Sunday, July 3, 2011

Janelle Weighs In on BB13

This exclusive commentary by the Legendary Janelle is courtesy of Hamsterwatch.  Thank you, Hamsterwatch, for doing what you do.

Special guest post: Janelle

A Hamsterwatch exclusive: Big Brother fan favorite and mom-to-be Janelle Pierzina (now DeSanto) weighs in with her first impressions and predictions about the new hamsters, and speculates on the returnees in the first of (hopefully) several guest posts from her and other names you know this season.. please to enjoy

Kalia Love her, she seems very likable and easy to get along with. I also think she has kicking curves! It's nice to see someone who isn't a size 2.

Shelly Well I hope she doesn't turn into a piece of furniture like last season's Kathy. I hope she has game and doesn't throw every competion expecting to be taken to final four because she sucks so bad and is old.

Adam He seems like he has a pleasant enough personality. I see him teaming up with Dick for sure. I hope the females in house are not afraid of him.

Lawon He's gay right?? Well I really loved him in his interviews, but then again I adore gay men. Love his diva attitude and he seems very funny.

Cassi Wow! Is she on the right reality show? She should be on America's Top Model. She'd kill it! She seems very nice in her interviews, her accent is a little too twangy for my taste. I hope she goes far. The other girls could get very jealous of her though... I hope she has major game, that would be amazing to watch

Porsche She is very charming in real life and it's very difficult to not like her (believe me I tried once and she won me over). She is naturally flirtatous with men and women. She reminds me so much of Parvarti! I think she will do very well.

Keith Am I the only one that likes this guy?!? I thought his interviews were hilarious! I mean I was cracking up the entire time. I think he will be targeted right away though because he will be trying to make a big alliance and it will be obvious.

Dominic He's hot! I think he will be the one having a showmance this summer. Although I'm not sure with who. He seems smart and sexy. I like that!

The Twist

Ok this is speculation on the twist of who the dynamic duos are and what they will do game wise. Remember this is just speculation and just for fun.

Dick will be partnered with his daughter Dani. They will be the biggest targets in there because of Dani's previous comp wins. I think Dick wil go very far because out of the newbies there, a lot of them are Dick fans that want to align with him.

Dani Will try and break records this year. You go girl! You got this!!! She will play guns ablaze as I had to in All Stars because everyone wanted me out the first week. It's win or go home. Not the easiest way to play... but oh well.

Rachel I bet she wins first HOH. She will be looking for allies this time, hopefully she doesn't target Porsche and Cassi right away.

Brendon I hope he doesn't cry. I can't drink or smoke since I'm pregnant and don't have an easy stomach for men crying. I bet Dick brings up penisgate the first chance he gets.

Jeff I'm glad to see him back since he provided me lots of laughs his season. I hope he does well, but I see people getting him and Jordan out before jury due to them wanting America's favorite 25k prize and the coup de twat for themselves.

Jordan She is so likable that it will make her a huge target, plus she is a winner. I see a newbie nominating her right away just for those reasons. Newbies will be scared to go after D&D right away. Jordan is an easier target just because they will think she won't come after them.

Prediction on what will happen

Dick, Dani, Adam, Porsche, Jordan, Jeff align and tear though the house.

The other houseguests try and get together but can't because they are up against America's favorites and Dani Donato who will wins 6 HOHs and 5 Vetoes

Everyone is speculating that the ex BBers will align but I doubt it. Maybe for the first week or so, but they will be smart and want their biggest competition taken out. Personally I'd align with the newbies because most of them have never watched the show and are dumb as hell Big Brother wise. They have no experience! It's like watching an NFL player against a varsity high school kid. One is bigger, stronger, and has experience and maybe even a Superbowl ring and the other wants to be them when they grow up and are completely starstuck.

OMG the Freaking Rumors!

I wish I could just ignore them and patiently wait until Thursday's broadcast.  But of course I can't.

The following information was provided by someone on Twitter who indicated that they had inside information about Production and Casting.  They tweeted a bunch of staggering items, and now the account is apparently shut down.

So there is a lot of speculation about whether the information was real or not.  And all the Super Fans are trying to take the limited information in the tweets and build it into a story.  It's not a story I like, but I am going to have to just calm down and wait for Thursday.  None of us will know the complete truth until then.

Actually I think this is all the work of Allison Grodner Productions, as they fuck with us some more.   They know we love the suspense. And hate the suspense.  ***whatever***

So, in a nutshell, this is what @CornerOffice13 has disclosed, real or not:

*  One of the initial 8 houseguests has been approaching all of the other 7 for an alliance.  (Kalia, per her pre-season interviews?)

*  Lawon is on "another planet".

*  There were 8 Dynamic Duos that entered the house sometime over the weekend.  (Yes, eight.)

*  The Duos were surprised by another twist that would screw up their game---they had to compete for the right to stay together as teams.

*  Rachel and Brendon won, and are thus the only Duo who is officially competing together from the start.

*  One of the Duos was eliminated after this competition, reducing the number of Duos to six.

*  Other than Rachel and Brendon, all of the other Duos were split up and assigned to the newbies as teams.  (There was probably some sort of competition to sort out who goes with who...)

This is the part that upsets me.  I don't want my Dynamic Duos to have to pair with the newbies.  Supposedly either Dick or Danielle is paired with Lawon!  If that is true, what a frickin' waste that is!

I don't want Jeff and Jordan playing for separate teams.  As a matter of fact, I don't want any sort of assigned teams or cliques.  I want BB to throw them all in there and let the chips fly.