Thursday, September 15, 2011

SuperPass Backyard Interviews - Kalia Booker

Kalia is led over for her interview with "Spicy" but before Spicy acknowledges her, she has to make a few adjustments to her microphone cord or something.  While she does that Kalia just kind of stands there and looks annoyed.

1.  Spicy greets Kalia by saying she always thought Kalia would be a great girlfriend.  Before she responds Kalia  wants an immediate clarification as to what exactly Spicy is referring to.  Spicy assures her that she means girlfriend, like a BFF.  Spicy assures all of us that she isn't into "girl sex acts"..  Kalia then states what a great loyal friend she is and that she is always ready to "ride out in a second".

2.  Spicy compliments her dress. (Spicy must not watch the live feeds, huh?  Kalia has worn that tired schmatte all summer.)

3.  Someone off camera tells Kalia to look into the camera when she talks.  Spicy apologizes and says "I guess I need to do my job and tell you that."   Kalia says she is "used to being on your side of the camera" and she should know that, too.  (Where are the SuperPass lighting people?)

4.  Spicy tells Kalia that is live on SuperPass and Kalia says "Oh, the live feeds!  I'm sure the live feeders all love me---I said a few things to you this year!"  I think she was being sarcastic and poking fun at herself, which is nice.

5.  The Duos twist was "basically like, Kalia's nightmare".  The one thing she said coming in is that she didn't want to have to play with someone else, and that she didn't want to play with a bimbo and that is exactly what happened.  (???  Say what ???)

6.  The one good  thing about the Duos is that she and her partner Lawon were never split up and now "she has him as an amazing friend".

7.  Kalia thinks that if Evel Dick had been there, there is no way that Rachel would have won because "she is so insecure that he would have just killed her".  (So, I guess that solves the mystery about who the bimbo is..._)  All of this is said in Kalia's Valley Girl style with a lot of hair touching and gesturing.

8.  Jordan is led through the background by somebody and is having issues walking in her teetery shoes, apparently.  She also walked by during Dom's interview---she is being led from interview to interview which I guess is expected.

9.  Kalia tried to do whatever she could to get a Golden Key.  She know that she wasn't that popular with the Newbies in the early days, so she tried to strike a deal with the Vets early on.  She thinks having the Golden Key was a mixed blessing for someone like Daniele, who really wanted to compete, but it was a great twist.

10.  They thought whoever was evicted that big week would be offered money or to come back in the game and "she and Daniele talked about it" before deciding to nominate Lawon.  (I thought she wasn't playing Dani's game.)

11.  Dani taught Kalia a lot about the game.  What she learned the most from Dani was that "you could come into the game and find an amazing friend".  Gamewise Dani made Kalia stronger and taught her to play with less emotion.  Kalia is a fighter and Dani kind of lit the fire under her.

12.  Kalia claims to have never been a floater---unbeknownst to the HG who thought she was. (C'mon, never Kalia?)  She calls out Adam as a floater, and says that Rachel was the "biggest floater in the game after Brendon left".  Kalia is obviously VERY, VERY bitter about Rachel.

13.  Kalia says that Rachel is probably a great person outside of the house and she jokes that maybe she will go to the wedding.  Spicy says maybe she can be the flower girl (like the White Trash Wedding).

14.  This is interesting:  Kalia says that once you're in there for awhile you kind of forget where you are and start to change in view of the cameras, without thinking.  When she was sleeping she would open her eyes and a camera would zoom in from the ceiling, right on her face.  She makes the "zoom" noise while she describes that.  (That would creep me the fuck out. I would press the button and escape on Day #1...)  The cameras prevented her from sneaking up on people, too, with their zooming noises.

15.  Kalia is very bubbly and animated and enjoys this, obviously.

16.  She plans to continue doing on-air work--she covered the All Start Game  this year and really liked it.

17.  She loved the Double Eviction week and is surprised she won the Before and After competition.

18.  Spicy wants to know who played the cleanest game this year.  Kalia needs clarification on that----Spicy finally says the "least shady" person.  Kalia immediately named Keith since "he wasn't in there very long and didn't have time to be shady".

19.  Spicy asks which of the Fortune Teller's predictions will most likely come true?  Kalia says probably Jeff, with that clown shoe.  She mentions that it fell out of the bin---Kalia claims to have seen the clown shoe that he threw out, but mysteriously never found one in her own bin.

20.  She agrees with Rachel that if she had been in the Final Two she would have won.  If Rachel was afraid of her, then she probably played the game right.

21.  She claims that she and Dani made an alliance in Week One.  (Really?)

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