Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not Another "Crazy Twist"???

Well, apparently this will be the "craziest twist ever"!  Last season, we had the most asinine twist ever, so hopefully Grodner & Company can turn it around for BB13.

See the commercial here.

The twin twist of BB5 was still the best, since it played out live.  I wasn't a fan of Adriana and Natalie, but keeping that under wraps until it was exposed on live TV was a major feat.  But that accomplishment was tarnished by how cunty those holier-than-thou Fitness Twins turned out to be, and of course the whole Cowboy-Nakomis sad debacle.

I think the twist will somehow play off the whole Redemption Island situation from Survivor.  Let's face it, there are only so many twists out there.  How many times can they trot out Jessie? 

No amount of crazy twisting can overcome bad casting.  No pressure, Robyn.  Ha ha ha.