Saturday, September 3, 2011

This Was Messy

They had to dig through pies to find the pictures they were looking for.  Last year the pictures were right there on the CDs, without having to dig for them.

I think the pies were chocolate and peanut butter.  Rachel is pissed that she didn't win.  Jordan tells her that when she was alone with Adam in the storage room, he told her that it was him, Rachel and Jordan, and that the POV would go in the box and stay in the box.

Jordan:  He gave me Fara's necklace to prove we are final three, and I know how he feels about Fara.

Rachel:  I think we made the right decision.  Shelly would never have been able to win that.  And we need somebody who would fight for us.  And Adam really cared about Jeff, so he would never turn on you.

Jordan:  He seems like an honest man.

Rachel:  Yeah, he does.

Brendon would shit a brick if he knew Rachel was showing all this skin on camera.

Jordan manages to cover it all up.

They decide to evict Kalia on Thursday.  They think she could win competitions with questions and maybe endurance.  They also think that if either of them make it to Final Two with her, she might win.

Jordan:  But if it was you and Kalia, you would have three votes from me, Jeff and Brendon.  You only need one more.

Jordan knows that Porsche doesn't like her and wants her out.

Rachel:  I would rather give you $500,000 then give Porsche $50,000.

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