Friday, July 8, 2011

Sorry Brendon. I'm Not in the Mood Anymorere

He's not going commando, for your information.
Brendon is in the shower, scolding Rachel for "that shit she did today".  Sounds like she flipped the HG a bird or some such during the competition and Brendon warns her not to act that way.

Striving to improve herself, Rachel does some sort of weird leg lifts while she argues.


Rachel and Brendon are going on and on talking about how many gallons are in a 5 liter jug.  Or something like that. I mean over and over with the equations and their scientific discourse over their calculations.  The calculations are designed to ensure Jeff will win HOH this week.

Jeff looks halfway to la la land.

What is that tattoo on Jeff's wrist?  Is that new?

Brendon thinks they should get rid of Keith so they can feel less guilty about their abs.  They laugh.

Jeff isn't sure about Cassi.  He doesn't think she is intelligent enough to pull off something in the house.  Jeff and Brendon think she "has more balls" then anyone else "on that side".

Jeff reports that the storage room and fridge were restocked.  Brenchal is pleased.

They had to wear red leotards in the competition.  Rachel and Brendon still have their's on.

Jeff asks Rachel to go talk about period stuff with Jordan this week.  He just can't take it.

(ha ha ha ha)

Brendon and Jeff strategize.  Brendon says they can't forget how much power they have this week--they need to use it for their advantage.

Jeff thinks today is Saturday.  Brendon really can't dispute it.

Did you ever think that you'd ever see Jeff and Brendon, both shirtless, in a bedroom alone, using multi-syllabic words?  Even if I weren't stoned, that would be a mindblower.

Brenchal Won the POV.

They are now drilling Jeff on what the HOH competition might be on Thursday. 

Those two want to win, win win.

Wow.  I forgot what I was talking about.

More Speculation About Evel Dick

Now the mainstream media is all over this story. I guess there is no other big news until Casey Anthony is released from prison next week.

TMZ is featuring the story, and one of the comments caught my attention.

Basically:  What if it was a drug issue?

Dick looked like shit last night. What if he was getting high?  That would explain why Danielle isn't in tears over this, or why she doesn't need to leave herself.

Something just feels way off about this whole thing.  Way off.

Dick does strike me as someone who would feel that the normal rules don't apply to him.  So maybe he brought in something, or had one of the crew bring him something.   What is the deal with his face?  He doesn't seem the type to get a facelift, but obviously something has happened for his face to be so swollen.

And I think Alison Grodner would look the other way on a lot of behaviors from him, as we've already experienced in BB8.  So I think it would take a lot of rule-breaking for him to be dismissed so early.  It's hard to tamper with the game when it hasn't even started.

Or maybe this is a show plot--the news reports that we will learn about Dick's exit on Wednesday July 13th, on A Very Special Big Brother episode.  I know they have a few shows in the can already, but this seems a little too 'scheduled' for me. I mean, we never even saw him on the live feeds! 

I trust TMZ to get on this and get some answers.  You know, like they did this morning after NeNe Leakes' son Bryson was arrested.

You can see the TMZ coverage here.

On a personal note, I would NEVER fuck a man who wears nail polish.

Was Evel Dick Disqualified?

This article seems to think so.

This reason given for the disqualification seems pretty thin to me.  This smells funny to me.  Evel Dick is TV Gold, so I think it would have to be a really big deal for him to be shown the door.  Some of the information in the article is outdated.

For example, when Dani came out of the DR at the crack of noon I heard her say that the problem related to her brother.  (Would her brother be the one to post the video?  Wouldn't it be okay for him to know that his 'Dad' is going on TV?)

And what exactly is this "merge" that Andy Denhart mentions in the article?  Andy must be watching too much Survivor.

Here is the entire article.  What do you think?

CBS confirms, explains Dick Donato’s departure from Big Brother

CBS has confirmed what live feed and After Dark watchers already know: Dick Donato has left the Big Brother 13 house. The network said it was for personal reasons, but viewers have speculated that he was disqualified.

The network said in a statement, according to New York Magazine, “Due to a personal matter, BIG BROTHER houseguest Dick Donato had to leave the game unexpectedly on Thursday. His departure will be addressed on the episode to be broadcast on Wednesday, July 13.”

In the house, Daniele told her fellow houseguests that producers told her it was an emergency unrelated to anyone she knows. She did, however, receive immunity until the merge—the Golden Key—as the result of her partner’s departure.

As Big Brother Network reports, Dick actually revealed that he’d be in the house in a video posted to RTVZone, prompting some to speculate he was disqualified. Even though the video was posted after the episode premiered, those who actually posted the video would have known that Dick was returning to the game, possibly violating the houseguest’s contract

Considering Dick violated the contract while he was in the house during his season, by making threats to other houseguests, and since he is television gold, it’s unlikely they would have removed him just for that—but the timing is very coincidental, since he left the same night the show debuted and the video went live.

Two Golden Vetos

will be given out the first week, according to Rachel.  Does she really mean the Golden Key?

So someone else is getting that key?

Rachel is shocked that Dick left.  She and Brendon are shooting the breeze with Kalia for awhile now, and they were later joined by Lawon.

Kalia is dressed up in a spangly dress and heels.  She told them that she is used to dressing up like this every day and she needed some sort of sense of normalcy.  She had a protein shake and I haven't heard her bitching about the slop like some of the others.

(Cassi is having some gastrointestinal issues and is taking Gas X and Metamucil due to the slop.)

They can't wait for Keith to "drop the bomb" after the Veto like he threatened to do.

Kalia:  What is it, is your twin brother coming in to play the game?  I think he is a wack-a-doo.

Rachel:  Maybe the bomb is that he and Porsche are married!  Or he has platinum teeth!

Brendon:  I think his bomb is going to be a disappointment.

Kalia:  Well of course!

They make a lot of jokes about "The Bomb".  This is sure to be a running joke for the rest of the summer.

Kalia uses profanity in a very structured way--she is so well spoken and semi-formal that the curse words really stand out, but it works for her.

Kalia thinks that Keith is probably not a good matchmaker.  Rachel is surprised that he is 32--she thought he was 24!

Here you can see Kalia's spangley dress and Lawon's severe orange shoes.  Lawon did well in that conversation---he was funny when he needed to be but toned down the nutty part.

Porsche and Keith Have a Heart to Heart

She is telling him how she feels about his actions last night.  He threw her under the bus and she now thinks every action he's had towards her has been designed to derail her game.
She brings up that Keith "said he liked her but then he asked Cassi to rub his shoulders".  (Sounds like jealousy to me.)

She gets emotional and is on the verge of crying.  At first, this seemed to get to Keith and he tried to wipe her tears but she brushed his hand away.  She sees him make motions at the camera when she leaves the room and is admittedly paranoid.  She couldn't sleep last night because her mind was reeling.

Keith is "being for real" and "doesn't want to go to the end with anybody but choo". 

They are going around and around and I'm sure he is staring at her cleavage.  She is wiping away tears.  I know this game is stressful and she feels like everyone is against her and I'm sure just being able to have some sort of direct conversation is making her cry---not just the situation with Keith.  She is realizing that this experience isn't going to be what she thought it was---she can't back up her pre-season bravado.
I don't think she mentioned that she knows Janelle, but she mentions an ex-boyfriend who is Italian who told her that "on BB-Italy they waited to vote off somebody until the last week because they were a good cook, and he showed me how to make meatballs".

(WTF?)  Now they are saying things like "you dissed me" and it it two steps forward and five steps back.

Really this is like overhearing a couple arguing in the next booth at O'Charleys.

Now she is saying that she didn't watch all of the seasons of Big Brother---just the Dick and Danielle and the Chicken George.....She wants to be in the entertainment business and the HG who are hated don't get jobs! 

I can't take anymore. I have to change channels on this trainwreck.

Veto Competition

will be getting underway shortly.  Jeff and Jordan are both playing, and Adam will be the host.

Earlier, Dani suggested that Rachel pick Shelly as a vote of confidence for her.  They think that Shelly and her partner Cassi aren't hitting it off too well.

Porsche is pretty quiet in the house, but her stress level must be pretty high.
Brendon is telling everyone that if they hadn't pushed Britney so hard last year to get rid of Matt, then Enzo would have been gone.  He says Britney is "stupid to try and win the Veto instead of taking prizes".

Brendon says Hayden won the trip and he doesn't know who won the prize money (Hayden, I think.).  Shelly explains that even if you win a prize, you have to pay taxes on the entire value of the prize.

Jordan:  When Jeff and I won that Vancouver trip on The Amazing Race, it was worth about $7,000 and we had to split the taxes between us.  When Jeff won the Hawaii trip on BB, he just took the cash value.

She said that TAR doesn't allow you to take the cash value--you have to take the trip.  

Brendon:  I knew a girl who won both showcases on The Price is Right---wonder what the taxes were on that?

Shelly starts talking about how she got on Let's Make a Deal.  She won a lifetime supply of Coppertone tanning products.  She also won a trip to the Dolphin Resort, which was new at the time.  (I think she means the Disney Dolphin resort.)

She was in junior high at the time and used to have a bunch of suntan lotion, but she stopped getting it.  She is describing what happens in the audience when Monty Hall would walk through the audience saying "OK, who has jumper cables?"  Adam gets in on it but Jordan doesn't know that game show.

Shelly:  Oh, that was way back in the day!

Jordan and Shelly both liked Deal or No Deal.  Adam played that at Dave & Busters and won a bunch of tickets.

Now we see Jeff & Jordan in the HOH room.  Rachel got the Spice Girls CD (WTF?) and Jeff is listening to it but commented that he "wanted to hear music".
Jordan:  I'm getting my period.  I can feel it.

Jeff:  Awesome.

A minute later:

Jeff:  Do you want to talk?

Jordan:  Yeah..but you want to listen to music.

Jeff:  Porsche keeps talking to me.

Jordan:  Why?

Jeff:  I dunno.  She came up and says stuff like, "Adam is with us" and "I can't believe Keith came up and talked to me".

Jordan:  I can't wait to play Veto--I'm gonna really try.  Are you?

Jeff:  Fuck yeah.  Why wouldn't I?

Rachel comes in and they crow about how stoked they are that Jeff & Jordan are playing for the Veto.  Rachel is describing their strategy last year in competitions---Brendon went after the other players to knock them out, leaving Rachel open for the win.  Jeff is asking a lot of questions and seems to get it.

Rachel knows that Keith is going to go balls out but he looked worried when Jeff (and Jordan, I guess) were selected to play. 

Rachel is going to tell Adam how much she likes him and wants to work with him.
Jeff:  Keep telling him how highly Dick thought of him...he loves that.

Jeff told Porsche that they need one more vote to keep her--it is her responsibility to line up another vote himself.  It's not their responsibility to do that for her.

Jeff: I wish we could get fucking Cassi on our side and tell her and Shelly that we lost Dick and Danielle, we need another couple.  I would much rather have her on our side than Dominic.
Rachel:  Oh fuck yeah.

Brendon comes in and they talk about last night's DR. Jeff feels sorry for "Chris" because he got the brunt of it. Rachel is embarrassed now.  Jeff tells her that the DR people understand that it is sensitive in the house and tensions are high--they get it.  Jordan wanted to apologize for her DR attitude, too.

Jeff didn't know much about Big Brother when he came in the house for BB11.  This is no longer the case and he is playing right from Day #1.   This staying-in-the-house shit is horseshit.  They need to finish that Veto Competition, clean up the backyard, so we can get Jeff out there by the pool.  Maybe even tending to the garden.

Dani Likes Top Chef

and chatted about how much fun they seem to have in the Stew Room.  She mentioned the time they made giant dice and played some game with them.

Dani:  Top Chef All Stars was the best show, ever on TV.  Richard Blais is the best.

She mentions Richard's restaurant, Flip Burger in Atlanta and says it is awesome.

(Richard actually has a consulting relationship with Flip Burger, he doesn't own it.)

Shelly and Jeff ask questions about it.  Danielle remembers that it is in an industrial type area about 20 minutes outside the city.

Jeff:  Could I just hop in a cab and say, take me to Flip Burger?

Dani says yes.

(I recommend Jeff visit the Buckhead location, rather than the Howell Mill Road location that Dani visited.)

Jeff vs. Brendon?

Dom is making breakfast and just asked Jeff to consult on the doneness of the eggs.  Jeff looked and told him to put the top on the skillet.
Brendon sits nearby and has to get in on it.

Brendon:  Dom...Dom!  Just make sure there is no water in the eggs!

All you BB12 fans know that Brendon had to rule the kitchen.  Is there room for Jeff in the kitchen?

Dani likes Fruity Pebbles.  Adam likes Cocoa Pebbles. 

Dani:  I don't have to do anything for a month.  I guess I can eat ice cream for breakfast..

Jeff:  If you gain 20 pounds you get to stay another week.

(I think Jeff and Jordan are doing a good job of splitting up in the house and not making everyone sick with PDA.  But they never really did that, anyway.)

Dick Has a Girlfriend,

Danielle tells Brendon and Rachel.  She saw a picture of her at her Grandma's house.

Dani:  She's pretty.  I think she lives in Vegas and she's around 30.  She's not who my dad would typically in, she's not eighteen!

 They were talking about Dick leaving and kept mentioning Production so the feeds were interrupted.  Brendon said something like "maybe he can go find out and then come back in the house".

Dom is making breakfast again, something the call a Hot Mess.  Someone just called it Stoner Surprise.

Dani has the hiccups.  Jeff has some new phrases this year, like "yama mama".  They ask him if that is a phrase "from his travels" and he just laughs.

(i.e. Jeff's internet show, Around the World for Free)

Danielle On Keith

in the Storage Room (SR).  She is telling Keith how his comments last night hurt her.
Dani:  I don't understand how something happening in my personal life becomes part of the game!

(Uh, because you are live on the web, cable and network TV with your Dad.)

I guess Keith was talking trash about how it wasn't fair that Dani got the Golden Key.  (It probably isn't, but Production had to respond to Dick leaving somehow.)

Dani:  It's not like I was walking around and found the Golden Key!  I got screwed last night!

The conversation is good and Keith says he wants to make friends in the game, he doesn't want to come off abrasive and cocky.  Dani and Jeff are the last people that he would like to think have personal issues with him.  He thinks both of them have the characteristics that he has...likeable, personable, etc.

Dani makes a joke about needing a barf bag.

Keith tells her she is "so slick" and that "guys gravitate to her".
Is that a beer gut on Dani?  Booze bloat?  Is she not breathing right during her crunches?

Check out the new colorful slop buckets.
That is Dani's brother's hat and it "smells like him".  It "smells like shit". 


Rachel Appears on the Scene

and is downstairs chatting with Jeff and Jordan.  She wants them to know that she isn't going to "fuck up our game being emotional".  They have a moment of agreement and Rachel high-fives Jeff.  Jordan wants some, too.

I got the beds all wrong when I reported earlier. Jeff and Jordan are sleeping in Candyland.  (new name)

Check out Rachel's Snookie Fur Boots.  I hope that's not a trend we will have to watch for very long.

Jordan tells Jeff about her dream in a sleepy voice.  It has something to do with a duck and them going somewhere.  Jeff says he's too tired to process it.  His tone is gentle, with a hint of patronizing affection.
Now Rachel is back upstairs, filling Brendon in on her conversation with Jeff and Jordan.  I guess she didn't even bother talking to the newbies when she was downstairs.  She said Keith invited her into some conversation and she said "I don't care about that".

Porshe's Celebrity Crush

is Ashton Kutcher.  She thinks since he just got Two and a Half Men, that it might be easy to get him to come in the house.

Dominic asked Cassi if she would be mad if Vanessa Hudgens came in the house and he left with her, would she be mad?

Cassi:  I'd say, kick rocks!

Lawon would want to see Prince in the house.

Dom comments that he "really wants to see Taylor Lautner in the house" and they discuss that for a moment.  Dom says he "really wants to pet his hair".

Now a break.

No wonder they are whispering about who Dominic really is, with comments like that.  Maybe he is trying to appear non-threatening, but they think he's a shady liar.  (The DCA, that is.)

Keith Opens Up

in the Padded Cell with Cassi.
He is talking a mile a minute.  The eight of them formed a bond before the Duos arrived, and agreed to stick together.  They had the numbers, they didn't need to win HOH.

But Porsche is the first one to break that bond, by going upstairs and running her mouth.  He feels like she switched sides and needs to be evicted as a result.

(This twist is brilliant in that they have to turn on their partner when nominated.  Wonder how that will play out when the All Star Duos are nominated?)

Cassi is a good listener and offers calm soothing advice.  She says the reason why she went upstairs to talk was that there was too much division in the house.  Too much us and them and somebody needed to break that up.

Keith doesn't blame her, he blames Porsche.

(Duh.  It's either him or her getting the boot this week, unless they get taken off the block.)

Good Morning Danielle

She comes in the kitchen like a zombie, complaining about how tired she is.  She hugs Lawon, who is mixing up a shake and is cheery and bright.

I like Dani's dark hair--she is a natural brunette, but she looks so much older to me than she should look.

Dani:  Can we have some wine?

Keith's mouth drops open in shock.

Dani:  Or some Bailey's for my coffee?  I feel like shit.

(So that explains the premature aging, huh?)

Dom comes in to cut up some fruit and chats quietly with Porsche, giving her a pep talk to try her hardest today.  She should try to win, get off the block, and then deal with it then.

(Good advice, Dom.)

Dom points out that Keith didn't make any friends last night.  Dani goes to the DR complaining that she "still has on last night's underwear".  (not a bra, though)

A few minutes later Dani comes back and says that "it's my brother".

So, I guess something happened with Vincent Donato?  Maybe whatever happened to him is his response to his Dad and Sister making spectacles of themselves again....