Sunday, September 11, 2011

What Happened Last Night? Part Two.

As I continue to watch last night's Big Brother After Dark, I am noting new news for you.

At first I thought Big Brother ordered out for dinner for them, but I was mistaken.  The chicken wings they ate were frozen Tyson chicken wings.  I'm not sure they were the buffalo flavor or not.  Rachel and Porsche got the empty plastic bag out of the trash and read the calorie count AFTER they finished eating them all.  Adam ate his share, of course.

Adam took off one of the bacon band aids on his finger and showed the girls how nasty the cut was.  Porsche has the same cut on her finger, with the flap of skin still hanging on there.  Adam put a big blob of Neosporin on his and reapplied the band aid.  The Neosporin leaked out from under it.

Adam started his third beer and really wants to go outside and smoke.  (Who could blame him? I think he just lost Big Brother.)  Adam is going to get drunk tonight and not worry about being hung over.

Rachel and Porsche want BB to get them some movies.  They usually do at this point, and the feeds will be down for long periods of time.  After all, other than the finale the show is pretty much over.

Rachel and Porsche feel badly for Adam----he has to get through the next few days in the house knowing he is out of the money in the end.

Adam went outside finally to smoke and says he had some sort of goggle problem in the competition and that cost him either $50K or $500K.

Rachel told him she promised to take Porsche to the end if she won Part #2, but she is scared that Porsche might beat her in the end.  Adam said he would vote for Rachel if evicted, but if Porsche wins the final HOH then he might reconsider.

Rachel:  I know I won't have Shelly, Kalia or Dani's vote.

Adam is counting his lack of votes if he goes to the end over Porsche.   Rachel knows that if she takes Adam he will probably get Jeff & Jordan's vote (Really? No.....) and Adam says he understands.  That's why he wanted to keep Rachel around---he thought he could beat her.

Adam is going to try not to mope for the next few days.  He had a great summer.  He lost to Porsche by 2:13.

Adam:  Being a smoker probably cost me at least a minute.  And not having the goggles cost me, too.

Sounds like he threw his goggles over the side, maybe by mistake.  He doesn't want Rachel to feel badly---she earned her right to be there.

(Porsche is in the DR while they are talking.)

Adams biggest regret (and only regret) is on Day #55 when he turned his back on Jordan and Rachel when they were at their lowest.  He has no respect for Kalia and Dani because they didn't include him in their plans---they just assumed they could tell him what to do and he would do it.

Adam:  My vote has been the deciding vote just about every week. And I was planning to point that out to the Jury if I got there.

Rachel: I told Jordan, if you're not making big decisions, you're not playing Big Brother.

She mentions how Jordan took the easy way out by voting for Kalia and making her do the dirty work of breaking the tie.

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