Monday, November 28, 2011

Jeff's Clown Shoe Art for Sale Again

Someone based in Salt Lake City is apparently selling Jeff's jury house art.  I remember CBS holding the auctions for the jury paintings shortly after the BB13 season ended, so I guess the buyer is flipping it.  Assuming the art is the original.  I'm just sayin'....

Here is a link to an earlier post about the Jury House art sessions.

Two tips for bidders:

1.  Ask the seller how they came into possession of Jeff's painting.  I think the fact that nothing is mentioned about this is suspect.  Also, the shipping details make sure to point out that if the buyer returns the painting to the seller, the buyer must pay for the shipping cost. Kind of sketchy.

2.  If you want to buy it, wait until the final minutes of the auction to get involved.  Otherwise you are just driving up the price for everybody else.  Some people call this 'sniping'.  I just call it being a smart consumer.  Why would you pay more for something if you don't need to?

And here is a bonus photo that Jeff posted on Twitter a long time ago.  Apparently there is some sort of Clown Shoe Beer on the market and Jeff received some liquid freebees.

Did Jeff and Jordan ever move in together as discussed last summer?  Are they still together?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Brendon Didn't Retire from Reality TV, After All....

So, the rumors about Brenchal being cast as contestants on The Amazing Race #20 are true.  This may already be old news, depending on your viewpoint, but apparently season #20 of TAR kicked off in mid-November at LAX.

Brendon and Rachel are being billed as 'engaged couple'.  This link at Reality Fan Forum is a message board where the posters are scouring twitter for news of the teams racing around the globe.  People tweet from their planes, the airport, etc that crews with cameras are out and about. Sounds like they headed to Miami from LAX, and then maybe Buenos Aires.

Great use of Twitter, huh?  So cool and allows the viewers to be part of the show.

I like Brendon and Rachel's chances. I think physically Brendon is an incredibly strong competitor (duh) and Rachel can certainly hold her own against any woman and probably half of the men.

They might get the 'Rob and Ambah' treatment, too.  When Rob and Amber were on TAR people stopped them all over the world, holding up magazines with Amber's wedding pictures on the cover.  They got a lot of help that way.   Attention from the public might work against Brenchal, but hey that would certainly make for good TV.

Other Recent News and Notes:

1. I saw Rachel's episode of 'Brides of Beverly Hills' last week.  Supposedly she filmed it after BB12, but long before BB13.  She looked fantastic on the show, and tried on some breathtaking gowns.  She didn't buy one, and the staff in the store made it sound like she's the type who only test-drives wedding gowns, never buying.  She and her two 'bridesmaids' or whatever drank a lot of sparkling wine, and one of the girls (her sister maybe?) was really bitchy about the quality of the wine.  Or lack of.  The sister pointed out that that she works in a club in Vegas, so she knows about drinking and prices.  (Well lah ti dah.  Ha ha ha.)

This picture doesn't really do Rachel justice, but it's all I could find.  The woman holding the bottle is the shop owner, and the black girl was bitching and moaning that she had to help Rachel in the fitting room all day and she ends up with no commission.

Wahhhh. You're on TV, bitch.  (Tell me she doesn't have her appearance listed somewhere on IMDB.  "Shopgirl in Bridal Store", etc)

2.  The Early Show goes through the grinder again. It was recently (quietly) announced that The Early Show will be renovated yet again in January 2012.  They have changed the morning lineup so many times, trying to get it right.  These changes sound pretty severe---like a sharp left turn.

Charlie Rose (!) is joining the team and will start at 7:00 am with Erica Hill (a current Early Show anchor).  This first hour will supposedly be a 'hard news' hour with a panel of talking heads.

Then get this:  Gayle King (Yes, Gayle King.) will join the broadcast at 8:00 am.  What will Gayle bring to the show?  Is she allowed to talk about Oprah?  Will Oprah make appearances?

No word yet on what the new show will be named----it might still be The Early Show, but I'm guessing these severe staffing changes call for a fresh new name.

Also no word about future involvement by Julie Chen.  Reporters were probably too scared to ask.  I don't know if you know this, but The Chenbot is rather bratty to work with, and has been known to tell her co-stars on The Talk that her husband will fire them if they don't Do What She Says.

Don't believe me?  No one says it better than Micheal K from DListed.  I'm guessing Julie Chen will not be back on the morning show, but there will be a carefully crafted reason for that.

I don't even watch morning shows, or any TV during the day at all.  I only care because Julie Chen is the Chenbot.