Thursday, September 1, 2011

Tonight's Live Show and the Effing NFL

I am extremely annoyed to announce that tonight's Live Show will be preempted in my viewing area by an NFL football game.  They will be airing the episode after 2:00 am!  I am pissed!  This is happening all over the east coast, due to the Effing NFL.

I am particularly peeved about this since tonight's show is so pivotal---I'm not even sure who is being evicted tonight. It could be Shelly, and it could be Adam.  I don't think anybody can say for sure who is going until the vote is actually revealed.  And the HOH contest is sure to be a real nail-biter as well.

I will be watching the live feeds as soon as they come on after the show, and will be posting spoilers, so beware of that if you don't want to know.  I am guessing that the HOH contest is one that will be completed by the end of the broadcast, since the houseguests were still in the backyard during last night's Big Brother After Dark show.

The Big Brother ratings came out yesterday and once again all three of the CBS shows were in the Top Ten.   This year there have been a number of competition cliffhangers, and if this is good for ratings Alison Grodner is sure to squeeze a few more in this season.  (In past years, there were only two endurance competition cliffhangers each season.)

FYI The POV competition that was shown on last night's CBS show was in play for only about 30 minutes.  I heard Rachel say that many of the elements built into the competition weren't even used---like the rain and wind. She thought that competition was planned to go for hours and Production must be so disappointed in how fast everyone dropped.

Do you think Adam threw it?  I think he did, but he doesn't want to admit that since he knows the fans would hate that.  It gave him a better shot of advancing in the game, though, since he continues to look like a total loser.

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