Thursday, December 29, 2011

You've Just Finished The Amazing Race. What Are You Going to Do?

Brenchal:  I'm going to DisneyWorld!

These are pictures that Rachel has posted on Twitter--she and Brendon are at DisneyWorld with what looks like family and friends.

Taping for The Amazing Race has finished, and word is that Brendon and Rachel went a long, long way in the competition.  MissCleo has reported that they won...who knows?  I saw a freshly-snapped picture of them wearing harnesses in midair rappelling down from some huge object just a week or so ago.  I don't know about you, but I like their chances of at least reaching the finale.  Even if they didn't win, I'm sure they will provide some great TV.  Bickering with each other and maybe fighting with the other TAR teams?  Count me in, CBS.

Rachel doesn't mention any of that, of course.  It's in her CBS contract to keep it zipped about all that.  She's a Company Girl.

But the two of them look awfully happy, don't they?  2011 was very, very good to Brenchal.

Rachel has a special place in her heart for all things Disney.  I heard her on the live feeds numerous times over the summer talking about Disney movies.  They even played the Question Game (or whatever it was called) to guess different aspects of Disney movies.  Rachel knew all of the answers and knows all of the characters and all of the theme songs.

This is the poster for Lady and The Tramp, of course. The famous spaghetti-eating scene.

I think this must be one of the waiting line ramps for Space Mountain.  I grew up in Florida and have been to DisneyWorld 34 times as a child (yes, 34 times!) but haven't been in decades.  I need to get back there someday.  That is Rachel's sister and her fiance (or husband)---the two of them live in Canada, I think.  Check out Brendon's right arm....did TAR have to pay for that injury Brendon? 

And here are Rachel and her sister, of course, wearing the Minnie Mouse wedding veils.  I think this was taken at the Disney MGM Studios.  The blonde in the middle looks familiar--I think she may have been on the Brides of Beverly Hills episode with Rachel.  Is that another sister?

I went to a very expensive wedding at DisneyWorld where the bride and groom rolled up to the wedding reception in one of those Cinderella pumpkin carriages.  The groom was a partner at a law firm and the bride was actually still a virgin (really, she was) so I guess her dad got out his wallet and decided to pay Disney the Big Bucks to celebrate.  They spent their wedding night in a suite in Cinderella's Castle.  And that ain't cheap.....

Rachel also tweeted that she and Brendon planned to spend New Year's in Miami.  Looks like they might already be there, because look who this is?  It is the famous podiatrist Dr. Andrew Gorden, aka Captain Kosher from BB11.  He and Brendon have maintained a strong bond since they met that summer.

And check out Brendon's right arm...still wearing a brace....

Happy New Year everyone!  2012 is just around the corner!

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