Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fascinating Moments in Feed History - BB4 - Scott Has an STD

The BB13 season should start cranking up this weekend, when the houseguests enter the house on Saturday or Sunday.  Maybe even sooner, who knows for sure.  Until then, I'm feeling nostalgic and already indifferent about my work.  So let's look back at some fascinating moments in Big Brother Live Feed History.  More accurately, times when the feeds were so damned fascinating, they were stopped in a panic by the show's producers and security team.

BB4 - Early in the Season

Do you remember BB4?  That was the season where BB surprised the original set of houseguests with some new houseguests who were definitely unwanted---ex-boyfriends and girlfriends of some of the castmembers.  And Get This:  They have bad blood!  Wow that was innovative, huh?  BB4 also occurred before the production moved to a huge sound stage.  After the move, the HOH room moved upstairs, sweetened with a master bath. Back in BB4, the HOH room was a small sweaty room with a mini fridge and bathrobe.  It sucked, but we didn't know how badly at the time.

Well anyway, there was a houseguest named Amanda that was one of the first to be evicted.  You may not remember Amanda.  She was billed as a model, and that might be right because a lot of successful runway and print models are not the beauty-queen type.  There is something a little bit off about their looks that makes them look exotic and intriguing.

This is my way of saying that I didn't think Amanda was attractive.  In fact, I thought Amanda constantly looked like she needed a good scrubbing.  Amanda's ex-boyfriend Scott was also in the house.  Scott reacted particularly badly when learning that Amanda was also a castmember. As I recall, he said a lot of hateful things about her in the house, and also to her face, but then he did an about face and whined about wanting to get her back.

Now, on to the Fascinating Moment:

As the first weeks crawled by, we saw less and less of Scott on the live feeds.  We did see more and more discussion amongst the houseguests about where Scott was, how he was sleeping most of the time, what was Scott's deal, etc.

Meanwhile Amanda was flirting with David, who was some sort of military guy who had done some overseas tours and liked to channel Jim Carrey.  David also had an ex in the house, but he didn't seem to give a shit about the twist.  David has probably been shelled a few times in Iraq, so BB would have to try a lot harder to throw him for a loop.  David's ex Michelle was really hot and I think everyone understood what David saw in her, even though she was incredibly stupid. 

So one night, kind of late, I was watching the feeds and once again listening to the houseguests discuss Scott.  They were sitting in the living room.  Big Brother came over the intercom and I think asked Scott to come to the Diary Room.

Well, Scott didn't want to go.   He appeared on camera and started yelling and picked up several dining room chairs, hurling them across the room.  Of course, this led to **FOTH**.

And more **FOTH**.  And a lot more **FOTH**.

When the feeds came back hours later we saw Stupid Michelle crying and being comforted by some of the other girls in the bathroom area---probably Alison and maybe Jun.  We learn that Scott somehow got permission from BB to address the rest of the houseguests before he exited from the game.

Scott announced to the group that he had Genital Warts years ago, and for some reason this was causing his depression in the house, and his inability to socialize and strategize with the rest of the cast.  It was unclear whether he was suffering currently from that particular malady.

Michelle was crying because she didn't want Genital Warts, and they only had one toilet in the house.  So we had another brief  **FOTH** while a repairman went into the WC and installed one of these paper toilet seat cover dispensers in there.

Yes, this is a true story.

I'm sure you can google it and find an old update off one of the big websites.  Maybe even one I wrote back then, when I did live feed updates elsewhere.  I remember being surprised that BB would allow houseguests with sexually-transmitted diseases in the house, but now that I'm old and jaded I realize, hey, they have to cast someone, right?  If they had to cast only people who have never had an STD on the show, Robyn Kass' job would be pretty damn hard?  (Like trying to find a Presidential candidate who has never inhaled....)

I'm sure you can quickly flip through your mental rolodex and think of some previous houseguests whom I would confidently wager had their share of penicillin and other such STD-eradicating medications.  Like BB8?  C'mon BB9---who didn't have an STD on that season?  And last year?  (***cough cough  Rachel cough cough***)

To wind up this story, Amanda was the next one evicted, as I recall, and she knew it would be a unanimous vote.  She kind of admitted that she didn't care about the show, and just wanted to get out of there.   I'm sure the whole Scott situation was embarrassing for her.

The night before she left, the HOH (I think it was Cauliflower-Eared Justin) gave the keys to David for the night, and David spent much of the evening getting Amanda tipsy with some cheap wine.  And then, for about 2 minutes, David and Amanda clearly had sex in the HOH.  This was the first time this had ever happened in the BB USA house, to my knowledge.  On camera, that is.

Flash forward to BB10, with April and Ollie.....ugh, I can't go there.  ***Gross***  If you didn't hear about that then, you won't hear about here now.

First Look at the BB13 House!

Every year, a lucky group of journalists get to go inside the Big Brother house just before the season starts.  Matt Whitfield from Yahoo is one such journalist.

You can see Matt's pictures of the house at this link  --there are 11 pictures posted.  As usual, the bedrooms have experienced the most significant changes since last year. 

What's the deal with the bicycles?  I mean, no one is going anywhere, are they?  I like the surfboards on the wall, and I'm sure the ice cream cart in the bed room will soon be draped with clothes.

The theme looks like 'summer fun' to me.