Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Meet Lawon Exum #2

This interview was conducted by Bob exclusively for Real Superpass.  I will not be repeating basic information about Lawon that was covered in my first interview recap last week.  You can read that here.

The three words that describe Lawon  ("La-wan") are unexpected,  vivacious and handsomexy.  Which is handsome and sexy put together--Lawon made up that word himself.

Oh lord---Lawon says that the BB season that he likes best was Season #1, because of Will.  Will didn't wear a mask, he did what he did, and he looked good at all times.

(Of course, if you are taking the time to read this and you care about Big Brother, you know Will was on SEASON TWO, not Season #1.)

Lawon also watches the Real Housewives, particularly the New Jersey series.  If he wins, the first thing he wants to do is take care of his mother.

(Lawon starts answering each question by repeating it, then answering, then summarizing the question and his answer.  I have had training in public speaking, and that is what they teach you to do when making presentations to a crowd.  Maybe he's just stalling for time, though, since his energy level seems low here.)

The twist he fears the most is....he has no fear.  Life is full of twists and he's not worried about it.  They may ask him to 'do cartwheels for one hour' or to 'take off his shirt and wrap it around his head' and he's expecting anything.

(Um, okay.)

There are no past houseguests who can be compared to him.  No competition as far as that goes.  Everybody is going to judge him a different way and see him differently.
He's going to be himself---a bright light of personality--and everybody is going to want to be around him.  He's going to pick his own alliance, but if he has the right group of people around him he can win.  His charisma will draw people to him.

He's not looking for a showmance, but if it will help him in the house, he might "do that trick" and go "Boo Boo and Woo Woo" and whatever it takes, but he isn't going in there to find someone.  If he sees you first and you like him, then guess what, he's going to flirt with you and kiss you and do what he needs to do to get that $500,000.

He's going to tell everyone that he just graduated from Univ. of Maryland, even though it happened 10 years ago.  He's not looking forward to dealing with other people's bad hygeine.  He may have to throw some people in the pool---hygeine is going to be a big factor for him. His biggest accomplishment is losing 50 pounds and keeping it off for over 8 years.  He thought he was great back then, too, but losing the weight has boosted him to being a star.

If he wins he wants to buy a big closet full of vintage clothes to show off his style to the world.  He went to the last week of casting calls and "the rest is history".  He's just going to eat whatever nasty thing he has to eat in competitions---chopped onions, multi-vitamins, whatever.  (?)

He calls out Dr. Will and says that he is going to win "for us", and that Dr. Will should be a fan of his.

My Thoughts:  As I've said before, I don't think Lawon is a complete package.  Beyond his little mannerisms and slogans, he doesn't seem to have very much to say.   So maybe he will be the first big fighter.  He seems somewhat unstable, so let's hope Production and Security are keeping an eye on him.  Because what he's seeing isn't necessarily reality.

As far as Dr. Will goes, he released a statement recently to assure us that he and Mike Boogie are far too busy with their professional endeavors to appear on the show this summer.  He also plugged all of those various endeavors like Mike Boogie's new Reality Whore show, Famous Food, and his own growing roster of Dr. Tattoff clinics and his line of QVC products.

And he also said this year's group of houseguests should provide us MINUTES of entertainment.  Ha ha leave it to Will to shut it down.

Meet Cassi Colvin #2

This interview was conducted by Bob exclusively for Real Superpass.  I will not be repeating basic info about Cassi that was covered in my first interview recap last week.  You can read that here.
Yes, yes, Cassi is absolutely gorgeous.  She is a leaner though---pulling over to her left side.  She will turn 26 'next week', which likely means 'this week' to us.

She cops right away to never having seen an episode of BB before she got involved with casting in the past several months.  But now she sits and watches seven or eight episodes at once and is somewhat addicted.

Her favorite BB season was BB12 and she identifies with some of the players.  She hopes that the way it all boiled down at the end will be the same this season.  (God we hope not, Cassi.)  She identifies most with Britney, but didn't like her at first since she was so catty by the pool with the other girls.  Britney was quirky and hung out "with the dudes" and Cassi can identify with a southern girl like that. 

She never considered being on reality TV before, but then "the ball started rolling on this deal" and now she's excited about it.  She didn't seek it out, but now that it's here she excited about it and can't wait.

If she wins she will pay off her parent's home and buy herself  "a little place in Nashville" and put the rest in the bank for later.  She has been in Nashville for the last few years but was dating someone long distance who lived there while she lived in New York.  She loves the town and has made all of her adult relationships there and plans to settle there.

(Rumor had it that she dated a country singer but I don't remember his name.)

She would make a charitable donation to an organization that helps drug addicts.  She mentions that this cause is close to her but then interjects it wasn't her, it was someone in her family.

No way, no how will Cassi fall for a showmance.  She will not hook up with someone to advance her game, but she will flirt, make alliances, be buddies, etc.  Her strategy is "to have no strategy", since there is no way to predict who will be there and what will happen.  She thinks the social game is the biggest element, bigger than the physical part.  And you can't play a social game until you are with the other players in the game.

She has a 'small fear of heights' and of 'not being contained in some way'.  If she is in some sort of holster and feels secure, she thinks she will be okay.  She knows that there is usually an early comp where you have to crawl through something sticky and she is looking forward to that---it looks fun.  She can't think of a competition she would dread, but she is a little concerned about what she might have to eat.  She is willing to eat a bug, though, if she needs to. 

She's picky about food, as previously mentioned.  She's not worried about other females in the house alienating her.  Once people get to know her, they will like her and see that she means no harm.  She will miss her parents--they are super close even though she goes overseas for months at a time, but they are always able to communicate.

Her favorite HG is Dan from BB10--he was cool and never personally attacked someone's character.  He was a genuine person and may have broken a few promises but played a good job.  She would not like to be compared to Rachel.  She's not sure if that was an act that Rachel put on, but Cassi herself would not like to be viewed as 'nonintelligent'.  She would like to be compared to Michelle from BB10 (WTF?) because she was a 'guy's girl' and played hard and got along with the dudes.

Her strategy to become America's Player is just to be herself.  She's comfortable with who she is and hopefully that will show.
(Still pulling to the left--I think Cassi needs a realignment.)

As far as exhibitionism goes, if other people want to do that on camera, that's their business, as long as it doesn't keep Cassi awake at night.

She's a little worried about powers that she can't control, like someone pulling out a Diamond POV.  Her family is 'stoked' about Cassi being on the show.  Her dad said that she should just be herself.

She addresses Britney and says that she is an incredible person and she thinks they would hit it off.

My Thoughts:  It would be awesome if Cassi could go in there and just start kicking ass on the competitions.  We need a new type of hero on the show and Cassi could be that girl.  She is going to have Rachel to deal with though.....

Meet Adam Poch #2

This interview was conducted for Bob exclusively for Real SuperPass.  I will not be repeating basic information I recapped last week in another interview with Adam.  You can read that here.
Adam mentions that he works for a company that makes compact discs, so "don't download".

He is a huge BB fan, as previously mentioned and he watches all all outlets---online, on Showtime, etc.  He hasn't always watched the live feeds but he has always been aware of them.

He gives a big shoutout to Dingo at Hamsterwatch.com.  He loves the recaps and he loves the drinking games and hopes to have his own drinking game there this season. 

BB is by far his favorite reality show.  He loves that it brings different people together----he has a lot of different friends and they have always said he should be on BB.  Every year he has applied and talked about it with everybody---this is the first year that he applied and kept his mouth shut, and look what happened!

He knows now why the HG go crazy--the whole application process was nerveracking and he kept wondering if 'they' liked him and if they would keep calling him.

He wants a brand new Camaro if he wins, but first he will buy his girlfriend a handbag, some shoes, some jewelry...he will build a life with her with the rest of the money.  He will donate some to the ALS foundation---his father died of Lou Gehrig's disease and hasn't been as active in the cause as he would have liked to be. 

His girlfriend is "the one" and she is everything he's always wanted.  He mentions watching 90210 with her in bed and is proud of it.  He is not going on BB to find love---he already has that so a showmance is out of the question.  He says that a showmance has never made it to final two.

(Erica and Mike Boogie in All Stars?  Erica thought it was a showmance, even if Mike didn't.)

Adam may lie about certain things in his life at certain time, but he feels that nothing is off limits in the house.  He is looking forward to the Facemash challenge and is going to study the HG faces in preparation for that.  He has prepared for BB by getting in to better shape---in the past year he has lost 100 pounds. (!)  He thinks his mental and social games are great and he needed to get the physical part in order.

He lost the 100 pounds after watching Enzo lose so many physical challenges last year.  He wants to do better than that since he's a Jersey guy too.  He met his girlfriend through getting healthy and now it is a brand new life for him.  He is looking forward to having kids and being healthy with them. 

He is going to ensure that he is safe in the house, and all of his relationships and alliances in the house will be based on that.  He hopes he doesn't cry and get emotional in the house.  But he can also be 'the beast' and starts talking in a deep scary voice (but with a smile) to demonstrate that.  He hates dealing with stupid people, but looks forward to experiencing "whatever BB throws at him".

He thinks he is a lock to win America's Choice because he's the heavy metal teddybear, but winning the $500K will be harder.  His two favorite HG of all time are Evel Dick and Janelle.  He thinks Janelle is by far the best player to never win the game and is a triple threat like him.

He promised his girlfriend not to be an exhibitionist and has been practicing using a towel to hide his package from the cameras.  He would hate to be compared to Mr. Pectacular, but they both have an addiction to the gym.  He wants to win HOH so he can hear his music and see pictures from home.  Music tames the savage beast and he will need to be soothed.  He hopes to hear some Machinehead, Megadeth, some Slayer, some Mr. Bunghole, Beastie Boys, something he can rock out to and stay focused.  Getting through three months with no music will be impossible.

Oh no---he wants to establish Adam's Angels as an alliance.

His personal appearances after the season will start at $500K  (joking).  He is overcome when asked if he is excited to meet Julie Chen.  He looks down, smiles, shakes his head and finally says he is so excited to meet the Chenbot!  He has loved her outfits for years and she is so beautiful---he can't wait to meet her and have her hand him the check at the end of the game.

When he gets out of the house he wants a " big tray of bacon so he can rub his face in it".  He needs his bacon.
Slop will suck, bad beds will suck--he's a big guy and he needs a nice bed.

Other than his girlfriend, the closest person in the world to him is his brother.  He didn't tell his brother about the show----he was going to find out when CBS makes the announcement to the world.  His brother is "going to lose it". He wanted his girlfriend to tell him, but he wasn't able to tell him himself.  They watched the show together for years--I think Adam called him 'Potbelly'.

He gives a shoutout to Ronnie Talbot---people made fun of Adam for supporting him, but Ronnie is a student of the game like he is. Adam wants to play as hard as Ronnie did, but play it stronger and longer. 

Adam: Ronnie, this is for all the nerds of the game!

My Thoughts:  I can't wait to see Adam's brother and girlfriend featured on the CBS show.  I am trying to imagine what they are like and how excited they will be.