Friday, July 1, 2011

Rumor Control - Episode 2

This is a recap of Episode 2 of Rumor Control with Ragan Fox and Dani Donato.  It is content exclusive to Real Network's SuperPass and it was taped about a week ago, the day after the pictures of the new Big Brother house were released.

Ragan has chosen a colorful tank top today and Dani is in the dark, apparently.  They get right to it by discussing the new decor of the house.  Missy (the hostess) is "a bit taken aback" by the house and thinks it might be her favorite so far.

They start with the new HOH room.  Missy asks them what they think of the round bed and the shag carpet.

Dani immediately starts spewing that the bed was originally from BB8 and it is "covered in other peoples...grossness".  So she thinks it is a used bed from her season.

(I'm no interior decorator, but I don't think you can use a rectangular blanket on a round bed.  If you do you end up with those unfortunate looking bare strips of sheet like we see in the picture.  That ain't right, Alison.)

Ragan points out that that bed is definitely used and you might get pregnant just from sitting on it.  (Who had sex on BB8?  Eric and Jessica maybe?  Nick and Dani?  Who is she talking about--I'm drawing a blank.)

Now they move on to the kitchen.

Missy doesn't see a microwave this year and can peep out the pool table in the backyard, although pictures have not been released of the backyard.  Ragan points out that it is interesting that there are no cupboards this year.  He sarcatically points out that the house "is so sturdily built that several times last year they would open a cupboard and the door would come flying off".  Dani thinks this is hilarious.

Now they move on to the bathroom.  Missy thinks she could live in this bathroom and loves the color scheme.

Ragan has been on a number of BB websites and chat rooms and the fans seem to universally like the look of the bathroom (as opposed to the bedrooms, apparently).  He points out that a lot happens in the bathroom every season---lots of game talk and he has his first mention of Rachel and the "strip haircut" she gave in the bathroom with "a lot of straddling".

(I think they get paid each time they pimp the word Rachel on this show....)

Dani thinks the showers are the same in her season, with the frosted glass leaving a little to the imagination.  She put towels over the door to decrease the risk of someone seeing something.  Ragan brings up that last year "we would hide in the WC and take a poo and want someone to walk in on them".


(What the fuck is he talking about----who is WE?  Maybe that is what HE did.  God knows he talked about his own bodily functions nonstop in the house.  Maybe Daddy didn't change his diaper so he is always trying to get attention in this area.)

(God I hate him.  Sorry.  Moving on.)

Missy can't wait to move on from there and moves on to the dining area and memory wall.  She doesn't get the surfboard motif yet.

Dani points out in a VERY BRATTY tone that the surfboards are re-used from Ragan's season.  (There was a competition that Matt won where you had to stand on a surfboard in the "rain".)  Maybe Dani thinks that the set decoration budget just falls out of the sky.  I'll bet she is the first one to brag about "how green" her lifestyle is, too.  So Production 're-purposes' something---big freaking deal.

Ragan doesn't think those are the BB12 surfboards because they were mechanical in nature and these seem merely ornamental.  He thinks the house has a personality disorder and has themes from different past seasons.  (!)

Now Missy shows us the HOH bathroom and she likes the elephant and the way the tub sparkles.

(I asked Allison Groder to give me one of those silver jack things two years in a row, so I will probably ask again this year, Alison.  I only want one--I'm not greedy.)

Dani sarcastically predicts that Missy will be "one of the ones to go on Ebay and bid on the decor after the show."  Ragan mentions that people actually pee in the HOH tub.  He recommends that the HG pee in the bathtub if invited to take a bath with someone.  (? WTF he is VILE.)

Now they move on to one of the bedrooms.  Missy points out that the beds are all connected together but she is worried that someone might hit their head on the wall hangings.

Ragan says that this is the Jumanji Room and he thinks someone might get hurt getting out of bed due to those protruding pieces.  He likes the wood floors but they get really dirty.  Dani thinks the room looks a little bit boring.

Missy moves along to Bedroom #2.

Missy has studied this room and calls it the Candy Room.  Dani corrects her and says it is the "Roy G Bibb Room".  Or maybe it was "Royji Bid Room" or "Roidgee Bibb Room".  I don't know what the fuck she said  or what the fuck she was talking about.

Ragan:  I hope you're not going to get attached to this room because I'm pretty sure this will end up being the Have Not Room.

They had an Asian room in BB12 for about three days and it got ripped up during one of the challenges and became the Have Not room.  He thinks this room looks like it can be easily removed and changed.

Dani: Hmmmm.

Dani thinks it is weird that they show this room and not the third bedroom, then, but Ragan sets her straight.  Missy thinks that is a cotton candy machine (C'mon Missy---you know that is an ice cream cart!) but thankfully we have Ragan there to correct her.

He mentions the new Cabana room with the fortune teller who looks like Renny and the skeleton picture on the wall.  They don't have a picture to put up but they talk about the tarot cards and the unlucky aspect of that room.  Dani scowls that the theme of the house rarely follows the theme of the game.  Like her season was kitted out like Alice in Wonderland but that had nothing to do with the game.

They chortle about the bicycles in the house--Ragan says maybe the Have Nots can only sleep on the bicycles like the people in the movie Saw. (?)  Dani thinks the house in her season was more imaginative with the little doors and all.

Missy asks them for Dos and Don'ts for this season.  Apparently they discussed this ahead of time and Ragan has a list.  I thought Missy was asking them for tips for the houseguests, but Ragan has other ideas.  He wants to give WE THE FANS some tips.

Ragan:  If you choose to spend your summer in forums where you complain all summer about the houseguests complaining about each other all summer, don't do it.  It comes off as disingenuous.

Oooo, he really told us with that zinger.  Consider me chastised, Ragan! 

Dani agrees with that and adds that we "don't know what it's like".  Ragan crows that people are still complaining about BB12 and we should get over it!  (Dani should tell him that within a week he will be old news.)

Now he continues to read to us from his list on "his iPad 2".  We are also not to speak about someone on the show "being an ambassador for their entire group" because "we wouldn't say that about a white person".  Their is venom dripping from his thin voice as he says this.  Ragan is ANGRY, people.  Maybe he needs to write some Slam Poetry about us to help him cope.

Missy sees this train heading down the tracks and quickly switches her attention to Danielle, noting that "Ragan has a whole list of things".  Dani wants to expand on what Ragan said--people go in there thinking that they have to represent their whole race, like Jameka in her season, but that is too much weight for her to have on her shoulders.

But Ragan corrects her and starts with the hand motions, talking way over her head about the situation, using big big words.  Dani gives up and lets Dr. Fox overtalk her.

Now Ragan turns to the new HG---he knows they are going to start talking trash about BB12 because that is the nature of the early days of the show, but he doesn't want "the super fans to contact him to tell him what someone said about him, thinking that they are forming a bond with him through that".

What???  Who the fuck does he think he is?  I'm sure they want to hurt him, not "form a bond" with him.  I wonder what Ragan's number on the Narcissist scale is?  I wonder if the scale goes high enough to quantify that?

Dani describes how she got three page (letters?) saying in detail how the fans hate her.  Ragan loves how people follow him on Twitter and say they hate him.

Ragan:  Dude, you're the one whose following me---I'm not following you!

Missy switches gears and takes a few calls.  Thank God.

CQ = Caller Question

CQ = Wants to know if the "Crash my Party" theme on the commercial refers to old HG vs. new HG.  Ragan jumps in to say they discussed this last week--the promotions crew didn't know about the theme of the show.

CQ = Oh Gawd its Anne Marie from Boston again, AKA Rosemary's neighbor with the Chocolate Mouse.  She greets them both and thinks the Candy Room is like the Swimming Room that Jeff and Jordan were in.  (Anne Marie is a BIG Jeff & Jordan fan.)  Ragan quickly interjects that it's not and starts talking  but Anne Marie interrupts him by laughing.  Ragan rolls his eyes right on camera.  Now she brings up the CBS spending cutbacks.  Ragan laughs and asks how much they can cut back?  She also mentions Ragan saying that the ratings were very good last year, but fans all season kept saying that they couldn't wait for the BB12 HG to come out and see how unpopular it was.  Ragan points out that the Super Fans didn't like it, but the casual fans really liked it.  Dani says that just because the ratings were good, doesn't mean it is a good season.

(I poke fun at Anne Marie, but she isn't scared to bring it when she callse.  I called in to Housecalls one time and was scared shitless.  So Kudos to Anne Marie.)

CQ = This caller has volume issues and we lose her.

CQ = Now it's Jordan who submitted a video for the contest to host a BB show on Real this year.  He wasn't sure if he should call but Ragan says it is okay.  Oh shit he asks Ragan to do some slam poetry.  Ragan can't remember one but says there are a lot of videos posted online. His poems are all about three minutes long and if he was in the competition last year where you needed to wait an hour he would have recited poems to keep time. (?? WTF I must have short term memory loss--I don't remember half of the competitions they talk about now.)

CQ = Mike from Greenwood calls in.  He has a comment for Danielle.  (Dani:  Oh no.)  Besides Keisha, Dani is one of his favorite player of all time.  He thinks they both got robbed and they should go on All Stars together.  Dani agrees that she got robbed.  (What?  She came in second with only one vote?  How is that robbed?)  Then Mike says he heard a rumor that three former houseguests were coming in the house.

Missy:  Mike, we love you but we have to go on to the next caller!  (That was a blatant brush off.)

Learn to bluff, Missy.

(Ragan just announced that he is a "busy bottom".  ***ugh***)

CQ = Are you more into BB now that you were on it?  Are you as big a fan?  Ragan says Dani should be the one to answer since he was just on it last year and hasn't had the opportunity to watch a new season.  Dani says she has always been a big fan, and is more obsessed with the way things are done like competitions and stuff.  But she becomes less obsessed with things like the DR, because she could see how her interviews were cut and stuff like that.  But she still enjoys watching, she just watches a little differently.  Ragan listens intently to her answer.

CQ = The caller says they heard a rumor that Rachel was coming back on the show.  Missy asks Ragan to take that one.  Ragan says his assumption would be that the HG went into sequester last week, but he hung out with Brendon and Rachel last weekend.  So he doesn't think it is possible but you have to expect to expect the unexpected.  Dani agrees and Missy brings up that Rachel is getting married too, and why would she interrupt that process with the show. (Duh, Rachel is ALL ABOUT the show Missy.)

Ragan points out that Rachel just spent two weeks at home with her Mom in the Carolinas, and if she were going to do the show there is no way she wouldn't  have wanted to spend that time with Brendon.

CQ = Susan from Florida has seen a picture of the backyard and wants to let them know that.  She mentions the graffiti on the walls and some blue chairs.  Also there is a bench by the dining room table?  Susan is having trouble getting the words out.  Ragan starts vamping about the bench:  What does it mean?  Maybe it has to do with benched players on a team, or supreme court justices.  (Not funny, I know.)

CQ = What if the Candy Room is the Have Not room and is plastered with food that you can't have?  Dani thinks that would suck, but Ragan points out that is what a Have Not is.  You can't eat while everybody else is eating Enzo's Chicken Parmesan, etc.  Dani points out that at least BB12 had America's Choice and got new foods each week besides slop.  Ragan bites back that BB8 didn't have to sleep on Have Not beds, and he has had "a number of tricks and slept in a number of places" but this was the worst.  Missy says they should agree to disagree on that one.

CQ = This question didn't make sense to me or Ragan or Dani.  Something about the Super Fan focus or General Fan focus by CBS.  Of course CBS is focusing on the TV show but they try to keep the Super Fans happy too. Ragan has a feeling that this season will be explosive and have a lot of drama.

CQ = Michelle from the Bronx brings up the fucking bench next to the table, and points out that the bench will have to be moved when ever someone gets up from the table.  Ragan brings up Teresa Giudice flipping the table and then he imitates her calling Danielle a Prostitution Whore.

Ragan starts talking about Chad_Iowa on Twitter and how hot he is and we lose Dani's Skype connection.

CQ = Will the competitions be new ones or based on the old ones?  Ragan thinks they had a good mix of new and old last year.  He hopes some of them are new this year, because he and Rachel were good about predicting what competitions would come next and "that isn't fun for anybody".  He doesn't think there will be an OTEV competition, since they have done that for a few years in a row.   Same with the spelling challenge, and the face morphing competition.  Missy likes OTEV and brings up how rowdy the HG get with each other.

CQ = Are old cast members coming back?  I heard Brendon and Rachel are coming back.  Missy fields this and says she doesn't think Rachel would go in because of her upcoming wedding.  Ragan repeats that he just spent time with them, but that Rachel is good TV and people love to hate her.

Dani is back and "doesn't know what is wrong with her computer".  Ragan:  It's not a Mac, that's whats wrong with it!  Dani:  But it is a Mac!  Ragan:  Oh, then never mind!

CQ = Jessie has gone off Facebook and hasn't been seen for awhile---is it true that he is coming back in the house?  Dani comments on the conspiracy theories and Ragan says he wouldn't be surprised if nobody came back to save it for the rumored All Star season next year.

CQ = Nicky from Vegas says that Rachel's bridal shower is happening on "Sunday at the Vegas Bash" and "she is screwed" if Rachel goes back in the house since they haven't talked about it.  (Nicky is "doing the bridal shower.".)  Also Rachel's sister is getting married in July, so she thinks they can squelch that rumor right now.  Missy agrees.

CQ = Hal from Atlanta wonders if there are a few unfair competitions that should not be held this year.  Dani can't think of one--they all focus on different skills and abilities.  Ragan thinks the "zoo challenge" with bidding on punishments should be changed back to the way they did it on All Stars with writing down their bid instead of being first to push a button--it makes them suspicious of Production when someone has to push the button faster instead of committing to something on paper. (i.e. they wonder if the results are tampered with).  (Interesting.)

CQ = Kumar from Pasadena points out that a picture of the cast has been posted on the CBS forum.  Ragan is grilling him on what he says and Missy blows him off, saying that they need to get on the internet to see.  Ragan realizes that Kumar is referring to Press Day in the house--that is what Kumar probably saw--the journalists in the house.

CQ = Richard from New Orleans heard a rumor that Dani's computer didn't go out, but that Dani was kidnapped and taken in the house.  Also that someone is impersonating Dani on the phone.  (We can hear Dani but we can't see her.)  They all get a kick out of that.

CQ = Peggy from San Diego has smoked a few cigarettes today, by the sound of it.  She heard that the HG would be older.  What does Danielle think?  Dani thinks that is a great idea--older people play the game better and aren't just seeking stardom.  Ragan agrees---he loved Renny and Jerry's efforts.  (They don't have to be senior citizens to be older contestants here.)  Ragan wants players in their 50's, but Dani wants people in their mid 30's.  Ragan emotes at this and says Screw You Danielle!  Danielle backpedals on this but the damage is done.

CQ = Says she heard that Britney is coming back and has to wear her Lady Gaga costume for the whole season.  Obviously this is getting more ridiculous by the minute---those crafty chat room people!

CQ = Points out that one of the surfboards has a Brazilian flag on it, but there is soccer stuff in another room.  Ragan doesn't think that is ironic, and that there is any big connection between the decor and the theme of the game.  Dani thinks people think about this stuff way too much.

CQ = Skyler is a young boy and asks Dani if she "hopes to see someone like her dad in the house this season".  Dani says watching someone like him for three months on Big Brother is not a good way to spend the summer.

They are pimping the new SuperPass host contest where the potential hosts submitted videos and the field has been narrowed to 10.  It was a very difficult decision and Ragan was very impressed by some of the videos.  Ragan is announcing them now, live.  (This was taped a week or so ago.)   Missy keeps asking Dani to cheer for them as Ragan reads the names but the cheers are kind of pathetic and sarcastic and display a decided lack of energy.  Dani is too cool for the room.  At least Ragan is enthusiastic about it and is selling it hard.  You can vote every six hours until Monday to make your vote heard.

Missy sells it too.  She's a Company girl.

*** whew that was a lot of typing.  my wrists hurt! ***

There is one more Rumor Control episode coming up this Tuesday, July 5th.

Let's Catch Our Breath, Shall We?

I am ready to move on to the pre-season interviews conducted by Real Networks, but first I'm going to watch a few more of the talk shows that have aired in the past weeks.  Specifically Rumor Control Episode 2 and a few of the Happy Hour shows.  Supposedly there is a good one with Jun Song, BB4 winner.  Jun has recently moved to Belgium to live with Davy, her new husband, whom I think is a farmer.  He is very cute in Jun's frequent Twitter pictures.

So that stuff is on the way.  But let me address some rumors that are circulating the internet.

While clicking around last night, I came upon some tweets by someone purported to be an insider.  You know, someone in Production or part of the crew.  The insider information was spectacular and I was stunned by the level of information out there.  Before posting it I did some checking, and I don't think much, if all of the info was true.  Some of the info that had been reported lately was:

*  AGP was fed up with the models and actors in finals because they were all boring. So she sent 10 of them home and decided to invite duos from the past back.

*  AGP still hasn't decided who is coming back and we can still influence her decision.  (?)

*  Many of the duos that we are voting on are red herrings and the biggest duo isn't even showing up on the website---the writer claimed that Dani Donato is a red herring and that Britney and Lane are coming in as a duo.  (My antenna went up on that---there is NO WAY AGP would bring snoozer Lane back.  They had a very hard time with him in the DR last year.  Only if Britney promised to blow Lane everyday on Camera #4 would they agree to that...)

I was kind of upset about these rumors, for some reason.  I think it seemed like there was chaos behind the scenes, that they hadn't adequately planned for this season.  So I think I was worried.

But I went to the place on where you can see the former HG tweets.  And there was Britney, tweeting back and forth with Lane and Hayden about being losers not picked to return.  (Wait for AllStars, Brit.  There will be more perqs.)

So I concluded that the posts were lies.  This poster was just playing with us and making the suspense more suspenseful.  Some of you might remember that when Season #2 of Real Housewives from Atlanta was about to start there was a Twitter account by someone named Maxine who reported all sorts of outrageous gossip about the upcoming season.  Some of the info was gleaned from cast sightings in the Atlanta newspaper, and Maxine fabricated her website to make it appear that all of the celebrities followed her tweets.  She would take a kernel of fact and blow it into an explosive story.  I thought it was real until I tried to link to @AndyCohen and found out that his real Twitter account is @BravoAndy instead.  Maxine did a good job but it was all fake.

And finally I saw a link on a website to Lawon Exum's You Tube channel.  I only watched one of the episodes, so maybe someone else can listen to more and help determine why he feels the need to do this.  It is true he is bubbly, and he seems to know what he is talking about, but do you?  He likes himself. 

And is he holding the camera in his right hand while he is speeding through the neighborhood?  That kind of makes it an action film, doesn't it?

Meet Keith Henderson

This interview was conducted by Matt Whitfield of and you can watch it here.
Keith is from Illinois and is a 32 year old human resources manager.  Matt comments that he can't remember ever having someone on the show with an HR background.  Keith can make conversation so he says that Matt probably hasn't seen that, but that his job skills will be a big help in the house.  He's dealt with all kinds of people, including terminations, so he knows how to handle himself and work with others.

Keith's diction and grammar are not very professional, in my opinion.  Let's just say he doesn't speak The King's English.

Keith enthusiastically reports that he is a HUGE Big Brother fan and has watched all twelve seasons.  He has never watched the live feeds, but he hasn't missed an episode of the TV shows.  He hates to admit it because it might sound funny, but he most respects Evel Dick's play.  He knows that some of what Dick said and did were offfensive, but Keith notes that Dick was running the house the whole time and did what he had to do to win.  Keith relates this in a way to what he does as an HR manager---he tries to influence people's choices.  He wouldn't want to be as mean and dirty as Evel Dick, but he does admire his gameplay.

Keith is very religious and goes to church three days a week.  He is an ordained deacon and God is the head of his life.  He can be a Christian and play this game and win.  He plans to play with principals and morals and won't curse and dog people out, but he is going to backstab in a different way---he is going to have someone in his alliance do the dirty work.  He's "going to be whispering in somebody's ear".

He says that people in the house will know he is religious, but he doesn't want to brow beat anybody.

Keith:  I plan on hooking up, too, so that's kind of....

Matt jumps right into that topic and asks Keith his preference.

Keith:  I like white girls!  Blonde hair, green eyes, brunettes, I like all that. Jen from BB8--she was so super hot if she's out there please call me, come back on the show, be the twist, please!  I don't understand why those guys didn't like her.  If I had a roommate like that walking around with her ass hanging out....oh God please.....

Keith doesn't get along with loud obnoxious people.  But if someone was religious (?) or a homosexual or something like that, he won't have a problem.  He realizes he has some things in common with Ollie, since Ollie was religious and hooked up with blonde April.  But Keith won't get angry and start cursing like Ollie did--he is going to hold strong to his religion.  He also throws Jameka under the bus---Dick caused her to snap and start clapping at Dick (he demonstrates this and it is funny) and lose herself.  He feels like the religious people always let him down on the show.

He feels that he has "a foolproof strategy" and in order to align his team he may need to win the first HOH.  Once he gets his team together he might not have to win.  He is going to align with three girls and call them Keith's Angels.  Women can manipulate the men and they will all have side alliances with people they  can manipulate.  He wants to go to the end with one of those women he manipulated--not one of the guys--he wants to go to the end with a woman.

Matt:  Maybe a blonde and green eyed woman?

Keith:  Oooo yes!  I want her in my alliance so I can have my cake and eat it too!  This is going to be a good summer!

Now it's time for "This or That?"

Vanilla or Chocolate?  Vanilla
Twitter or Facebook?  Facebook
Beiber or Gaga? Lady Gaga
Liberal or Conservative? Conservative
Lust or Love?  Lust.  (the only one of the 8 to answer this way)
Fights or Walk Away?  Walk away...

$500,000 or new best friend for life?  $500,000 grand prize!

 Now it's Keith's chance to pitch us on how great he is.

Keith:  Blah blah blah I'm a great guy (they all kind of say the same thing at this point)'re going to see a great guy have fun...blah blah blah.  Keith will also be entertaining, per his pitch.

 My Thoughts:  I don't want to criticize someone for their beliefs, but Keith sure did contradict himself on a number of occasions in this interview, which is under 8 1/2 minutes long.  For example right after saying he wouldn't curse like Ollie he started salivating about Jen Johnson's "ass hanging out".  What I don't like about people who are so vocal about religion is it seems that many of them use religion as an excuse when it is convenient.  Like, "it's God's will that I vote against you", or "Jesus would have wanted me to use the Veto", and so on.  Then when ready to fornicate with some blonde whores and manipulate a brunette into doing his evil bidding, thoughts of the Bible go out of the window, right?  That last sentence kind of described a pimp, huh?

So do you think Porsche Briggs will go for Religious Keith?  I think he'll go for her, but will she agree to be one of Keith's Angels? 

I think that when Kalia finds out that he doesn't eat chocolate, girlfriend's gonna go nuts!  Maybe he and Jeff will strike up a friendship, even though from what Keith says Jordan is just his type.

I think Alison Grodner has put a lot of interesting ingredients in the pot, and once the Dynamic Duos are poured in she won't even need to stir it---it is going to start simmering right away. 

 I didn't hear Keith discuss his identical twin Kenny, but Matt Whitfield mentions that on his website.  Kenny wanted to be on the show too, apparently, and was pissed he didn't make the cut.  I think identical twins are always interesting.  I would have a hundred questions to ask him about that.

Meet Kalia Booker

This interview was conducted by Matt Whitfield from  Thanks Matt. You can watch it for yourself here.  Maybe you should do that....

Kalia has to burp and announces it before the interview even begins.  Matt encourages her to go ahead and burp.
Kalia is 30 and is frum Philadelphia.  She moved to LA about five months ago and is a writer.  She has a nice voice and has watched Big Brother since the first season.  She never imagined that she would be a houseguest so this is surreal for her.
She doesn't think there has been a houseguest like her in the past, but she is kind of combination of a number of people.  Danielle Reyes was her favorite right up until the very end when she took Lisa with her to the final vote.  Kalia wants to rectify what Danielle did.

Oh snap. Kalia reports that "there have been other black girls on the show, but none of them have been cute and vivacious like me".  And:  "I'm going to be the original black girl!  There's only one of me and I'm excited to represent!"

Now she compares herself to Janelle because she's "busty and curvacious" and sociable and "not a lay down and be quiet kind of person".  Her best feature is her boobs and they are "completely real", and are "made by her parents".  Her friends would say she is weird because she talks to herself and makes up dances.  She is completely secure with herself and is extremely loyal to her friends.  She "will roll with them in a second".  She is also gregarious and funny all the time. 

As you can see from this picture, Kalia indeed has some rack.  Wow.

Kalia is okay with the cameras---she is secure and says "pretty girls pass gas and burp".  Also "everyone picks their nose and we've all seen that before".  She doesn't think she will have a showmance but she will "do everything she needs to do to show out for the money".

If Season 13 is about bad luck they they need to be prepared for 'total crap to be thrown at them".  She would not like it if she came in the house and saw someone she didn't want to spend time with---there are a few that come to mind--friends and ex-friends and family members, but she doesn't name anybody.

She will completely throw the first HOH but not in an obnoxious way--she won't be the first one out, but maybe 5th or 6th so there isn't a target on her back.  She is prepared to eat slop but she "has the Jen mentality" (whatever that is).  She is also a vegetarian and has only had one bite of bacon in her life.  She knows she might have to eat meat in the competitions but she is prepared for it.

Men are her weakness since the age of 9 but her type is the thug-type black guy, probably because that is so opposite of her background.  She has someone out there that she has something special with and she doesn't want to ruin that this summer.  He will be watching and she knows that.  But he's worried and may not watch...
 She has a couple of tattoos but doesn't describe them.  She almost got another one before she came in the house but decided to wait.

Now it's time for "This or That?"

Vanilla or Chocolate?  Oooo....vanilla.  Wait, when it pertains to what?  Ha ha ha ha. Chocolate is real nice but vanilla when it comes to like, ice cream!
Twitter or Facebook?  **long pause*** at the moment, Facebook

Liberal or Conservative? Oh much more liberal.
Lust or Love? She repeats...oh I'm a lover.
Fights or Walk Away?  Ooooo...Fights!

$500,000 or new best friend for life?  $500,000 --I've got a lot of best friends already.  I don't need anymore.

Now Kalia pitches us for her support.
Blah blah blah We'd better root for her because no one is going to play the game like she will, blah blah blah.

(Nothing against her, but they all start to sound the same at this point of the interview.)

My thoughts:  I like Kalia.  I read on other websites that she is going to be "Libra Part 2" but I can't get a sense of that yet.  She is well-spoken and I like that she is a fan of the show.  I do think Kalia will stand up for herself when the time comes.  I'll bet she is going to be a huge whiner about eating slop, but maybe not since she is a vegetarian.  (So far two of them in the house---Cassi is a veg too.)

I predict that she will bond with Lawon, the gay black guy right off the bat, but their relationship will go VERY SOUR and VERY LOUD and we will all see and hear that.

See, I'm ready for some drama, people.  Particularly after last years bland finish.

Meet Shelly Moore

This interview was conducted by Matt Whitfield at  You can watch it here.

You know, I look at these pictures of the houseguests and am usually surprised when I hear them speak.  Shelly's voice doesn't sound at all like I thought it would.  She is 41 years old and lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  So it was a surprise that I didn't hear an accent, and she speaks in complete, well crafted sentences.

She works with a company who works with entrepreneurs to bring their inventions to market (sourcing, production, etc.).  Shelly is a "religious fan" of Big Brother since the very first season.  As the seasons progressed she wanted to know more and more about it so she started watching the live feeds.  She wanted to see the results of the competitions before the TV show so she started buying the feeds in the past two years and her family joins in.  It's their summer pleasure.

(I have seen it reported that Shelly wrote updates on the live feeds, but that is not how I interpret what she just told Matt.  By saying she was "a live feeder" I think she meant that she watched the feeds.)
She is married with an 8 year old daughter---leaving her family for the summer is the hardest thing she has ever had to do.  She wants her daughter Josie to be able to step out of her comfort zone as a young lady and take risks.  Josie is used to her mom travelling a lot---Shelly visits Europe and China for her job so she is used to her being gone, but now she can see her on TV and that might help.

She thinks she is most like Dan from BB10, but "conduct-wise she is probably more like Jeff and Jordan".  She wants to be respectful and classy, and maybe just  little bit ruthless.  She went into the casting call because she thought the producers would want to see "just a real life person".  She's a "jeans and T-shirt kind of person, not into big boobs and just wants to have fun".  She thinks her business skills will help her in the house, dealing with the different types of people.

Matt assures her she will meet different types of people, probably with some big boobs and wild personalities.

Egomanics and whiney people will get on Shelly's nerves.  Also "people who are more about their assets than what is inside".

Shelly points out that this game tests your physical and mental strength and your ability to handle paranoia.  She knows that she has to keep space between her and and her allies so that it isn't obvious.  She thinks she will try to align with someone quickly (uh oh) and she "will be able to tell by their face" who is trustworthy.  She wants to align with one male and one female.  She can hang with the boys as well as the girls.  It's all about having fun.  She doesn't want to be the house mom, but points out that you are a reflection of your environment and she doesn't want to be seen as a slob.  She likes a clean house.

She thinks people might need a mom-type pep talk once in a while.  If she is confronted with an Evel Dick type person she needs to be careful revealing too much to them, because they will exploit it and harass you with it.  She uses Dick's relationship with Amber as an example, says he is a bully, but he played a good game.

(I do think this summer will be the Evel Dick show.........maybe with Eric as his duo partner? Or Jen Johnson--that would be a shocker?)

She thinks you have to be able to read people in this game.  She won't be a floater---she is leaving her family for 3 months and she is going to play hard.  She won't be an evil person, but she may need to lie and backstab.  This is three months, but it's not her life, so it's okay.

She knows eating slop is part of the package.  She's not going to whine about it---it is part of the game and she wants to know what it tastes like!

Matt assures her that she won't like it.  He's tasted it and he knows.

Now it's time for "This or That?"

Vanilla or Chocolate?  Chocolate
Twitter or Facebook?  Facebook
Liberal or Conservative?  Conservative.  (Matt:  Really???)
Lust or Love? What's that?  Love.
Fights or Walk Away?  Fight.
$500,000 or new best friend for life?  $500,000 (laughing)

Now it's Shelly's turn to pitch to the cameras...why should we root for her?
Shelly:  America, you want somebody who is real and is going to play the game and just go after it. I'm gonna have a good time and a lot of fun and we'll win together and take that money and spend it!

My Thoughts:  I thought she should have capitalized on the fact that she is a super fan to appeal to us.  (I tried to like Ronnie Talbot for that very reason but he lost me with his shenanigans.)  I like Shelly and I hope she can deal with the likes of Rachel and not flip out. 

Have you seen any big fake boobs yet?  I haven' I think Rachel will fill that quota for us.  I predict Shelly and Rachel are going to GO AT IT.  And Rachel better grab her lifevest because Shelly is going to KICK HER ASS!

I hope Shelly doesn't disappoint and go all Sheriff Kathy on us.  I guess time will tell.  I hope Shelly talks to the live feeders like Britney does. 

Do you think Shelly smokes?  I'm betting she's no stranger to the ashtrays and can bond with Evel Dick outside as the two oldsters.

(My heart is going to be broken if the Duos don't include Dick and Rachel---I am ready for some DRAMA.)

Meet Cassi Colvin

This interview was posted by Matt Whitfield at  You can watch it for yourself here.

Cassi is a looker who is from Allen, TX.  She is 26 but has been a professional model since a very young age.  Her southern accent is intense and is kind of startling to hear after just looking at pictures of her.  
 She had never seen Big Brother before, so I think she must have gone to a Go See like Dominic (another model) did.

Cassie:  I didn't know anything about it so I figured I needed to learn somethin' about it and now I'm addicted!

She's "lookin' forward to all of it---the whole experience" and wants to "sit in one place with no airline flights or emails....and to sit around and talk and get to know people."  She thinks the competitions look fun and she wants to take it day by day.

She never did pageants, but did her first photo shoot at the age of 11 for the agency that still represents her.  At 14 she got into it hardcore, moved overseas, yadda yadda yadda.
Matt informs her that the cameras will be watching her 24/7 and they will see everything.

Cassie:  You're goin' to see a lot of undone hair.

She can handle being seen without makeup.  She's somewhat used to being on camera, but being on camera all of the time will be a new experience.  She claims that not a lot of things get under her skin, but judgmental and disrespectful people will bother her.  You have to be mindful of other people's boundries.  She forgets what the third thing is that bothers her....

She likes to "hang with guys, drink a few beers and shoot the shit".  She has more guy friends than girls.  She has a small group of friends, but they are great friends.  She isn't catty, but she gets along better with guys than girls. She has "no intention whatsoever" of finding romance this summer in the Big Brother house.

Cassie:  A guy would really have to woo me over a long period of time.....

She's dated all types but the guys she has been serious with have been guys she's known in her circle over a course of time.  Looks are not necessarily what she goes for "right off the hop".

She can't think of anybody from her past that she doesn't want to see in the house.  It sounds like she has had to answer this question all day.  She isn't really a dieter, but she "eats pretty clean".  She has a few things that she likes and she "eats them over and over".  She doesn't eat red meat because it "makes her feel like shit"--really physically ill.  She also doesn't like fish but tells Matt she is aware of the food restrictions in the house and "expects to eat some slop".

She reports that when she goes home to her family's house in Dallas, she goes to the grocery store to get her own food, so she knows being kind of picky will be a challenge---food will be "the biggest Oh Shit" part of the experience for her.

Now it's time for "This or That?"

Vanilla or Chocolate?  Chocolate
Twitter or Facebook?  Facebook
Beiber or Gaga? Neither?....Gaga?
Liberal or Conservative? Uh....uh.....on the fence.  (after Matt offers this as an alternative)
Lust or Love? What's that?  (Matt repeats.)
Fights or Walk Away?  Ugh....Fights!
Blondes or Brunettes?  Brunettes.
$500,000 or new best friend for life?  $500,000 cash--I've got great best friends already.

Now Matt allows Cassi to pitch us on why we should root for her.
America, Root for me, I'm a sweetheart and I'm kind to everybody and I'm gonna play the game and I hope you love me!

Matt is going to speak with her when she gets evicted, or when she wins the game.  (I guess Matt got Ross Matthew's scraps.  While Ross is generally more entertaining, maybe the producers wanted someone who would make it less about him and more about the contestants and the game.  I would love to know why Ross got dropped, if anybody can tell me...)

My Thoughts:  Cassi really won the genetic lottery.  Wow she is gorgeous.  The accent isn't as bad as I thought it was at first, but I am from the south (Florida) so maybe I don't hear it the way the Midwestern and Eastern fans will hear it.  She needs that accent to tone down the beauty a bit, so it works for her.  If she had a British accent I think people would hate her, but it would be funny if she had a Wisconsin twang.

I don't know what else to say about Cassi.  Since she isn't a Big Brother fan in the past, she may have some natural advantages.  With the exception of Evel Dick, I can't think of too many longtime BB fans who do well in the game.  For example, if you look at my post last year regarding Hayden's pre-show interview, he had never seen the show before and tried to lie about it.....

We've all seen America's Top Model.  Some of those bitches get right in there and throw elbows, while others just lay on their beds in a semi-stupor.  If Cassie has dealt with that world for years, and lived in model houses and survived, this summer will be a snap for her.  There are a lot of bikini pictures of her out there--I'll post one of them, but we will see plenty of Cassi this summer on the live feeds.  Also, models are typically less modest, particularly if they work runways.  So maybe Cassi will give up the goods early---I'm sure the BB camera crews will have a big time this summer.