Thursday, September 15, 2011

SuperPass Backyard Interviews - Jordan Lloyd

Finally "Spicy Pants" is able to get Jordan over for an interview.  She greets Jordan by calling her "cute as a button", even "more so in person".

1. Jordan says it was much harder this time around, since there was a big target on her back from the very first day.  Last time she "didn't know what she was doin'" and this time she was aware of "all the backstabbin'" which made it more difficult to handle.

2.  Jordan also is asked to look directly at the camera (see Kalia's SuperPass interview where the same thing happened) and apologizes.  Jordan:  Oh, I'm sorry!  I thought I was talkin' to you!   Spicy takes the blame, telling Jordan it's her first time doing this.

3.  I really don't like Jordan's dress.  I don't like the colors....or the print....or the shape....I think she should have chosen a different look.

4.  Spicy says that Jordan probably has the most fans of anybody out there and Jordan seems genuinely surprised and pleased.  She was worried "after the Shelly thing when she went off on her" that people wouldn't like her.  (Jordan:  I went off on a Mom!)  (I guess she doesn't know about the death threats yet..)

5.  Rachel is an awesome girl, and Brendon is so nice...she wouldn't have thought that she would have an alliance with them. She and Rachel even had an alliance name (Team Jorjel) and they had a blast together.

6.  She didn't think that she could actually win again, but there was a chance.  She really wanted Jeff to win but they failed at that.  Spicy assures her she didn't fail at anything.

7.  She loved her Unitard and tutu and was glad she got to wear it.

8.  She's not mad at Shelly and just wants to have fun tonight, no drama, etc.

9.  Spice mentions Porsche putting the Benefiber in the Muscle Milk before Jordan drank it, giving her a tummy ache.  (Finally, a good fucking topic by Spicy Pants.)  Jordan doesn't know what Benefiber is and Spicy has to explain again what Porsche did.  Jordan is SHOCKED and says how mean that was.

Jordan:  That is so mean!

Spicy:  Are you going to go over there and beat her up?

Jordan:  No wonder my stomach was makin' music!  I can't believe she did that.

Spicy:  I just squealed.....

10.  Last time she was on the show it made her grow up--she hadn't been away from home before.  This time it made her relationship with Jeff stronger--they know they can get through anything now.  She got to meet great people and repeats again that she loves Brendon and Rachel.  She hung out with people she never thought she'd hang out with and it was great.

11.  She's going to go back to school.  Spicy asks if she's going to visit SuperPass in Seattle and Jordan says yes and asks where Chelsia is.  Spicy says she is watching at home and Jordan says hello to Chelsia and tells Spicy that she and Rachel love Chelsia and talked about her all the time in the house.  She and Jeff want to move to the same state and figure out what to do as far as that goes.

12.  She doesn't have anything to say on Twitter and doesn't think she does anything interesting at all.  (Jordan: I wake up, I go to work, I walk the dog...)  But she will try to Tweet more for the fans.

13.  She is a better BB player with Jeff and definitely needed Jeff with her in the house.  She would not have done it this time without him.  They kept each other sane.  She will definitely stay in touch with Rachel--they grew up about 30 minutes away from each other in North Carolina.  She was hoping Rachel would take Adam to the end instead of Porsche.

14. Spicy ends the interview abruptly and Jordan walks off and starts talking to someone else.  Spicy comments that she didn't know how tall Jordan is--she thought Jordan would be "a little pipsqueak".  Maybe she didn't see Jordan's platform heels...Spicy is trying hard to be bubbly so I will try not to give her such a hard time.  It's just that name that makes me crazy.

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