Monday, June 13, 2011

Live Feeds? Big Brother After Dark on Showtime?

Yes, and yes in 2011.

All systems are go for the upcoming Big Brother 13 series, scheduled to premiere on Thursday, June 7th.  This means that the feeds will go live at midnight EST, after the 1st show airs on the west coast.  Also, the Showtime broadcast starts at the same time (for 3 hours every night).

The live feeds can be purchased as early as this Wednesday, June 15th, for $29.99 for three months.  I will be buying the live feeds, of course, but probably won't pull the trigger until after July 4th.

Why, you say?

Because the new houseguests won't enter the house until then, and that is when the names of the houseguests are officially released.  In other words, that is when shit gets juicy.

Also, I am going to try to be productive.  I have my own business and can't let all of my clients go to hell-in-a-hand-basket during the BB season.  So an extra week or two of work will help prolong the inevitable.

As in the prior year, I will be posting introductions to the houseguests as they are released by CBS.  Along with the obligatory internet dirt that will be promptly unearthed by fans worldwide.  You know, who has DUIs (Chiara BB3 had DUI court dates scheduled during the time she should have been in the BB house.), who has a splashy backstory (the effing 'Fitness Twins' and their effing 'Fitness Calendar'), etc etc etc.  And there is sure to be a lot of info this year because, let's face it, anyone public enough to want to be on Big Brother is going to be a Tweeter, a blogger, or a Facebooker, etc etc.

Every year when the feeds go live, I am struggling to stay awake and watch for awhile.  But the BB season is a marathon, not a sprint.   The houseguests have all of the cameras running from the get go, of course, but they are well aware that the live feeds and Showtime aren't running until midnight on the 7th.  That moment is very awkward for all of them.  Some of them showboat and play to the camera.  Some seem embarrassed and seem to shrink into the background.

I am racking my brain to remember what happened last year when the feeds started.  As I recall, all cameras were trained on the backyard, and there was  lot of drama about Annie whispering about someone who had done something horrible to her.

Turns out it was Captain Kosher.  And turns out Annie should have played a bit more under the radar.  Maybe someone should have even explained to Annie what radar is....

For BB11, when the cameras came on Lydia was putting on a big show of dressing up in satin polyester lingerie and tons of makeup (more than usual for her).  She was directing Jordan to do the same, and then she bossed her into parading around the backyard.  Can you imagine Jordan doing that now?  Does that even sound like her?  Certainly not.  Point being that it takes awhile for them to settle down and start showing their true personalities.

I wish some of the former houseguests would fill us in on the time frame between entering the house and when the feeds go live, from a production standpoint.  Is there a lot of music playing?  Interaction with production?  Constant discussion of the rules?  Scripts and rehearsals?

I would imagine that casting has moved into the final stages.  This means lots of sequestering in motels.  Room service.  In-room movies.  Traveling to and fro with the other inmates in shackles, instructed to remain silent.

I find Big Brother fascinating.  I would NEVER do it myself.  I'm way too private for that.

I hope to god we don't have any cheesy twists like the fucking Saboteur.  Remember that shit?  Douchchills for days!