Thursday, September 8, 2011


I"ll bet Adam won't be up there when the feeds come back.

He was either in real agony, or was acting up a storm just now.  He kept wiping his mouth with a cloth he had in his pocket.  I don't think they want us to see them puke, due to the unsavory nature of those pictures.  Which will never go away, will they?

I learned from listening to Jeff & Jordan this year that in their 'Graduation" HOH challenge most of the houseguests puked, and then when they dropped they fell into pools of puke.

I guess Allison doesn't want us to see that.

I tweeted Allison a while ago but don't expect a reply.  From her third assistant or whoever is manning the keyboard.

I'm kind of drunk.  Sorry, it's a Big Brother Thursday!

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