Sunday, September 11, 2011

What Happened Last Night?

Adam and Porsche faced off in a challenge that involved water and wearing goggles.  At the end of BB8, they had a competition like that where Dick and Daniele had to dive in the water to retrieve items in order.

Dick won. (And then he beat Zach in the final televised HOH competition and evicted him, taking Dani to Final Two.)

Porsche won, but according to Adam it was close.  Porsche and Adam are both wearing several of Adam's bacon band-aids on their fingers.  Porsche hurt her leg as well.

As Showtime After Dark began they were playing cards and eating chips and salsa.  I guess Big Brother ordered in dinner for them because shortly afterwards they started eating chicken wings and loaded potato skins.  Rachel dips her chicken wings in ketchup, which seems very wrong to me.

Rachel also made sangria that Porsche said was too sweet.  Adam enjoyed a big cold mug of beer.  He wishes he was in a sports bar at home eating the same thing and getting ready for NFL football.

Adam: If there is an NFL season.....(he doesn't know the strike ended)

Rachel told Adam that she made a deal with Porsche to take her to the end if she won the Part Two contest.  Adam seems to think he will be evicted on Wednesday----I guess he is forgetting that Porsche might win on Wednesday and take him to the end.  Or Rachel could be lying?

I think both of them should take Adam to the end since they will have the best chance to win against him. I don't think either Adam or Porsche can beat Rachel, but Rachel might get Kalia and Dani's votes if she is up against Adam.   Both of them would vote for Porsche, however.

She shouldn't leave it up to Shelly, but that is who might have the swing vote, after all.  (Would Shelly vote for Rachel?  I don't know....)

Adam knew he lost the competition when he saw his name listed first on the scoreboard.  I guess they both competed separately and then learned who won when the scores were posted.  Rachel thought his name was first because the list was alphabetical.

Rachel told Adam that he would be leaving if she won, so Adam seems to accept that and is making a lot of comments to himself when alone that he tried hard, came close and lost.

Ironically, he might be in the same position that Enzo is in--being evicted from the Final Three position on the live finale show.  He asked Rachel some questions about last year----he was thinking he would be evicted before they brought the Jury out on stage.

Rachel:  No, he was evicted after a lot of other stuff happened.  He came out and joined the Jury.  There was an empty chair for him.

Adam also thinks he has a good shot at America's Favorite.  They think only the jury is eligible for the prize, and don't realize all BB13 castmembers (except Evel Dick) have a shot at the $25K.

Adam is dreaming.  I think he thought his constant shout outs to Dingo at Hamsterwatch would give him an edge all season against the others.  Hamsterwatch is not a BB site I visit regularly (too cluttered for me) but I have looked at it a few times this season and Adam did not seem to be a BB player that Dingo liked.

Dingo has some sort of rating of each houseguest that I don't really understand, to be honest, but I saw on there that he listed Lawon as his favorite BB houseguest in many years and that he would miss him after his eviction.  That explains why the Hamsterwatch website doesn't appeal to me---Dingo and I are totally different species, I guess.

When Adam got called to the DR last night, Rachel and Porsche had a big celebration in the kitchen, dancing around and cheering.  They are both very, very excited and happy.  It sure looks to me like they will be the Final Two.

Porsche is not blessed with rhythm.  Well, she has rhythm, but isn't not good rhythm.

She thanks Mynt Lounge for letting her off work this summer.  Porsche also said that the winner would take the other on a free Mexican vacation.  They shake on that and Porsche asks the viewers if they saw that.

Rachel was so nervous during the competition. She had to wait in the Purple Room while it all went down.  Porsche said the competition used a lot of upper body strength and she had a hard time "getting out of it" (the tank?) at the end.

Rachel and Porsche are both shocked and excited.  Rachel is wearing a black top with sparkley sequin accents that I haven't seen before. I'm thinking that is one of the tops that Jordan grabbed for her during the luxury challenge.

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