Thursday, September 8, 2011

Who Will Porsche Evict?

As I stated earlier today, if she wants to win the $500,000 prize, I think she she should evict Rachel.

On a night like tonight, with an endurance competition looming, the nominated house guests pack athletic clothes to wear in the event that they stay in the game and play for HOH.  The clothes are usually in the small Big Brother bag that they carry outside the house on their way to see Julie.  After the evicted houseguest leaves, they scramble around to grab the clothes and get dressed before the end of the next commercial break.

But Jordan told Rachel earlier today that she didn't even bother to do that.  Her endurance clothes are in her big suitcase which has already been removed from the house.  (Another dumbass move by our beloved Jordan Lloyd.)

I know this because Rachel asked Jordan if she could borrow something to wear for the competition.  I think she wanted Jordan's light blue long sleeved shirt that she wore in the OTEV challenge.  I think it was Underarmour which would be ideal in an endurance challenge.

Rachel said she could get by without it.....

 But what if Jordan stays?  And Porsche has lied about her voting plans tonight?

Then Jordan will be in the endurance competition wearing some sort of skimpy outfit, and that won't help her odds.  Not one bit.

We'll see how smart Porsche is tonight, live on CBS.

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