Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What Are People Searching For?

I mean, really, what does the General Population of the world wide web want to know about?

Here are the top search phrases that brought people to this website from search engines yesterday.  It's kind of funny, huh?

Cassi is Big HomeTown News

Here is the link to an article about Cassi Colvin that appeared in her local Texas news.  Scroll through the pictures to see the shrine that her dad made on the wall with all of her modeling covers.

Also, her friend describes the day she and Cassi were eating lunch and a casting director approached her about Big Brother...interesting.

Switch Up with Showtime?

The Big Brother After Dark Showtime schedule is changing a little this year.  As in the past, the show will air beginning at midnight on SHO2TM for three hours on Fridays through Wednesdays.  The show will air on Thursdays from 1:00 AM to 4:00 AM, live on the East Coast but delayed on the West Coast.

I can only imagine that this is due to the live competitions that play out after the live show airs.  You know, the competitions where they hang on to something in the "rain" and "snow".

Those competitions are so fun to watch on the live feeds, and so fun to recap.  So I'm guessing CBS wants to hold a little back for their network broadcast.

I hope they still let us watch the competitions play out.....the live feeders saw those great tantrums by Brendon last year when he lost a few competitions to Matt.  You know, because Brendon's feet are so big.

Ha ha ha.  You had to be there....

  • CBS and SHOWTIME® will partner again to present "BIG BROTHER: After Dark," a live look inside the BIG BROTHER house during the late-night hours. "BIG BROTHER: After Dark" will feature a feed from the BIG BROTHER house for three hours (12:00-3:00 AM, live ET/delayed PT), Fridays – Wednesdays on the multiplex channel, SHO2TM, beginning Friday, July 8. "BIG BROTHER: After Dark" will air from 1:00-4:00 AM, live ET/delayed PT on Thursdays, beginning July 7