Monday, July 4, 2011

New Leak on Twitter?

Now there is yet another person on Twitter who claims to have some inside scoop on what is going on behind the locked doors of the BB13 house.

This girl's Twitter is still active, so she can't be an employee of or a close connection to the Production team.  They would have shut her ass down by now.

This girl is from Tennessee, and her name is Crystal Eisermann.  If indeed that is her real name.  Her picture on Twitter shows a blonde posing with Jeff and Jordan.  So I guess that is Crystal.  And I guess she met Jeff and Jordan somewhere and took a picture with them.

Does that mean they are personal friends?  No, but she sure does have a lot of Big Brother type connections on her Twitter log, or whatever you call it.

I don't see any information here that is any different that what has already been speculated, but here is the link to her Twitter, and some of her recent Tweets, should her account suddenly disappear.

Surprise Guest Montage

There is a page on the SuperPass website with links to each houseguest's interview. I'm working my way through all of those.  But down at the bottom of the webpage, the following button appears.
Well, my interest is piqued.  I'm going to click on it, but I'm kind of scared.


OK I watched it, and I feel totally violated.  I was so prepared for excitement, but the Surprise Guest Montage is an compilation of interview clips of Adam, Shelly, Keith and Cassi all discussing variations on the following:

*  Evel Dick is a bad man and they DON'T want to be like him or have him in the house
*  Rachel is a crazy shrew and they DON'T want to be like her or have her in the house
*  Everybody wants to blow Jeff.

So I guess that tells us who the Dynamic Duos are, huh?   I was hoping at the end there would be some fast footage of Evel Dick laughing and smoking on the patio of his sequester hotel room, but there was nothing.


Meet Kalia Booker #2

This is a recap of an interview conducted by Bob for Real SuperPass.  I will not repeat any information I already reported in my first interview recap with Kalia.  You can read that here.

That was a newsy little interview, so I am hoping Kalia still has something to say in this one as well.  Don't disappoint us Kalia.
She writes a relationship blog in L.A.  She started blogging and it just took off so she got all sorts of opportunities from it.  It is an anonymous blog, and she likes this because she can still report on her friends' relationship issues and it's okay--no one knows who they are.

Kalia:  I could tell you the name of the blog and you would all know it.

(Really?  Has someone found the blog yet?)

She says her name is on a number of bylines if we google it.  She wrote for Steve Harvey and was an actress for awhile.  She's on Twitter.  Something like @KaliaBalia, or exactly like that since she spells it out for us.

She is a huge BB fan and loves Danielle BB8 and James.  I'm assuming she means James Rhine from BB6 and All Stars, not the Crazy one.

She admits to loving reality TV, like Biggest Loser, Keeping up with the Kardashians.  Also Project Runway a few years ago and other talent competitions.   She is a "huge clothes whore" and will definitely be shopping with some of the money if she wins.  She also "wants to put a down payment on something like a condo---she really wants to own instead of renting".  She lived in NY for 6 years so she's tired of renting.  She also needs to pay her mother back for money she loaned her, and she will also give some to her church back home.

(Don't forget those taxes Kalia.)

She struggles to think of something new to say when asked something about her that the fans would love or hate.  After a moment she hesitates, but then tells us that she was in the final six actresses on The Cosby Show to play Bree (or Brie? - I didn't watch the show.)  and that she later went to college with the actress that won the role (or Roll, for the Brie? ha ha ha sorry).

She knows it is hard to pick a strategy, but she wants to make sure everybody likes her and thinks she is taking them to the end.  She doesn't plan to trust anybody, however.  She will throw competitions like crazy--at least for the first three HOHs. 

She won't "hook up with anyone for real" on the show. She doesn't want to be all weepy and lovey on television, and she mentions how Erika got shunned by Mike Boogie on live TV.  She hates living with people!  If BB makes her famous, she would be hanging out with Lindsey Lohan and would show her The Parent Trap and make her remember the old days.  (She was prodded so say something about Lindsey Lohan.)

She misses her Blackberry since "they" took it from her.  She wants it back!  She apologizes to her mom, but she misses the Blackberry more than her.

She addresses Danielle Reyes and tells her that this year a cute black girl is going to win---Kalia is going to do it for her.

My Thoughts:  How long before Kalia goes postal?  I think Kalia will be on the Jury.

Meet Shelly Moore #2

This interview was conducted by Bob for Superpass.  It is interesting to note that Shelly's interview with Bob is over twice the length of Porsche's interview.

I recapped another interview with Shelly last week, which can be found here.  I'm not going to repeat any information in this recap---I'm only going to report new information.  I don't want to burn out this early in the season...
 Uh, sorry about that picture Shelly.  Sometimes the camera ain't kind.

Shelly reiterates that she wants to represent "the normal people" who are fun, energetic, and "don't have a lot of assets". (?)  Her favorite season is the "Jeff and Jordan season"--she doesn't even refer to it as Season 11.  She thought they were classy and she liked how they treated the other people.  She loved their relationship and the two of them are her favorite houseguests.

If she wins she will kiss the check and pay the taxes.  Then she will save the money, but will shell out whatever it takes for her daughter to meet Justin Beiber.  (It might not take that much cash, Shelly, because his 15 minutes is going....going....)

Her absolute dream is to do something with St. Jude's Childrens Hospital---she wants the kids to have hospital gowns that aren't open in the back, so kids can walk around and know their backside isn't showing.  She wants to call it Capes for Kids. 

She will never throw a competition for the benefit of someone else.  She might do it for her own sake though.  No Way Jose will a showmance ever happen--she is happily married with a child and showmances make people lose focus in the game. 

She will not tell the HG that she is a Vice President at the company she works for---she might tell them the name of the company, but she won't let them know how much she has achieved.  She thinks 41 is the new 21, and that the HG won't even care how old she is.

She's worried about NOT getting the coup d'etat or the Diamond Veto.  She is a little worried about other people coming in the game but she thinks the twists are fun.  She's not a big fan of bullying. 

What former HG would she not want to see on BB13?  She thought Evel Dick was the biggest bully so having him come back in the house would be a challenge, but she can't deal with people like Jen Johnson who cried when she saw her picture on the wall.

She will get emotional regarding her family.  Talking about them will be tough.  She will get mad if people are lying about what she said.  Her strategy is to "be a ringleader" because that's who she is in real life.  She wants to align with people who's strengths will complement hers.  She doesn't want to be compared with Jen Johnson but she thinks she is like Janelle due to Janelle's strengths, Dan BB10 was a smart player and she hopes people see that in her.  She also thinks she is like Jeff & Jordan because she is classy.  She is not a diabolical super genius (aka Matt Hoffman).

Now more Jeff & Jordan love.  (Good God give it a rest Shelly.)  Jordan loves family and Shelly loves family.  Jeff was just a great guy who fell in love and respected Jordan.  She brings up the Technotronics issue and how fun it was.

America's Favorite Player is almost better than winning the whole show, like winning Miss Congeniality.  She loves America because she is a patriot.  She knows some will love her, and some will hate her, but America likes people who play the game and bring it every time.

She looks forward to the mental challenges and will be studying things from the start.  She dreads any bathing suit challenges and might blow them since she will be worried about her suit falling off.  She thought the rope challenge from last year looked very hard (Brendon won that.).

She doesn't think the food constraints will be an issue.  She will miss the smell of her daughter getting out of the shower and hearing about current events.  She mentions the Casey Anthony trial and the Presidential race.  After three months she will get it all back, though.

The luxury item she looks forward to having when she gets out is seeing her husband and her daughter, and being handed a full glass of ice with her favorite drink, Monster Blue (?).  She wishes more people would use the POV to shake up the game, but can't say she would use it depending on the circumstances.

She would like to get a Diamond power in Pandora's Box that would ensure safety for the game.  Or maybe a pass to pull yourself off the block.

She mentions again how normal she is.  She went to an open casting call to get on the show.  Her Facebook and Twitter are down until the show is over, but you can reach her that way in September (or after being evicted).  She hopes there is a good cook in the house who can work with slop.  She doesn't want to live with egomaniacs or whiners.  They drive her nuts.  Also slobs drive her crazy, but she WILL NOT be the mom who cleans in the house.

She is a smoker so she expects to bond with the other smokers.  (No big shock there---look at that skin.)  She wants about 4 or 5 people in her alliance who all have different skills and know how to stay apart in the house.  She has a few names in mind for the alliance but will wait to disclose them.

The Crazy Twist?  She doesn't know what to think about it.  As long as she "doesn't have to sleep with another dude", she'll be fine.  She knows about the Crash My Party commercial.  Her husband was a Marine.

She doesn't want to be compared with Jen Johnson or Evel Dick.  Or Rachel, she would have a heart attack if that happened.  Brendon either---you will never see Shelly apologizing to anyone on You Tube.  (Ha ha she must have seen the pictures of Brendon's dick on the internet!)

She used to watch Superpass and the hightlights every year.  She warns us that if you get the feeds, everything else in your life will stop.  She also frequents JokersUpdates (who doesn't?), TV Grapevine, BigBrotherNetwork and gives a shoutout to Missy and says she is a Facebook friend.  Missy answers everybody and Shelly loves that.  Last year was the first year she started getting into it with fans online and says people get really nasty.  She hopes her family doesn't get involved with that.

She also watches Survivor, the Bachelor and Bachelorette, Real World and the Repo show.  She loves Cops, too, and anything where you get to watch other people's lives.  She likes to watch trainwrecks, but doesn't want to be one herself.  She also likes the Real Housewives and Shark Tank.

She speaks directly to Jeff and Jordan, asking that they wish her luck.

My Thoughts:  I would just love to know what Production did in order to have each and every houseguest dwell on Jen Johnson during these interviews.  Now I know that Jeff, Jordan, and Evel Dick are huge influences on many BB fans, but Jen Johnson?  Was there a big poster of Jen in the room during the interviews?

I really think we will see Jen and Dick teamed up, since Danielle may have opted out on that.  Who knows.  I had guessed earlier that Shelly was no stranger to overflowing ashtrays, so I think she will be lighting them up with Evel Dick and probably Jeff. 

I think Shelly will be one of those house guests who hover.  Not as badly as Sheriff Kathy, of course.  I think Shelly would actually leave the room if Brendon and Rachel were fornicating in the bed next to her, unlike the Lazy Sheriff.

Note also that this year the interviewer is mostly silent---SuperPass cut together the HG responses so that we barely know the interviewer is there.   Unlike previous years when Chelsia was in the shot with the interviewee.