Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hello Cassi...

It seems the fans may have a slight fixation on particular houseguest today....this is what people are searching for since the premiere of BB13 aired...

Live feeds should be coming up momentarily.

Green Slop!

According to EOnline, the slop this year will be green!

A simple, yet brilliant change for this year.

Read the article here.

Rumor Control Episode #3

I listened to this show today and posted  a recap that covered about 3/4 of the show.  You can read that here, if you haven't already.

After I posted my update, I thought the juicy part was over.  But I was wrong.  Subsequent to the previous update, the following occurred:

1.  Janelle called in.  Yes, Janelle.  In the Big Brother world, an unbilled call from Janelle is about as big as you can get, but the first 30 seconds of her call were wasted by Dr. Ragan Fox.  He had to make it all about him, so he started stammering that he had never spoken with Janelle before and he was so nervous.  He proved this by taking some sort of towel or other sweat mop and wiping his face and (I think) his underarms.  I was squinting at that point to shield my eyes from the view of that.  He went on and on.  So much so that maybe he knew that Janelle was going to call in, so he developed a comedy bit that he thought would kill.  Well, it didn't.  Janelle was polite to all of them, but Ragan and Annie are like extras in a film she starred in and we all know that.

2.  It would have been hilarious if Janelle hung up during Ragan's little comedy routine, but she didn't.  Not our Janie.  She jumped right into it and started talking about BB13 and took questions from Missy, Annie, and Ragan.

3.  Yes, she knows Porsche.  Porsche works in the club that Janelle used to work in--I think they were both "VIP bottle girls".  (My term, not Janelle's.)  In response to a question about Josh Hartnett, Janelle pondered that and finally said that "she didn't think they were dating now".  Very diplomatic of Janelle to try and nip that in the bud for her friend.

4.  Janelle's Baby Bump is coming right along, in response to questions from Missy.

5.  Janelle has also heard all of the same BB13 rumors that we all have, plus a few more.  She heard rumors that the eight new house guests "know somebody in the game".  For example, they might have connections to each other, or to someone who is a part of the Dynamic Duos.  Missy pointed out that we have been so busy speculating about the Duos, we haven't delved into the old school twists like that one.

6. Janelle is going to appear on a SuperPass show this Thursday.  (Of course I am compelled to watch and recap that for you.)  (I guess it is playing tonight---I will try to watch live but still have work drama to clear up.  As much as I love Big Brother, I love being able to pay my mortgage more....)  If I can't watch it live trust I will recap it when I can.

7.  Annie thinks that splitting up the Duos is a given--that is where all of the drama will come from!  They think that teams could be maintained in All Stars, to make it fair, but splitting them up makes more sense this year.

8.  They brought up the rumor about a single former contestant entering the game as a "Party Crasher".   No one knows for sure, of course.

9.  Janelle is "personal friends" with both Dick and Danielle so if they are in the game, she is pulling for them.  She is rooting for Porsche too, but her first loyalty is with Evel Dick and his Spawn.

10.  A caller brought up the rumor that the 'fortune teller' Twitter account is being manned by Ronnie Talbot.  They kind of laugh at that but don't seem to think that is an official Twitter for the show.

11.  Someone called in to discuss the 'fortune teller' that appeared on BB UK.  Apparently the 'fortune teller' spit out some sort of information that either meant the HG would have a good or a bad day.  They all agreed that would probably be the case this year in the US, since the show formats commonly borrow from each other.

Those are the interesting tidbits from the rest of the show.  Let's get ready to party tonight!

Yes, the Answer is No.

Yes, I was finally able to access the Rumor Control episode #3, which aired last Tuesday on July 5th, but No on Ms. Donato's scheduled appearance.  As you can see below, Dani was absent from the broadcast.  Instead, Annie from BB12 (aka the Fucking Saboteur) filled in.

The excuse that Ragan gave for Dani's absence was brief and kind of off-the-cuff.  He said she was having "Skype trouble and also the avian flu".

The real reason for her absence could have been:

1.  Dani is in the BB house with her Dad
2.  The Powers-that-Be want us to believe that Dani is in the BB house with her Dad
3.  SuperPass decided to replace her due to her lackluster performance and shitty attitude on Episode 2.  You can read my recap here.
4.  She couldn't stand sharing the stage with Dr. Ragan Fox for another second and turned in her SuperPass badge.

It is important to note that at the time Episode 2 aired, the HG roster had not yet been announced, however it was generally reported that they were in sequester.  So, I'm not sure what that tells us at this point, even though I felt it important to note.

Ragan and Annie are going through the list of the original 8 houseguests.  I must admit that Annie brings a much more enthusiastic and energetic vibe to the show.

I can't watch this whole episode right now, but some of the things I heard were:

1.  Ragan believes Keith is the most handsome of the 8 house guests.
2.  A comment was made by one or both of them that Keith seemed to be bending over backwards to emphasize his hetrosexuality.
3.  Ragan confirmed that Porsche is friends with Janelle. He thinks she will make the jury.
4.  Kristin called Annie while the show was airing.   I'm sure that was a huge coincidence. (***cough cough famewhore cough cough***)
5.  Ragan thinks Shelly is "like every gym teacher he ever had".  He elaborates that he was sure she was a lesbian until she mentioned her husband.  Ragan states that the length of time she is in the house will indicate the level of gameplay in the house.  He feels that she is exactly the person you should take to the end to win, and the smart players will know that.
6.  Annie imitates Shelly and it is kind of funny.
7.  Annie bashes Jordan by saying there is no way that she would have won if certain events hadn't helped her out. (I guess Jeff, Jeff, and more Jeff.)  Ragan tells her she just pissed off legions of SuperPass fans and they will be out for her with pitchforks.  (Annie:   Oh, no!  Like Casey Anthony?)  Ha ha that was a good one.
8.  Annie thinks Kalia "will get eaten alive".  Ragan points out that the ones with the "biggest pre-show interviews" have the worst games.
9.  Ragan mocks Dominic's admiration for Enzo's game last year.  Ragan spouts an impressive list of Enzo's lack of accomplishments, including the fact that he played the most individual competitions in BB history, won absolutely nothing, finished third with no money, etc.
10.  Annie shit talks Dominic, too, but Missy jumps in and says he is this season's eye candy so she likes him.
11.  Ragan wanted to write off Cassi due to her beauty, but he says that Robyn Kass and company are so smart and use psychological profiling to choose houseguests.  He thinks she will prove to be a temptation for the returning Dynamic Duos in the game.  (Hmmmm......Brendon?)
12.  Annie likes Cassi and thinks that the women in the house will be very jealous of her.  Ragan agrees and thinks she won't be around long due to that reason.
13.  Ragan points out that Dominic "talked out of both sides of his mouth" when asked about his willingness to be in a showmance, but that Cassi said point blank that she would not do it.
14.  They talked about how Lawon has nothing to say, but Ragan is "always on Team Gay".
15.  Ragan loves Adam and mentions that he was a finalist for BB12.  Ragan thinks he is the most unique and that it is brilliant casting.  He thinks Adam has the best chance of winning the game.  Annie wishes she had been cast with someone like that because he reminds her of home.  She calls Top Three for Adam.

(Ragan sure is kissing Robyn Kass's ass, isn't he?  Politicking for All Stars?)

16.  They think that the older HG will either be the first voted out, or the last.
17.  Ragan thinks one of the Dynamic Duos will win, or Adam.  Annie is 99% sure that the winner will be one of the returning Duos.  She thinks all of the gameplay will go out of the window when they see the Dynamic Duos and will "shit their pants".
18.  Ragan thinks Adam will be on the All Stars season "no matter what happens".

(So, he's also politicking for an alliance with Adam.  ***whatever***)

19.  Now Ragan brings up CornerOffice13.  He seems to think that this is a valid source due to information that has been released in past years.  He says that the theme of the season is "Inside Out" and this seems to fit what CornerOffice13 said.  I reported on those rumors here.
20.  Missy heard that everybody ganged up on Evel Dick and voted him out.

FYI About Rumor Control....

I have been trying to load video of Tuesdays Rumor Control with Ragan and Dani and have had no luck.  I used Firefox, Internet Explorer, and so far no luck getting the show to load.

My goal was to take a picture of Dani co-hosting, or Dani not co-hosting, and post it for you here before I need to leave the house.

I tried.  No luck.

Is it a Big Conspiracy?   I don't know---I think Dani should have been in sequester way before the last episode of Rumor Control aired, so I guess we'll have to see.

I'll try again later.

And I'll say it again:  Real SuperPass better have their shit together for tonight's debut.

And Of Course....More Rumors

This set of rumors is courtesy of one of the Joker's message boards.  It is credited only to "an inside source", so I don't know whether the lack of specific information there means that the source is a reliable one, or complete bullshit.

But the drama of this gossip is fun, and seems plausible if you know the players involved.  Here is what is reported on Jokers, word-for-word.

An inside source has confirmed that the three returning teams are Jeff/Jordan, Dick/Dani, Brendon/Rachel. One of the twists is that the teams are separated and here is the new pairing:

Adam and Jordan
Porsche and Dominic
Kalia and Brendon
Keith and Shelly
Lawon and Rachel
Cassi and Jeff
Dick and Daniele

Possible other past house guest going into the house is Sheila Kennedy.

Suspected but not confirmed is that Dick and Jeff have already been evicted. Jordan threw a fit because she is not paired with Jeff and does not like her partner Adam, because Adam is a fan of Ronnie.

This information conflicts with earlier leaks that reported that Brendon and Rachel won the right to remain together as a team. Instead, it reports that Dick and Danielle won the right to compete together.  I wouldn't be surprised if everyone does indeed band together to evict Jeff as early in the game as possible.  Odds are that Jeff will continue to be the most popular player as far as the TV audience goes, so no one else stands a chance to  win any viewer-voted prizes or privileges while Jeff is in the house.  

Personally I was looking forward to staring at Jeff for at least a few weeks on the live feeds, so I hope this rumor is false.  The information about Jordan "throwing a fit" is also kind of hokey.  I believe she would only go into that house if she thought Jeff would be right there with her, so I know losing him in the game or as a partner would be a major blow to her, but to dislike Adam because he is a Ronnie fan?

Let's don't give Ronnie that much credit.

Another episode of Rumor Control with Ragan and Dani was supposed to air last Tuesday night.  I just tried to watch it online to see if Dani was there, but SuperPass is AFU right now.  (They better fix that shit in the next 12 - 15 hours.)

And I am hearing online that Annie appeared with Ragan instead of Dani, however.


I must conclude that the Powers That Be are fucking with us!!  And I love it!!!

(I will try to watch Rumor Control later today. I run a business and a client matter BLEW UP yesterday so I need to take care of that as best I can, and still feed my Big Brother habit.)