  Adam is going to wait to decide who to vote for after the Veto ceremony is over.

Lawon's gut is telling him to keep Porsche in the game.  He knows that personally Keith is throwing him under the bus every chance he gets.  (He is, Lawon.)

Cracks in the DCA

As Dani whispers with Dominic about the need to split up the power couples.  She knows she is the bottom of the totem pole with the two couples, so she wants to split them up.
She thinks Rachel will go batshit in the house without Brendon.  She tells Dom that you have to look at the options of who is left behind.  I think Dani is really smart about this game, and is playing wisely by covering all of her bases.

Adam comes in to round up some laundry and Dani includes him on the whisperfest about Rachel.  Of course Adam would never betray Dani---he is so in love with Evel Dick that he can't see straight.
Oh comes Rachel.

Dani:  Oh, we're just in  here planning your demise! 

This comes off as a joke, of course.  Wink, wink.  Rachel comes in and starts talking about possibly using the veto.
Next thing you know, Lawon and Jordan are in there too but the moment is lost.  Dani is working it and I'm proud of her.  I would actually like to see her win.  I think she is a huge brat much of the time, but look what she's been through.  The odds have been against Danielle Donato for a long, long time.

Cassi Can Crunk

Cassi and Shelly dance around in the bathroom, remembering the game of Big Booty they played last night.  Tonight they want to stand up when they play so they can dance around like this.  You can see Lawon's feet in some of the pictures---he was cracking up and could barely contain himself. 

I Am a Rocket Scientist,

Brendon says to Dom, during a conversation about strategy.  (Dom said something about not having to be a rocket scientist...)

I predict we will see that clip on the CBS show.  It was a great snippet of dialogue.  I must admit that I wasn't really paying much attention, because I was preparing to write a post about the male eye candy in the house.

In the kitchen the Slop People are talking about their bowel problems.  Kalia usually poops two or three times a day, but the Slop Diet is killing her as far as that goes.  Lawon has lost weight and has been pooping like crazy, unlike Kalia.

Shelly is actually lugging around cleaning products to clean the bathroom.  And earlier today she instructed Keith about how to strip the sheets off his bed so she could do his laundry.

So that plan to not be the Mom of the house is right out of the window.

Kalia ate a number of fiber bars and still hasn't pooped.  She might go into the DR and ask for ExLax.

Lots of Skin on the Feeds Today

Today is a sunny day in California, and after several days of  being cooped up indoors, the HG are ready to bask in the rays.

Porsche is getting ready to go in the backyard, fiddling with the strings on her bikini.  Meanwhile you can see Cassi in the bottom camera shots telling a story to Brenchal about going out with a friend of hers.  Some girl in the bar asked Cassi if she was wearing underwear, and Cassi replied "that is none of your fucking business!"  She is quite chatty with those two, discussing their plans to have children.  Cassi's older brother is the one with the drug problem, from the sound of it.  (She mentioned this in her pre-season interviews---that someone in her family had an issue with drugs.)  Cassi smokes, too.

Still the same situation in that picture.  You know, Porsche is a pretty girl, but I don't think her body is as great as she thinks it is.  As far as America goes, she is certainly in the 98 percentile (I don't understand exactly what that means, but I know it is good.), but for someone who built herself up to be the hottest girl on the planet, I think her body needs a little work.  Particularly for someone of her age---she could use some toning on her lower body.  Just buying the fake tits doesn't mean your body is great, Porsche.

Even Kalia is showing some booty, as you can see here.  She is wearing her bikini but is putting makeup on like crazy. She is even using a curling iron on her hair on the feeds at the moment.  I mean, WTF?  She is treating this like backstage at a strip club.  Maybe she will even wear high heels out to the pool.  I have to admire her efforts, though.  I mean, what else does she have to do today?  And it gives her a chance to talk to anyone who walks through the bathroom.  Which basically includes everyone, sooner or later.

And Jeff is soaking in the pool, talking to Dominic who is sitting in the shade wearing a shirt.  Party pooper.  Jeff and Dom are talking game, but in generalities.  Jeff is arguing against the us. vs. them mentality.

And Jordan is out there too, eating something in a bowl and talking to Jeff and Dom.  The only time she felt safe in the BB11 house is when she or Jeff were HOH.  She was nervous and on edge the whole time.  At night Dom and Jeff really go at it with the sarcasm and jokes.  Jeff enjoys the banter, I think, and Dominic is very quick, witty and funny.  Remember that he told them he is 18, rather than his actual age of 25.  Some of his opinions and insight make him seem a lot older than 18, but admittedly I haven't socialized with many 18 year olds lately.  You can see Kalia curling her hair in the top picture, chatting with Lawon who is still maintaining a pretty low profile.   Keith has been gunning to get Kalia and Lawon nominated in his place, saying that Lawon is leaking info to the newbies that he heard from the DCA.

The cameras flash over to Adam, who is saying to the girls on the patio that he is "the Steve Sanders of his group".  Steve Sanders?  From 90210?  Uh, okay.  Sure, Adam, sure.

Outdoor Lockdown?

I just got home and turned on the feeds, and the HG were stirring around like it was the beginning of their day.

Keith was eating yogurt or something like that out of a cup, scraping it with his spoon.  He didn't look so happy.

On the other hand, Rachel and Dani were in the kitchen happily chattering away with Jordan.  They want upstairs with Brendon and Jordan for a meeting in the HOH.  Their main topics of concern appeared to be the nominees.


1.  Keith - Brendon reports that Keith is already starting to wig out today.  Very jumpy and nervous.  Dani thinks he will try to make a deal with the HOH's, and Brendon agrees.

(I saw last night on BBAD that Cassi and Dominic were trying to give Keith a pep talk.  They told him he should calm down for the night, and then approach Brenchal to see what he could do.  Cassi said he might as well---he doesn't have anything to lose.  If he gets voted out, he's gone, but if he stays he gets to "chill for a couple of weeks".  So I guess the Powers that Be have decided to extend another Golden Key---Danielle won't be the only one now.)

(More evidence that Dick's departure was unplanned....)

2.  Porsche - Most of the time was spent discussing her.  Like what a dumb ass she is.  Yesterday Brendon told her to throw the competition so that she and Keith would stay on the block.  The plan being that Porsche would stay and Keith would go.  The DCA said that if she didn't throw it, they would know what they need to know about her lack of loyalty.  Last night Porsche told Rachel that she and Jordan both threw the Veto competition.  So now in the HOH Rachel asks Jordan about it.  Jordan was pissed, saying that she DID NOT throw it.  Porsche was in the shower and asked Jordan above the shower door about the competition.  Jordan said that she said how badly she felt that there were three girls working on a puzzle---Rachel who killed it, and Porsche who was throwing it, and Jordan was right there with her, making her feel stupid.  She was trying but did not throw it.

So that led to a torrent of "who does she think she is", and "what a dumbass to try to cause division within their group".  Brendon keeps saying that Porsche is a loose cannon and they all sound like they hate her.

Just then, a BB voice came over the loudspeaker and said, "I need everyone to go outside immediately!".  Then we got the FISH.

My Thoughts:

1.  This crew is really green.  We're not supposed to hear the BB voices, partly due to the fact that they aren't paid as performers so their voices can't be broadcast as part of "a show".  (Someone correct me if that is wrong, but that is what I heard years ago from someone who worked on BB.)

2.  Porsche started this week thinking she was the pawn.  And we all know how that works out.  If she pisses off Rachel, she's in big trouble.  I think it would be funny if she were the first voted off.  She wouldn't even get the jury face time and we all know that is what Porsche is there for---the FACE and BODY time.

3. But do they really want Keith to stick around for three more weeks?  I don't know how he performed on the Veto comp, but when they get to the challenges where they hang on to things and pray, Keith may do very well.  And they don't need Keith to be running around in charge of things that late in the game.

(Of course, the Duo format will be long over by then, but still....)

4.  Brenchal just might change the nomination, just because they can.  I heard Rachel say this to Brendon last night as they discussed their options.  That way they wouldn't be stuck with either Keith or Porsche for another few weeks.

(I hope Porsche gets voted out because I am sick of misspelling her name and having to correct it.  Her tough pre-show facade is long gone but I still don't like her.  To her credit, she isn't getting all dolled up and tarting around the house, though.  Even if that is just laziness that is good strategy on her part.)

So I think they might be on outdoor lockdown.  Maybe the producers are going to make a drug sweep with german shepherds, to clean up any residue left by Evel Dick.  Ha ha  just kidding...?  I know Adam and Matt from BB9 (**ugh**) were talking about popping oxycodone (sp?) and Adam mentioned he brought some in.  They had an outdoor lockdown and when they came back in said pills were gonzo.

So who knows.

They are in California--I wonder if they would be able to bring in medical marijuana if they have a valid perscription?  They have let past HG take valium and/or zanax, but only in the DR when it is dispensed by a physician.  They do that with Birth Control pills, too.

The night Chima flipped out I watched her guzzle wine and then take one of Natalie's 'period pills'.  That should have been Chima's defense, that she took someone else's medication and drank alcohol in view of the cameras.  If I saw it, surely Alison Grodner did, too.  Chima could have reversed the heat back on the show and maybe even won some cash.

Visions of Sugarplums

Adam gets his own camera shot, probably due to the snoring.  And it's never lights out in the Padded Cell.

The Backyard is Open for Business

and Jordan moves about, doing laundry and coughing weakly every few minutes.  She picked up all the towels and smelled them before taking them out back for a wash.

She's brave.  She brushed her teeth, too.  No other signs of life in the house.

Then she gets back in bed with Jeff.

But then Jeff got up and went to the WC.  Good news--he washed his hands and even put a little hand lotion on afterwards.
Back in bed now.  It's still last night for these houseguests.  I must note that Jeff put on those sweatpants specifically for the bathroom trip, and took them right back off.

No snuggling at all for those two.