Saturday, June 18, 2011

While We Wait....

We are officially in waiting.....until the BB13 houseguests are announced during the Fourth of July weekend, there isn't a lot of new information coming out.  I'm sure Production is quite busy getting the house ready, and Casting has their hands full with the numerous inmates in sequester. 

CBS is running various promos, but I haven't seen any exciting news come out. Posters on the internet have noticed that the latest commercials feature the word "Party" a lot, so that might be a clue of some sort.  To me, "Party" = Alcohol, so maybe Big Brother will let the hooch flow this season. 

Thought:  Has Big Brother ever had an alcoholic in the cast?  We've had non drinkers due to age or religion (Michelle - BB4, Kayser - BB6), but as far as I know there have been no houseguests struggling with alcoholism.  That might be interesting, but I have to admit it would be more interesting if there is a struggle---and maybe a lost battle here and there....

I'm not a terrible person, I'm just honest.

Anyway, this is the time of year that the BB Alumni come out of the woodwork for another 7-8 minutes of fame.  They announce their involvement with BB projects--websites and talk shows.  For example, Dr. Ragan Fox has been hired to host a weekly show on about the show.  I think it will be broadcast on Wednesdays.  Some of you know that I am not a Dr. Ragan Fox fan.  I heard way too much from him last year---whining on an on about every little thing, and his graphic and constant descriptions of his bodily functions turned my stomach.  There would literally be a conversation happening about some sort of interesting topic, and Ragan (usually to Matt) would suddenly feel the need to announce details of "his poo".


But I will do my job here and watch the show when I can and describe what happens.  Some of you also know that I relish listening to the callers on those Real shows---wow there are some obsessed freaks out there.  I wish Ragan could just rip into them with a Big Scoop of Truth, but he probably isn't allowed to.  You know, customer relations and all.

Trust me, I will do the ripping of the callers here!  Not all Big Brother fans are crazy, but some of them have enough crazy in them to cover all of us.  (Particularly the Jeff/Jordan fans---I'll bet most of them are Twilight fans, too.  Just a guess...)

I found this interview with Michelle Noonan from BB11 on Jokers.   I only link to it for the following reasons:

1.  It is well written and covers a lot of info.
2.  They talk about the rumors of BB14 being an All Star Season!  (the last All Star Season was BB7, so that might make sense.)
3.  Michelle reports that she too will have some sort of regular gig commenting on BB13 this season. 

I won't be watching that one.  Between watching the feeds, the Real talk shows, updating this website, feeding my daily Howard Stern habit, and of course running my business I will have my hands full.